The New LimeLight

By Kimberley King

LimeLight recently went through a wonderful process to update our logo, our website and our brand. We celebrated 12 years in business this year and we knew it was time to refresh our image. As a company of die-hard marketers, we have always been proud of our brand and how we stand apart from our competitors. Our colors, our culture and our conversations have been strong differentiators for us. Clients right across the country often tell us that they connected with us because of the fresh and fun image that is so different from others in our industry.

When it came time to “re-boot” our website we looked to the experts at Revolve Branding & Marketing to help us design a website with a user friendly interface, simple navigation and super mobile friendly (on the go meeting planning!)  We have enhanced our blog and love sharing all kinds of ideas to help you plan and execute a better meeting. Come visit us and see what’s new and fresh at LimeLight.  If you are implementing a new marketing initiative or website anytme soon, click through and see what Brand Strategist Jonny Stevens has to say about 2015 Marketing Trends and What They Mean For Your Business.