From the Green Room

How to Get Better Buy-in on your Ideas

By LimeLight Group with JJ Brun - The Retired Spy | Jul 25, 2017

“JJ Brun, a retired spy, was trained by the military to operate in hostile environments and elicit buy-in from a wide variety of people.” This is the opening statement of JJ’s speaking bio. How cool is that? JJ is an expert in human behavior. What a better way to understand how to communicate than from someone who is trained by the military to be a spy….AND yet, he has a warm and engaging personality!

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What’s Your Vision?

By Stephanie Purcell | Jan 25, 2016

You know how many goal setting, new year’s resolution posts you’ve seen over the last month as we enter a brand new year?! I see a lot online and in my inbox. I work with motivational speakers, thought leaders and successful business entrepreneurs. Can you imagine how many newsletters and articles land in my inbox on a regular basis?

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Trust your People

By LimeLight Group | Dec 18, 2015

This month I had the pleasure of taking part in the CAPS- Canadian Association of Professional Speakers conference as an attendee and a sponsor. This national conference for speaking professionals moves around the country and we were so delighted to have this enthusiastic, talented group of attendees here in our city. The venue over looked the Halifax Harbour and so many thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of the water view and the fresh sea air. The Co-Chairs of the conference were Halina St. James and Ravi Tangri. Both speakers have been on our LimeLight roster for as long as I can remember.

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Yes. He did it. And he’d love to share the story.

By Kimberley King | Dec 16, 2015

I have had the honor of working with Pete Luckett as his agent and manager for over 20 years. And in that time, I have never witnessed a more charismatic, committed and creative entrepreneur. The recent sale of Pete's Fine Foods to Sobeys was big news, and yes, to some a disappointment. But there are some great business lessons here we shouldn't overlook.

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