Dr. Marie-Hélène Pelletier, PhD, MBA, R.Psych.

Inspiring Audiences to Build Leadership Resilience and Prevent Burnout
Vancouver, BC

What Dr. Marie-Hélène is Passionate About

Resilience and Change: Harnessing The Opportunity of the Moment  

In an era of transformational change, workers and the workplace are experiencing the impacts in multiple ways. Some impacts are an acceleration of pre-existing trends. And some are new. But one thing is clear – many of these changes are far-reaching.

In this presentation, workplace mental health expert Dr. Pelletier brings together her weekly work as a practicing work psychologist with current research in workplace psychology to challenge your assumptions and help your organization understand these changes at individual, team and organizational levels.

She highlights the ways that organizations and individuals can both manage these changes and turn them to an advantage. By approaching this moment in time with curiosity, agility and renewed energy and purpose, we can not only adapt to change, we can thrive.

*Understand the links between your mindset, resilience and mental health
*Distinguish what factors are contributing to mental agility and health, as well as to fatigue and burnout
*Reconstruct your strategic plan for the power of resilience based on strategies that work

Building and Protecting Psychological Resilience in a High-Stakes, High-Performance Culture 

High performance organizations – where long hours are the norm – are fertile ground for resilience-bending pressures. While the rewards are many, the key to continuing success is the sustainability of employee wellbeing. How can employees and teams maintain their high performance without breaking their much-needed resilience? In this keynote, Dr. Pelletier examines the specifics of psychological resilience in high performance organizations. She outlines the actions that individuals and teams can take to maintain, rebuild and bring even more resilience to their work and personal lives – without sacrificing high performance and its rewards.

*Recognize the factors within high performance organizations that can impact resilience
*Predict the risk to psychological resilience with better accuracy – and understand the actions

that can help

*Reconstruct your approach to your own and your team’s psychological resilience

Healthier Workforce: Neurodiversity and Mental Health in the Workplace 

Your team and your organisation already include a probably large but hidden neurodiverse population. This likely leads to even more creativity, innovation, productivity and resilience. A more conscious effort to create and support such diversity would benefit everyone – individuals, teams and the organisation. If you increase your literacy and framework, then you create the potential for positive outcomes. Organizational climates that connect neurodiversity with inclusion and ethical climates do even better. In this talk, Dr Marie-Hélène covers what neurodiversity is, how it differs from and intersects with mental health at work and its significance. She guides a research-based reflection on where we are currently at and how to move forward to support even better psychological health and safety for a neurodiverse population.

*Define neurodiversity and its connection with mental health
*Understand how beliefs and literacy impact support of neurodiversity at work
*Identify actions to start taking now to support neurodiversity

Psychological Safety and Team Resilience: Translating the big idea into your actions 

Diverse teams have the potential to bring a breath of perspectives and generate innovative ideas. Yet, that potential is not always observed. A key moderator in this equation is psychological safety. While every team is different, most teams need psychological safety to unlock their potential.

In this keynote, workplace mental health expert, psychologist and experienced leader Dr. Pelletier brings together her weekly work as a practicing work psychologist with current research in psychological safety in the workplace to clarify what we know makes a difference in teams and organizations. She highlights how psychological safety connects with resilience and workplace mental health, and the impacts of psychological safety on adaptation to change, action-orientation and other benefits that may surprise you.

*Understand what team resilience and psychological safety are
*Distinguish the benefits
*Learn the actions you can implement now

Why You Need Dr. Marie-Hélène

Dr. Marie-Hélène Pelletier is an award-winning workplace mental health expert, psychologist, advisor and speaker. Fluently bilingual in English and French, she’s one of only a handful of work psychologists holding both a PHD and MBA.

Marie-Hélène brings a signature mix of business and clinical expertise to the groups she works with. She translates psychology research (about health, resiliency, and overcoming challenges) into strategies professionals, business leaders and their teams need to thrive.

She’s a bilingual practicing psychologist who combines clinical, counseling, and workplace psychology. She also has extensive experience as a senior leader in the corporate, insurance, governance and public sectors, bringing international perspectives and expertise on psychological health and spearheading the international dialogue on the crucial issue of workplace mental health.

MH’s unique talent is bringing together workplace and psychology – and, in her presentations, translating concepts into “take-aways” that individuals can put into action the minute they leave the room.

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Why You Will Love Dr. Marie-Hélène

Thank you so much for joining us last week and sharing your expertise with our workforce! We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback and your words are helping us spur discussion about the importance of investing deeply in wellness.

Kristopher Rose, Senior Advisor to the Director
United States Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

Marie-Hélène is one of those rare experts who truly grasps what it takes for us (both individually and organizations) to achieve goals that we may only dream of. As a colleague I am impressed with her speaking abilities. She inspires participants to take action that leads to results and does this with passion, knowledge, experience and joy.

Christopher Brigham, Medical Doctor and President
Brigham and Associates (U.S.A)

Dr. Pelletier recently kicked off our first in-person event in over two years, and we are so glad she did! Her talk on resilience and workplace mental health was so engaging for our audience and very helpful. We are looking forward to working with Dr. Pelletier again in the future.

Charmaine Crockett, Director, Stakeholder Engagement
Canadian Partnership for Women and Children’s Health (CanWaCH)

Dr. Pelletier is an excellent speaker! She gave a virtual presentation in French for our conference and she was professional and prepared from start to end. She tailored her speaking points to ensure they were relevant to our audience and her presentation was very well received. I felt she did an especially great job of captivating the audience in a virtual environment with her energy and her use of visual aids. Thank you again, Dr. Pelletier, for sharing your expertise at our event!

Evelyn Anderson, Manager, Corporate Partnerships and Marketing
Coaching Association of Canada


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