Shawn Casemore

Helping Sales Leaders and Teams Accelerate Performance
Owen Sound, Ontario

What Shawn is Passionate About

The Selling Revolution 

The proven methods high performing sales professionals use to earn attention and close deals in an unpredictable economy.

Is your team struggling to sell in today’s economy? Are they finding it difficult to reach and connect with buyers who won’t return their calls? Are you experiencing significant swings and unpredictability in your sales revenue?

Selling has changed. Your team and the skills they use must shift to accommodate new buying behaviors and norms.

Top performing sales professionals and sales leaders recognize practice a new way of selling that contradicts accepted norms. Long lunches and afternoons of gold aren’t at the top of their list of prospecting activities. Instead, there are only four powerful strategies that they use repeatedly to generate new business opportunities, and close deals.

Based on my popular book, The Unstoppable Sales Machine we explore new skills, methods, and strategies to not only survive during economic uncertain times, but to thrive regardless of the state of the economy.

In this high energy presentation, sales expert and bestselling author Shawn Casemore will show you how to fill your pipeline with prospects that are eager to buy. You’re thinking about how to sell will be challenged, and you’ll be equipped with new methods and strategies that will ensure you constantly exceed your sales targets.

The Unstoppable Mindset 

The psychological strategies and disciplines top performers use to build a bullet proof mindset.

Uncertainty, distractions, and stress of recent years have left many people burnt out and struggling to find success. The question of “what’s next” is on everyone’s mind.

Everyone that is, except the few top performers who have found continued success because of strengthening their mindset.

If we’ve learned anything since the pandemic, it’s that focus, discipline and balance are the keys to success.

In this energizing presentation, sales expert and bestselling author Shawn Casemore, shares insights on how to build a mindset that is unstoppable. Through years of experience interviewing and working with top performers, sports teams and even as a competitive bodybuilder, Shawn shares unique insights into building a mindset that will propel those seeking success to new levels of performance.

Whether you are an executive, business leader, a sales professional, or entrepreneur, you’ll learn new strategies to support your continued journey to success.

The Attention Algorithm 

How to Influence Others and Achieve Your Goals.

Take a close look at how we interact with existing and potential customers today, and you’ll find that the majority of what we do is the same as our competition. We reach out the same way, using the same methods, the same language, the same slides and even use similar proposals with similar pricing and terms.

Everything is the same, and truth be told, “same” doesn’t sell.

The first step to making a sale is to gain attention. We need to stand out and be different, rather than the same. The attention algorithm are the steps needed in today’s environment to gain and retain attention.

Once you have attention, your prospect, customer, or employee are ready and eager to support you, however they can.

In this exciting presentation, Shawn Casemore, author, and sales performance coach shares how to gain and maintain attention, harness energy and drive towards your goals, all with the buy-in and support of those you seek to influence.

You’ll leave inspired to re-think how you interact with customers, prospects, your boss and even your peers.

Are you ready to use the Attention Algorithm?

The Customer-Centric Sales Culture 

Gain your customers trust and propel your sales to new levels.

Your customer’s experience can make or break your business.

If you are seeking to increase your sales, you need to put less emphasis on sales, and instead consider how every employee can influence sales. From reception to finance, operations to administration.

This series of workshops are designed to engage your entire team, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to identify and pursue new selling opportunities.

Stop putting all your eggs in one basket. Learn how top performing companies retain and grow opportunities with their existing customers, all without expanding their sales team or relying on outside resources.

In this exhilarating workshop, best-selling author and sales expert Shawn Casemore shares how to introduce a customer-centric sales culture, sharing the tools and methods to gain buy-in, and equip everyone with the skills and tools to sell

The Negotiation Advantage 

Steps to shifting from one-sided conversations to advantageous outcomes.

Forget BATNA!

Today’s customers are too demanding and trying to reach an alternative to an agreement simply is too much work.

It doesn’t have to be.

Whether you are dealing with an external customer, or trying to reach agreement with a supplier, you need to know how to negotiate.

Despite what many believe to be true, negotiation isn’t about “winning,” it’s about reaching an agreement that both parties can feel good about.

Balancing strategies with emotional intelligence are the key to creating a negotiation advantage.

In this insightful workshop, Shawn Casemore, sales expert, and author of multiple best selling books, shares his “Advantage Framework” a method for bridging negotiation gaps and creating outcomes that both parties can feel good about.

Why You Need Shawn

Shawn Casemore will change the way you think about selling. Shawn’s style brings life and excitement that energizes audiences of all sizes. In addition, his presentations are chock-full of actionable strategies, with new methods and information that can be used to generate and boost sales, improving your organization’s overall performance.

Shawn is an expert at teaching how to connect, convert, and close new customers. On top of this, he teaches organizations how to increase innovation, encourage collaboration, and empower employees to be customer-centric, delivering more sales, higher customer retention, and increased referrals.

Shawn has spent more than 20 years studying and uncovering what it takes for sales teams and organizations to sell and adopt changes in buyer behavior and market conditions. Shawn’s worked in various roles, including as a salesperson, all the way up to the president, so he understands what it takes to make organizations function well.

Even more, he’s uncovered the keys to achieving sales success–empowering customers, enabling sales teams, and identifying the right technology to support the sales processes. In 2008, he left the corporate world to pursue a career as a professional speaker. Today, as a keynote speaker and virtual speaker, Shawn has made it his mission to discover the methods, practices, and strategies that set-top organizations apart from their competition. He energizes his audiences and provokes them with ideas to improve their performance.

Recognized as a thought leader in sales and sales leadership, Shawn’s ideas and perspectives are frequently published in prestigious publications such as Entrepreneur MagazineFast CompanyIndustry WeekINC Magazine20/20 MagazineThe Globe and Mail, and Chief Executive Officer. In addition, Shawn is the author of three books, with a fourth hitting the shelves later this year. The Unstoppable Sales Machine: How to Connect, Convert, and Close New Customers encapsulates his knowledge of selling in today’s economy.

Shawn sits on the board of Toronto’s Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) and is the owner and founder of Casemore and Co Inc., a global consulting firm. Shawn has worked with over 200 leading organizations.

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Why You Will Love Shawn

We’ve had Shawn speak to our members on two separate occasions. His insights and strategies are always appreciated by our members, many of whom bring their entire sales team to hear Shawn speak! I would not hesitate to recommend Shawn as a speaker for your next event if you’re seeking a high energy speaker who presents actionable strategies.

P.P., Executive Director
Innovators Alliance

I participated in Shawn’s talk on Being Unstoppable. I loved the message and found the session empowering!

Barco Uniforms

Shawn’s presentation set a very positive tone for the rest of our sales meeting. Everyone had great takeaways and feedback.

J.G., Vice President, Business Development
Enex Energy

I have known and worked with Shawn for over a decade. His ideas and energy are contagious!

Mike Adams
Vice President, Dettmer Tire and Auto Service Ltd.

Shawn has a unique ability to connect with his audience to drive home key messages while providing pragmatic tools to quickly and effectively apply them for real world results.

Chantal Godin

Shawn did an excellent job of engaging the audience. He kept the members captivated and received outstanding feedback on his content and delivery.

Graham Sogawa
Manager, Member Network, Professional Development Institute

Shawn’s efforts to speak with stakeholders before his talk ensured he addressed key concerns making his presentation both timely and relevant.

Carole Brault
Senior Manager Convention, Trade Shows and Events, Produce Marketing Association

Shawn’s stories and work experiences drove home the concepts of “Managing Change”. His presentation was the perfect mix of a serious business based message, along with a very funny and engaging delivery. So impressive, that the Manitoba Institute will be bringing Shawn to Winnipeg as a guest speaker at our annual member meeting!

Peter Buscemi
President, Manitoba Institute of P.M.A.C.

It has been my sincere pleasure to have worked with Shawn on several occasions. Shawn has the unique ability to connect with his audience quickly, delivering a clear and practical message and ensuring the right balance of humour to retain the interest of his attendees throughout the discussion. I would highly recommend Shawn as a speaker at your next event!

Nicole Burgess
Executive Director, Saskatchewan Institute for PMAC

Shawn presented at our event and did an excellent job of engaging the audience providing thought provoking views on topics that were top of mind for our attendees.

Cecilia Mendoza
Manager, Education, ISM

Shawn Casemore was the keynote speaker at our annual Info-X-Change conference. Shawn did an outstanding job engaging our audience, his choice of topic was very relevant and his performance exceeded our expectations.

Silvia Cosme
Manager Global Client Relations, Enterprise Asset Management

Shawn was entertaining, enthusiastic, relevant and motivational.

Jody Kyle
Vice-President, Program Development, YMCA Canada

Shawn’s workshop on identifying and capitalizing on customer value was provocative and valuable, helping our team to generate new ideas to improve our customer relationships.

Jo Bouchard
Vice President of Business Development, Canadian Management Centre

Shawn was able to provide effective tools to our police and civilian leadership group, which are equally applicable to the wide variety of departments within our organization.

Vincent Wurfel
Inspector, Owen Sound, Police Services

We have worked with several consultants, however, our team found that Shawn was the most engaging. His ability to help the leadership team collaborate and form a meaningful vision, mission and strategic objective was impressive to watch and exciting to be a part of.

Chris Patterson
CEO of Interchanges

Shawn did a great job!  I have received only positive feedback from staff.  He was very knowledgeable with the topic we chose and he made it interesting through his presentation as well as with some personal stories he shared. I would definitely recommend him to other organizations!

Bonnie Nyman
Regional Municipality of York


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