Natalie Doyle Oldfield

Customer Focused Thought Leader on Trust
Halifax, Nova Scotia

What Natalie is Passionate About


Erosion of your customer base, fewer customer referrals, declining sales, and shrinking margins are not necessarily signs of a slowing market. They might well be symptoms of low levels of customer trust.

In today’s uncertain world, companies are facing more scrutiny from a more informed and critical customer than ever before. The tolerance level for unethical behaviour is continuing to fall. Customers are paying more attention and they are demanding more accountability and transparency. They want to see a social conscience. They want to buy from companies they trust.

Natalie inspires participants to create action plans that enable every person in your company to play their unique role in growing the business and improving customer experience. They’ll be given practical how-to’s and be inspired to put new actions and word plan in place to dramatically boost business performance.

Using case studies audiences learn:

*What customers are saying about you when you are not listening
*The science and the evidence behind the decision-making process that every customer goes through before deciding to trust you
*Build strong customer relationships built on the power of trust
*The power of promise – keeping your word

This speech is for organizations who are looking to inspire their teams, align everyone’s focus on serving the customer, and create a high-performance culture. This one-of-a-kind speech can help breathe more customer focus, trust and energy into your organization.


Customer loyalty is a precious commodity; painstaking to build and easy to lose in today’s fickle market. If your organization wants to gain market share by strengthening and maintaining loyalty with clients and customers, you need Natalie. Her enlightening message has real-world future-forward strategies; especially critical in today’s uncertain times. With the powerful combination of strategic insight, solid strategy and relatability, Natalie will have your audience saying, “she changed our thinking,” and “we can do this.” And they’ll be absolutely right.

Using deep analysis and worldwide case studies, Natalie will share:

*Real reasons why people buy
*Why trust is the number one business builder
*How to become the most trusted provider in your field
*A proven plan, based on science and evidence, to build a superior and unbeatable and evergreen brand.


Employees who trust each other outperform. Trust increases productivity, engagement and innovation. Natalie inspires audiences to create a work culture and environment that dramatically improves organizational performance.

Audiences discover how to:

*Identify trust challenges in their organization and or department
*Incorporate trust into behavior and language
*Strengthen and build trust within teams
*Apply the 8 principles to drive employee performance

Why You Need Natalie

Natalie is the author of The Power of Trust: How Top Companies Build, Manage and Protect It and President of Success Through Trust.

She’s been named one of the World’s Top Thought Leaders in Trust for 5 consecutive years by Trust Across America.

For this, she has received a life time achievement award by Trust Across America, Trust Around the World.   Other leaders who have been named include Howard Schultz founder and CEO of Starbucks and author Stephen M.R. Covey.

Recognized as one of Canada’s Most Inspiring Women Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs, by Canadian SME Business (2021), Natalie is on a mission to help company’s earn their customer’s unshakeable trust so they get repeat customers and referrals all day every day.

Natalie’s training programs, trust measurement system, tools and her proprietary Trust Building framework are based on science and evidence.  She has helped hundreds of companies, including many of the world’s best managed companies, grow by building loyalty and trust with their customers, stakeholders and colleagues.  Her model has been published in peer reviewed academic journals.

Her award winning Building and Protecting Trust Model© is part of the curriculum of several MBA programs and is included in the communications textbook, Joy. It is also published in an e book called “Best Trust Models” (Next Decade, 2019).  She was recently nominated for the 2023 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneurs Award of the year award.

A former Chief Marketing Officer in the ICT industry, she spent 25 years in business before founding Success Through Trust in 2013.  In 2020, Natalie was invited to join an International Trust Council. She is the only Canadian on this prestigious 11-member council.

A regular keynote speaker, podcast guest and writer, she is a contributor to Forbes and is featured in Economist Impact globally as a ‘Business Trust Expert.”

Natalie holds a Masters in Communications and Public Relations, a Certificate in Management (Georgia Institute of Technology), a Bachelor of Public Relations and a Bachelor of Arts. Her graduate studies focused on How Organizations Build and Measure Trust with Stakeholders.

She lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada with her husband and their two children.

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Why You Will Love Natalie

Natalie’s workshop was insightful, clever and impactful. Natalie taught us that the art of selling begins with Trust. Our advisors finished with action items and practical steps to build deeper relationships with customers.

Mary Dable Arab
District Vice President, Scotiabank

Natalie’s keynote hit it out of the park. Best presentation of the conference.

Brian Slaunwhite
Area Sales Manager, PartSource, Canadian Tire Company

Challenging, motivating and inspiring. Best speaker of the conference.

Dave Meagher
CJM Solutions

Highly recommend Natalie – she is passionate and committed, she provided good insight and client strategies to grow the business. Best speaker of the conference.

Mark Kenny
Owner, South Port Asset Management

Great speaker. I was completely engaged.

Shelley Kee
Senior Vice-President, Group Business Pacific Blue Cross

Natalie’s keynote at our national conference was a highlight ( nice surprise and a huge hit).  She was charismatic, interactive and entertaining and informative all at the same time.

Jean-Marc Picard
General Manager / Directeur Général, Canadian Transportation Equipment Association (CTEA)


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