Bradley Daye

Co-Founder and CEO of Placemaking 4G
Halifax, Nova Scotia

What Bradley is Passionate About

Cultivating Spaces of Belonging 

There are many gaps in traditional recruiting practices. How many of us have heard the term “fit” in a hiring process? It’s time to stop recruiting for “fit” and instead focus on contribution. How can we create an environment where people feel comfortable to bring their whole selves to the recruiting process?  We are not striving for “best practices” because frankly they don’t exist. We are always striving for better practices. 

Bradley talks about ways to foster healthy work environments that make employees feel comfortable and valued. In essence, a workplace where everyone is treated like a human regardless of race, age, position. We want employees to be thought of as contributors. Managers, co-workers, recruiters, and everyone else in the workplace to ask themselves how someone’s lived experience contributes to the organization.

It is also time that we focus our attention to the environment that people are coming into. We usually hear people talking about workplace culture, but Bradley talks about workplace climate. We know a few things about wild weather in Halifax and what we know is that its always changing! So is the environment in the workplace. We need to show up with humility and face those changes with curiosity and excitement instead of defensiveness. This will result in a place where employees truly feel like they belong.

Why You Need Bradley

Bradley Daye is the co-founder and CEO of Placemaking 4G, a Nova Scotia-based group that focuses on creating more equitable and inclusive workplaces by pairing companies with employees who meet their social and organizational values.

With a deeply rooted history in Nova Scotia, Bradley was born and raised in Halifax and is a community leader, coach and member of the African Nova Scotian community. As the Grandson of Delmore Buddy Daye, Bradley is intrinsically grounded in community development led with empathy. Despite a successful career in professional sports – having played and coached football at both the university and professional level – Bradley found his purpose as an architect for value-aligned recruiting.

His proven track record of taking an idea from incubation to success, sparked the successful launch and scale of two businesses and a non-profit organization. By serving on the Board of Directors for United Way Halifax, and supporting youth football in Halifax’s North End, Bradley is always contributing locally to the spaces where everything started for him. With 12 years of combined professional coaching and business management experience, Bradley’s work is multi-dimensional and woven with the values that course through his bloodstream: Reciprocity, Community and Love.

Bradley was named the 2024 Business Person of the Year by the Halifax Chamber of Commerce.

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Why You Will Love Bradley

Bradley and I have had many conversations about inclusion, belonging, how to inspire people to make change, and how to enjoy the process.  He is a trusted confidante, and I know he will always remind me to keep the focus on the results, AND on the importance of the process.  His perspective, lived experience, empathy, learnings from his years doing this work and his ability to connect with many different people makes his leadership noteworthy. 

It’s not hard to tell he has been a sports team member and coach, each at high levels. Having that lived experience teaches valuable (and sometimes humbling!) lessons that can be applied in all parts of life.  His understanding of group dynamics allows him to change tack in mid-session, or in the middle of a client contract; his situational awareness is excellent.

In April, we were hosting a national museum conference, and Bradley and Matt offered one of the keynote sessions.  After a couple of conversations where they asked about the audience, the desired outcomes and the other sessions, they developed a bespoke presentation for the group.  It was excellent and it wove in film clips, personal stories, audience interactivity and time for reflection; it was a hit.  That support for community in a way that was thoughtful and truly meaningful was impressive, and I will never forget it. 

To wrap up, Bradley Daye was born a leader.  Intelligent, charismatic, athletically gifted, from a renowned African Nova Scotian family.  He understands the responsibility of leadership and he shoulders it with grace, humility and wisdom.  Along the way, he is empowering and growing many more leaders.  His company is committed to its clients and the community it serves, and we are all the better for it. 

Marie Chapman
CEO, Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21

We’ve invited Bradley to speak at several of our conferences and regional events. He excels at connecting with his audience and conveying complex ideas clearly. Bradley effortlessly engages the audience, fostering active participation and genuine interest. His passion for the subject is evident, and his energy captivates the room. He inspires empowerment and encourages embracing new challenges for excellence in our roles.  I recommend Bradley Daye as a speaker for any event. We appreciate his expertise and passion.

Connie Corse
Training Manager, Nova Scotia Career Development Association

Bradley Daye is an indispensable voice for Black youth, delivering impactful, authentic and relevant messages. He can tackle a wide variety of topics without skipping a beat, proving that there are very few subjects he can’t speak on with expertise and insight. What sets him apart is his versatile approach, effortlessly transitioning from engaging teenagers to captivating corporate audiences.

The first time I saw him speak was at a youth event, but his powerful messaging didn’t just connect with the younger audience; it left a lasting impression on the adults in the room as well. His charisma and relatability make him a sought-after speaker for any occasion. In fact, his impact has been so profound that we consistently reach out to him for every event we plan. He is undoubtedly a speaker who possesses the rare ability to inspire and connect with people of all ages and backgrounds. Bradley Daye doesn’t just speak, he makes a difference.

Provincial Department of Agriculture

Bradley Daye is a thoughtful, knowledgeable and charismatic speaker. He weaves together pragmatic solutions and human-centred research, often moving seamlessly from sharing statistics to a mindfulness exercise. His warmth, empathy and desire for meaningful change is felt from every corner of the room.

With an extensive background in equity and inclusion, recruitment, and leadership, Bradley provides a depth to your event that will leave your attendees feeling inspired to take action in their lives and in their communities.

Patrick Sullivan
President & CEO Halifax Chamber of Commerce

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