David Saxby

Entrepreneur; and Marketing and Sales Innovation Strategist
Calgary, Alberta

What David is Passionate About

Ignite Innovative Thinking! The Art of Turning Ideas Into Action 

What sparks individuals to achieve the extraordinary? What compels people to recognize their true potential and inspires them to take action?

High achievers and master innovators cultivate beginners mind to problem solve and develop breakthrough creative concepts. They close the door on negativity and look at every situation through fresh eyes and stay open to possibilities. In his fast-paced, content-rich presentations, David Saxby, entrepreneur and former advertising creative director, shares insights and secrets of high achievers and master innovators. He reveals how you can apply these lessons in your life to create the success you desire. Overcome barriers, fast track ideas, solve problems with more ease, and create innovative solutions to business and personal challenges.
• Stimulate ideas – boost your creativity
• Process of innovation – the 5 i’s
• Adapting your ideas
• Re-energize yourself and your team
• Keep generating ideas

Marketing in the New Millennium: Integrating Social Media Marketing Into Your Marketing Plan 

Social media has enticed many organizations into abandoning promotional methods that worked in the past. Many organizations have abandoned traditional forms of marketing in favour of the new “Social Media” and have often failed to market themselves effectively.

Powerful communication begins with a strategy that incorporates the goals of the organization. It clearly articulates a value proposition throughout every customer touch point, whether it is direct marketing, sales, advertising, public relations, or social media.

David reveals the secrets of the marketing experts and gives you the tools to master your marketing success. And, he’ll give you the keys to ensure your communication zaps through the clutter to reach your customers… cost effectively. Learn how you can leverage the viral power of the internet and social media integrating social media with your current marketing and public relations to build deeper relationships with your prospects and customers.

• Strategies for success combining traditional and social media
• Position your concept in the customer’s mind using traditional and social media
• Advertising, public relations, sales, sales promotion and social media
• Resources – using your time, money and people effectively
• Keep your competitive edge using the integrated approach to marketing

Ignite Powerful Sales Results 

What does every successful organization do to inspire their sales teams to succeed with every customer contact? How do you motivate your sales team to attain excellence in prospecting, overcome their fear of cold calling and increase their closing ratios?

Understanding your customer’s needs is the foundation of every successful selling organization. Too often, inconsistent, inappropriate communication of your marketing message can stop the sales process — dead. The Result: Customers are confused by your message, don’t trust your brand and are resistant to your sales efforts. The Solution: Speaking with “One Voice” throughout your marketing and sales activities. No matter the message. No matter the messenger. The customer experience is focused on their needs, not yours and is consistent through every ‘touch point’. In The Integrated Approach to Sales and Marketing David reveals the secrets on how to master your selling by making every sales contact an opportunity to create an unforgettable customer experience. He’ll show you and your team how to win customers through reinforcing a familiar message that motivates them to buy, creating loyalty, referrals and repeat sales.

• Strategies for prospecting and qualifying customers
• Personality styles of buyers and sellers
• Assess your customer’s needs
• Recognize buying signals and confirming the sale
• Keep your customers for life

Building Brand Leadership 

How do successful marketers create “Brand” recognition in today’s over- communicated marketplace? What ‘actionable strategies’ do you need to
develop promotions that ignite powerful responses with your customers?

In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing market, having a great product or service is no longer enough. Whether you are a multinational company or a small local firm, you’re likely facing the same challenges; an over-communicated market, fierce competition, and increasingly knowledgeable customers.

Branding has developed into one of the marketing world’s hottest concepts. These days the term “Branding” is synonymous with words like leadership, reputation, integrity, customer loyalty and retention as well as marketing and sales. If you can build a powerful brand you will have a successful marketing program. If you can’t, then all the fancy packaging, sales promotion and public relations in the world won’t help your company become an industry leader.

A no-holds-barred look at successful and not-so-successful branding efforts. David shares a proven formula for positioning any business to sell more and provides a blueprint for sales and marketing success.

What you will learn:
• What a brand is, why it is important, and the true value of a brand
• Lessons from successful brand leaders
• Strategies for building and sustaining a powerful brand
• Five foundations for brand success
• How to become a market driven organization – creating customer loyatly
• How to turn everyone into a brand ambassador
• Practical tools and techniques you need to gain a clear competitive advantage
• How to maximize your sales and marketing resources and build a blueprint for success
• How to brand your way to more sales
• Five keys to keeping your competitive edge in a changing marketplace

Add Spark To Your Sales Presentations 

What does every powerful presenter do to challenge, inspire and motivate their audience? what are the keys to emotionally and intellectually connect with every audience?

There are three things to aim at in public speaking: first, to get into your subject, then to get your subject into yourself, and lastly, to get your subject into the heart of your audience.” Alexander Gregg (1819-1893).

In today’s fast paced business world being a good presenter is a necessity, not an option. effective communication is key to job promotions, more sales and better relationships. whether you’re pitching your services to a new account, presenting a formal report to management or speaking before peers, discover how to present, persuade, and win more business. David reveals the secrets of creating and delivering powerful presentations that speak to the heart of your audience. He’ll give you the keys on how to minimize your nervousness, avoid some common mistakes, and adapt your presentation for every audience. David reveals the essential components of an effective presentation and shows you how to keep the audience’s interest to the very last word. And, add spark to your presentations will show you how to maximize your audience’s experience and avoid ‘Death by Powerpoint’.

• Start With The Audience And Their Needs
• Plan Your Presentation
• Apply Presentation Skills And Techniques To Enhance Your Presentation
• Recognizing Styles And Adapting Your Presentation
• Keep Your Presentation Hi-Touch: Focused On The Audience Not The Technology

Why You Need David

An entrepreneur, from age 23, and award winning Creative Director/President, of his own leading Canadian marketing firm David Saxby’s presentations focus on innovative business strategies. Combining lessons from his 30 years experience in marketing, advertising and sales with innovative thinking skills from his years as a business leader He speaks to a range of industries including: communications, construction, energy, financial services, land development and real estate, manufacturing, media, marketing, not-for-profit, transportation, technology and professional services.

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Why You Will Love David

“Chinook Country Tourist Association is a not-far-profit, membership based, Destination Marketing 
Organization, responsible for promotion and development of the tourism industry in Southwest Alberta. 
As part of our Chinook Country Regional Cluster Development & Tourism Strategy Project (TCS), we 
hosted a conference in September of this year.

We hoped David would help conference members consider ways to develop strategies to effectively 
market their organizations. David suggested that the most powerful marketing communication uses 
social media along with traditional media. He showed the benefits of using social media to enhance the 
use of traditional marketing, rather than to replace it. Using PowerPoint examples of campaigns and 
statistics, he demonstrated that this integrated marketing brings the best results.
The feedback from participants was enthusiastic. The presentation was thought to be very insightful.

We highly recommend David Saxby as a speaker at any similar conference.”

Nikolaus Wyslouzil, Executive Director
Chinook Country Tourist Association

“The RABC (Rural Alberta Business Center) in Fort Macleod is a pilot project with the 
Government of Alberta, Rural Alberta Development Fund and the Town of Fort 
We wanted David to come and speak to residents and business owners on 
innovation, to inspire them to find ways to expand their market share, through 
improved marketing, new products and diversity and improved production techniques. 
David accomplished these goals through his talk Igniting Innovation.

The feedback from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive. David was able 
to communicate effectively all of the main points of his presentation and made them all 
relatable and engaging to the audience. He did this through his research on Fort 
Macleod and was able to incorporate our local situation in his talk, This really had an 
impact on the audience.

We recommend David for your speaking engagement; he went above and 
beyond our expectations and delivered an amazing talk.”

Srecko Ponjavic, B.Se., B.Mgmt., Small Business Advisor
Rural Alberta Business Center, Fort Macleod

“Our association of wood pallet and container manufacturers had David speak to our members this fall about the challenges and opportunities in using social media in the B2B spectrum.

Our industry was finding it difficult to develop a social media marketing strategy and David’s presentation opened our eyes to what we can accomplish with the insights of an individual with professional marketing experience in delivering strong outcomes this new marketing venue.

We recommend David Saxby as an insightful and engaging speaker.”

Brian Isard
General Manager CWPCA

“On behalf of the Faculty of Continuing Education and Extension, Mount Royal College, I would like to thank you for facilitating our Professional Development Day… Your excellent presentation on marketing received very positive feedback. The interactive manner in which you engaged our staff was very stimulating and thought provoking. I think that we are now much more cognizant of the multiple facets of any advertising message. Thank you for a very pleasant and informative day”.

Donna Spaulding, Dean, Faculty of Continuing
Education and Extension, Mount Royal College

“Thank you for an exceptionally stimulating presentation which you provided to our management team recently in Calgary. Your presentation was a great addition to our goals of team building and personal and professional development. Your presentation style was informative and educational with a highly professional conversational approach. I have had many positive comments from our group”.

Ralph B. Young, President
Melcor Developments L


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