Halina St. James

Motivational Speaker, Author and Performance Coach
Halifax, Nova Scotia

What Halina is Passionate About

Strokes of Luck 

Through her tales of wars and revolutions, surviving a plane crash and a stroke that took her voice, she inspires audiences to:

– Embrace adversity
– Turn challenges into opportunities
– Change and grow
– Laugh and enjoy every minute

Performer Transformer 

Want to be a better speaker and presenter? In a high-powered and interactive session, Halina works with a volunteer from the audience to demonstrate the transformative power of her TalkitOut Technique for improving speeches and presentations.

Why You Need Halina

Halina St James is a motivational speaker who inspires audiences with keynotes and presentation skills coaching. She is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. In her keynotes, Halina draws on experiences as a CBC and CTV network television reporter and producer whose assignments included the first Gulf War, Romanian Revolution and summer and winter Olympic Games. She’s been shot at, crashed in an aeroplane, and survived a stroke that took her speech.

Halina also helps people overcome the fear of public speaking. Through her presentation skills training she helps people upgrade their communication skills in speeches, presentations, or in front of the media. Her secret is her unique TalkItOut Technique. She created Talkitout to give speakers a new and effective way of writing a speech or delivering a presentation. She is the author of books, e-books and training videos that are popular with people wanting to upgrade their speaking skills.

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Why You Will Love Halina

“Halina makes silk purses out of sow’s ears; takes what we say and coaches us to connect with our listeners – helps us show our passion and our gifts.”

Jeffery H. Hosick

“… without exception, every group cites your presentation as being one of the most informative, beneficial, useful and entertaining.”

Judy MacKay
People Plus Consulting Limited

“I’ve been looking for a long time for a method of public speaking that would allow me to communicate my ideas in a compelling and exciting way. I found that with TalkItOut.  The technique finds all the passion and excitement in my ideas and puts it into my own words.  It allows me to connect with my audience every time I speak.  It’s the best leadership investment I have ever made.”

Fred Morley
Exec. VP, Greater Halifax Partnership

“You changed my life and inspired me.”

Sophia Mwakagenda

“Halina did exactly what we needed her to do for our group – and more. She got them out of their comfort zone. She had them dancing, she had them laughing, and she had them crying. Their passions were reignited.”

Stephanie Varner Watt
Pharmasave Atlantic Ltd


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