Do you want to have more Powerful Conversations?

By LimeLight Group

We spend a lot of time talking to clients about their desire to have more powerful conversations. One of our favorite speakers, Stuart Knight has taught our team….and about a million other people… how to infuse the “human factor” into the conversations you have with people every day. They give you more meaningful connections with your professional colleagues and people in your personal life. Clients ‘see’ and feel his passion on-stage.

Having the ability to connect with individuals on a personal and professional level is key to success. Every interaction we have with another human being is an opportunity to build trust with those that matter. Whereas texts and email are part of any business, nothing beats the positive results one receives by connecting face to face and voice to voice, while participating in power conversations.

Stuart’s foundation of his work, The Art of Powerful Conversation, can relate to everyone. It’s a skill set to create relationships with those that impact your bottom line. “I’ve always said that one conversation can change your life, but the right conversations will shape it. The more fascinated you are in the people you do business with, the more successful you will be.  It’s the simplest rule to live by and one that is followed by the biggest business leaders of our time.”

Sandra Goodwin; Managing Director, Client Development & Service of McInnis Cooper participated in Stuart’s “Art of Powerful Conversation” session and had this to say:

“Thank you for coordinating our keynote address featuring Stuart Knight. In alignment with our theme of engagement, Stuart delivered a memorable message about the art of powerful conversation. His ability to connect with our audience through humor and thought-provoking insights was among the highlights for many in our group. Over the span of just a few hours, Stuart orchestrated over 700 conversations among members representing various offices, practices, and levels of seniority – uniting us all in the realization that we have more commonalities than differences. His words remind us to find the courage to ask the big questions and step outside our comfort zones – something that serves us well on both a professional and personal level. We warmly thank LimeLight, and Stuart, for empowering us to take our business to the next level by building powerful relationships.”

People like to do business with those they like, respect and admire. Anyone can talk business. When was the last time you talked life? ~ Stuart Knight