Steve Foran

Grateful Leadership – We make people happy
Halifax, Nova Scotia

What Steve is Passionate About

Gratitude - The Misunderstood Secret To Success 

For more than 16 years, Steve has been speaking with companies, organizations and associations who want to understand and leverage the power of Grateful Leadership in their work and in their day-to-day lives—and get results.

In this session we explore the importance and relevance of gratitude as a foundational mindset and demystify the path to being an effective leader, living a thriving life and personal wellbeing. Participants discover the critical barrier that keeps far too many people stuck struggling with never having enough to lead a thriving, happy, meaningful life—and how this bubbles over into the workplace, stymies us from being our best and leads to feeling overwhelmed, isolated, dissatisfied and working at odds with each other and ultimately—burnout. Unfortunately, it is insufficient to simply know how gratitude works, so participants experientially discover how and why gratitude is a must-have practice for every leader ! Expect to leave feeling inspired and energized with a step-by-step approach to thriving leadership that you can immediately implement to build resilience and feel re-energized, more positive and happier—both at and away from work.

Participants will:

· be able to describe the importance of gratitude as a leadership skill critical to their personal and professional success.

· be able to demonstrate two leadership tools they can immediately implement to help build resilience, maintain a thriving mindset, feel more connected and be more successful.

· feel a renewed sense of hope, optimism and energy—both at and away from work—and knowing how to recreate this feeling at any time.

Customized To You

Over the years, this program has been tailored for clients who want to focus in a specific area. Here is a list of recent Grateful Leadership programs Steve has delivered since 2018:

· The happiness habits – Finding work-life balance in the midst of chaos

· Thriving leadership – Thriving team: The 4 happiness habits

· Introduction to gratitude at work

· Mastering the happiness habits

· The most important 6 minutes in your day

· Finding purpose at work – The mindset of a thriving life

· Grateful leadership for the senior team

· Managing stress

· Dealing with uncertainty

· Vital Habit – Making a gratitude list

· Thriving in disruptive times – Strengthening our culture

· Thriving in disruptive times – Building a mindset of appreciation

· Thriving in disruptive times – What CEOs need to know

· Introduction to managing your mindset – How to be happier at work

· The secret to a positive mindset – Gratitude

· Managing stress and thriving in uncertainty

· Disrupting your workplace with grateful leadership

· Gratitude for the work we do as a team

· Thriving through challenges

· It’s time to thrive – What physician leaders need to know to leader a thriving team

· The grateful mindset – Your key to resilience

· The secret to a positive mindset – Gratitude

· The secret to a positive workplace mindset

· Goodbye complacency and entitlement – Hello engagement

· The secret ingredient to collaboration and connection – GRATITUDE

· Emotional mastery through gratitude


Why You Need Steve

Steve’s dream is one billion happier people.

While not the typical career path of an Electrical Engineer, Steve began exploring the relationship between gratitude and philanthropic giving during my MBA—receiving the Gold Medal for highest academic standing. Since then, he’s been writing and conducting practice-based gratitude research and teaching the habits of gratefulness—more than sixteen years now. What has emerged is our science-based program, Gratitude At Work. It’s a simple, yet innovative approach to thriving leadership and business results.

Steve founded Gratitude at Work in 2006 and started hosting conversations in my community which have since grown into work with leaders around the world, shifting cultures, helping leaders and their teams be happier at work by bringing more gratitude to work each day. While his audiences love the process he uses, business owners love the results delivered.

Steve’s 2019 book, Surviving to Thriving – The 10 Laws of Grateful Leadership, was named 1 of 8 recommended reads by Greater Good Science Center at University of California Berkeley and 1 of 5 positive psychology books for a happier 2019 in inc. Also in 2019, Steve was an inaugural winner of Canada’s CEO Trusted Advisor Awards Program and in 2017, Steve was awarded the gold standard in professional speaking, CSPTM.

Steve is a son, brother, husband, and unapologetically proud father and grandfather. Steve’s kids poke fun at his gratitude work (air quotes) and he is a lifelong resident of Halifax, Nova Scotia and trying to do his part to make my community a better place to live.

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Why You Will Love Steve

I’ve attended continuing education sessions around the world and it’s very rare one gets to experience the calibre of what you do.

HR Manager
Alliance Dental

There was an immediate strengthening of trust between me and my team as a result of having Steve speak with our group.

Division Director
IG Wealth Management

Steve is one of our most popular keynote speakers on Bright. I’ve attended a couple of his talks now and can’t recommend them enough.


We deal with some topics that can be very heavy and we needed a message that would leave a positive imprint on our delegates—he closed our event on an energetic, positive, upbeat tone and gave us a few simple tools we could implement right away.

General Manager
Association of Industry Sector Councils

We were familiar with Steve’s speaking so we felt very comfortable he would deliver as promised—it’s great to know there’s no risk with a keynote speaker. I personally appreciated his simple actionable take-aways.

Manager Communications & Partnerships
Workers Compensation Board of Nova Scotia

Our people felt Steve was very relatable, and several even commented that our hybrid virtual event was our best annual team meeting ever.

VP Operations
East Coast Credit Union

The audience loved Steve’s closing keynote – everything from the engaging activities he orchestrated to the simple take-aways he provided.

Executive Director

When Steve stole the show with his opening keynote at our National Conference I knew I had to bring him in to speak with our team.

President & CEO
Credit Counselling Services of Atlantic Canada

Steve had great impact on our partner team and we left his sessions with practical tools we are using for our own personal growth as well as tools to engage with our teams.

Managing Partner
Atlantic Canada, BDO


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