Fresh Forward

Productive Thinking- Superman Would Love This

By Kimberley King | Aug 2, 2017

If you could have a business super power- what would it be?  Would you be able to leap over complex business solutions in a single bound? Be more powerful than a locomotive or Sir Richard Branson?  Whatever challenge you are facing in your business or association in 2017,  I know one super power everyone needs. 

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How to work smart in the age of distraction… Squirrel!

By Kimberley King | Jul 19, 2017

Focus. It's a little word, but it carries a big stick. And I think we are now experiencing a worldwide shortage of it. And it's only going to get more scarce, unless we actively strive to maintain it. And think about our children, or worse, our children's children. While they may be born 'wired' and can adapt to technology at lightning speed, there's an even bigger concern than lack of focus.

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Getting Grateful in 2016

By Kimberley King | Jan 21, 2016

I have spent the past few weeks wishing my clients, colleagues and friends a Happy brand New Year. Because, that’s exactly the way I see it. To me, it’s like a perfectly clean, shiny new slate. Something that is so precious and new, you almost hesitate to write on it for the first time.

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