Speaker Savvy

You Just Booked Your Keynote Speaker! 4 Tips You Can’t Miss!

By Kimberley King | Mar 12, 2024

You got the thumbs up from your executive team and committee. You just booked your keynote speaker--Whoop!  It's green light GO with your 'numero uno' keynote choice! Contracts are now fully executed and it's time to get working on the details!  Here are 4 crucial things to think about...

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Crucial Conversations: The Pre-Event Call

By LimeLight Group | Mar 16, 2020

It's time to tee up a call with your speaker and your management team. This call is paramount. Allow between 30-45 mins for these calls and be prepared with solid insight about the event, theme, audience composition (Male-Female ratios, age ranges, geographic make up, whether or not spouses attend, etc) and most importantly–your desired outcomes for the session.

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What Adds Value as Speaker? Making Connections.

By Kimberley King | May 31, 2019

We love working with speakers who are great before, during and after an event!  Speakers who are fully engaged and love really connecting with our clients and our audiences.   They are easy to deal with and passionate about how they approach their audience. They are low maintenance and they deliver high value!   And they have the audience hooked and off their phones during their sessions!  Sound like a speaker you want on your agenda?

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Speaker Transportation

By Kimberley King | May 6, 2019

You’ve booked your speaker and your plans are all coming  together.  Only question now is-- how is your speaker getting to the event? Booking a professional driver is almost always preferred. Sometimes a longer drive from an airport to the event destination can provide a great opportunity for meeting planners or company executives to connect with the speaker. But always check ahead with the speaker to ensure they are comfortable with this.

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How to Find a Speaker 101

By Kimberley King | Apr 1, 2019

So. You got the memo. The big team meeting is coming up and you are responsible for teeing up the keyonote. What?? You’ve never done this before. You just attend these meetings and marvel at the incredible talent on stage and all the details that are so seamlessly coordinated. Now you are in the drivers seat? Yup. And you are going to be fabulous! Just keep reading!

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Speaker Gifts – What’s the Best way to Thank our Keynote?

Posted Mar 12, 2019

“What sort of gift can we give the speaker?” This is a question we get asked a lot. The truth is, when you’re working with a paid professional speaker, gifts are unnecessary. In fact, speakers sometime find them cumbersome (especially if they’ve traveled to your event). If you feel compelled to do it – make sure it’s transportable. Another idea would be to make a donation to charity on his/her behalf.

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How to Turn Managers into Leaders

By LimeLight Group | Mar 20, 2016

It’s great to hear an audience rave about Merge Gupta-Sunderji but it’s also not a surprise.  Merge is that kind of person you want to spend time with. She’s real, engaging and funny. It’s evident when you see her natural ability presenting to audiences. Merge has one singular focus – to turn managers into leaders!  

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No Joke, Speakers Can Also Be Funny!

By LimeLight Group | Mar 18, 2016

Humour adds a great dose of entertainment to your event. It boosts learning, trust, energy, memory and optimism for attendees. And in particular, well-placed humour can be a powerful tool for engaging with your audience.

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