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How to Market Your Event When You are the Marketing Department

By Kimberley King | Apr 16, 2019

Let’s face it - one of the biggest measures of success for any event is attendance.Sure, we want amazing speakers, a great social night, on-time catering and fantastic reviews. But, first you’ve got to get bums in seats. Right?Marketing your next event when you have a team of experts is easy - not so much when YOU ARE THE MARKETING DEPARTMENT.At LimeLight Group we support events of all sizes and colors and we’ve seen it all. This quick read will help you navigate the crazy complicated world of event planning by adopting a strategic mindset.  Here goes…

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How to Find a Speaker 101

By Kimberley King | Apr 1, 2019

So. You got the memo. The big team meeting is coming up and you are responsible for teeing up the keyonote. What?? You’ve never done this before. You just attend these meetings and marvel at the incredible talent on stage and all the details that are so seamlessly coordinated. Now you are in the drivers seat? Yup. And you are going to be fabulous! Just keep reading!

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How to Maximize your RSP (Return on Speakers)

By Kimberley King | Jul 5, 2018

If you are working on your 2018/2019 budgets and thinking ahead to the strategic meetings and conferences that are on the planning table, you are likely thinking about all the ways you can stretch your meeting dollar.  We see clients working hard to negotiate the best contracts with hotels, reviewing F&B budgets, scrutinizing AV orders, but not necessarily taking a look at speaker budgets.  This is an area that deserves some exploration!

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Speaker Gifts – To Buy or Not to Buy?

Posted Sep 12, 2017

“What sort of gift can we give the speaker?” This is a question we get asked a lot. The truth is, when you’re working with a paid professional speaker, gifts are unnecessary. In fact, speakers sometime find them cumbersome (especially if they’ve traveled to your event). If you feel compelled to do it – make sure it’s transportable. Another idea would be to make a donation to charity on his/her behalf.

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Why use a professional emcee for your next event?

By Kimberley King | Jul 12, 2017

LimeLight has a host of experts who know how to take an event script... and make it sing!  Our roster includes an assortment of celebrities, comedians and speakers who are pros at the podium. We were asked  by Ignite Magazine for our advice on how to Master your MC Smarts.  We were delighted to share what we have learned over the past decade!

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You Just Can’t Google That!

By Kimberley King | Jul 5, 2017

You can find all kinds of speaker options on the internet right? Yes. But a great speaker is good before, during and after a presentation. A great speaker does their homework. They are easy to deal with and passionate and authentic about how they approach their audience. They are low maintenance and they deliver high value.

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