Colette Robicheau

Productivity and Organization Expert
Halifax, Nova Scotia

What Colette is Passionate About

Networking for Net Worth 

In today’s competitive environment networking is an underused tool that when cultivated can keep you informed, increase profits, find the perfect employee, develop relationships and much more. Networking for Net Worth offers an informal and entertaining way to discover these essential skills and a practical approach to make them part of your daily professional and personal lives.

You will learn:

– The skills and science of networking

– The art of the handshake

– How to remember names

– How to make proper introductions

– Tips for working a room

– How to promote conversation

– Business entertaining

– Silverware savvy

– Ways to keep in touch

Enough is Enough! A Less is More Approach to a Happy and Balanced Life 

An organized life will bring you balance and fulfillment. It just may not look like what’s on TV or the magazine covers.  It about recognizing what is truly important to you and designing your life with that intent.  Learn some fun ways to declutter your mind and your spaces to get the life you really want to live.

The workshop will focus on three main areas:

– Design Your Life -by first knowing what’s really important to you

– Simplify the Way You Live and Work- through systems and improved processes to make day to day life easier

– Decluttering your Environments- both physical and mentally

Time Management - Put Time on Your Side 

Do you struggle getting all the things you need to get accomplished in the run of a day? Learn the skills needed so you can accomplish the tasks you need to get done. Research shows that most people waste an hour each day.  Reducing clutter and implementing innovative and creative organizing solutions gives you more mental and physical space as well as peace of mind. Discover how to better use your time management tools.

Topics include:

– Prioritizing

– Decision making

– Task and project management

– Goal setting

– Procrastination

– Leading effective meetings

– Finding documents

– Planning

– Saying no

LinkedIn Means Business 

LinkedIn is the fastest growing Social Media platform in Atlantic Canada. LinkedIn Means Business will take you past the set-up phase, and show you how to use LinkedIn to its full potential.

This class is designed for those who have signed up and have used LinkedIn before, but know they are not getting the most out of it.

This class is for you if you want to:

– Find collaborators and strategic partners

– Show instead of tell someone you are an expert

– Gather competitive intelligence

– Create your own sales team though connections

– Showcase skills, talents, volunteer contributions, publications and projects

– Differentiate yourself form the competition

Make yourself job ready and findable


Learn more about LinkedIn in a hands-on workshop in Halifax

Leverage your LinkedIn influence to create revenue – don’t let business opportunities pass you by. Millions of professionals, from all sectors, understand the power and priority of making LinkedIn their marketing tool of choice. Improve your visibility, connections and revenue. This is low-cost marketing with a very high ROI. Whether you are part of a large company, or a solo entrepreneur you can no longer afford not to be using this tool to your greatest advantage

Colette does not consider herself a social media guru. She is an entrepreneur who understands the value of social media platforms and the high ROI it delivers. She also understands that it takes more than saying.

It’s a good idea to get busy professionals and business owners to engage. Unlike other techie experts Colette works with the “who, how and when” of social media. Her clients are busy and results and profits oriented. “They don’t want more friends.”

Colette spent years in advertising, has a degree in Public Relations and works as a Business Development Coach and Professional Organizer. She has assisted hundreds of companies get organized so they get the things they want to do done. She also helps them find ways to get the things they don’t want to do done.

Social Media on Training Wheels 

Using social media is just like riding a bike – but if you’ve never ridden a bike before, that’s a scary proposition! In this session Colette is ready with the training wheels you need, so you can find the perfect balance to use social media to grow your business.

This session will cover everything you need to know to start your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles – and how to make them work for your company. Colette engages her audience while teaching everything from the ‘why’ of social media to the nitty-gritty ‘how.’

Graduate from a tricycle to a mountain bike with fewer bumps with help from Colette! Using real-world examples, not the tech manual, Colette talks about the challenges of marketing a business in this new social media age.

From the first time you climb onboard to taking the training wheels off, Colette is there to dispel the myths and anxiety surrounding Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Office Organizing 

Most people waste an hour each day looking for lost items on their desks. Reducing clutter and implementing innovative and creative organizing solutions gives you more mental and physical space as well as peace of mind.  Learn how to handle a busy work load and become more efficient at your job.

Learn how to:

– Set up filing systems

– Organize your desk

– Create equipment and storage positioning

– Construct personalized solutions

– Reduce stress and save time

Creating an organized office can help improve your bottom line faster.

Etiquette and Entertaining with Ease- A Recipe for Success 

Learn the necessary ingredients to easily prepare for any occasion- from an at home dinner party to corporate entertaining. Find new ways to decorate your table and  some dining do’s and don’ts.

Take the worry away with inspirational ideas and an organized foundation that will allow you to enjoy any event as much as your guests.

You will interactively learn etiquette essentials like:

– First impressions

– Seating

– Introductions

– How to make good social small talk

– Table settings and napkins

– Dining do’s and don’ts

– Wine wisdom

Get Organized for The Health of It! 

Did you know that your chaotic routine and cluttered physical and mental environments may be making you sick or keeping you sick?  Participants will hone their skills through interactive exercises and helpful tips.  Consider what improved organizing skills can do for you.

This presentation will discuss how being organized can mean:

– Reduced Stress

– More sleep

– Improved relationships

– Better air quality

– Improved health and safety

– Better coping ability

– Achieving your goals

Why You Need Colette

Colette Robicheau teaches and motivates her clients to engage in their business, offering support and coaching to guide them to successful growth.

Her clients are busy, results oriented entrepreneurs and business owners. Colette draws from decades of business experience to improve their business practices and streamline communications and the path to revenue.

Colette has owned two successful businesses of her own in the last 13 years. Prior to that she spent a decade as advertising and marketing consultant, helping small businesses grow their revenue stream through ad sales.

“As a speaker I talk about how to do things. As a trainer I let people experience and reflect on how to do things. As a consultant I direct my client on best practices and ways to do things. As a coach I facilitate my clients figuring things out on their own. And as a Professional Organizer I take their hand and help them, or sometimes I just do it for them or find the resources to get something done.”

Colette’s engages audiences, putting them at ease during workshops and presentations. She shares real-life examples, speaking candidly about the challenges facing entrepreneurs. A life-long learner, Colette loves sharing tips and information.

Coaching clients to work smarter, not harder Colette is committed to helping people achieve balance between work and home. She provides concrete “how-to’s” to assist entrepreneurs and small business thrive.

Colette has a degree in Public Relations and works as a Business Development Coach and Professional Organizer. She has helped hundreds of companies get organized so they can get the things they want to do, done. More importantly, she also helps them find ways to get the things they don’t want to do done.

She is the first Certified Professional Organizer and Master Trainer in Chronic Disorganization in Canada.

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Why You Will Love Colette

“I called on Colette to deliver a 1/2 day sales training program for a team of representatives with a major client. What a motivator! Her natural wit, humour and professionalism wowed the group. Not only did she present effective material, she backed them up with fun games and tools to ‘try out’ on the spot. She is warm and engaging, and has authentic concern for helping others meet their goals.”

Beth Wallace
Principal Consultant, Wallace & Company

“Colette immediately made participants feel welcome and comfortable. She is a talented facilitator; she is able to draw people out, listens attentively and provides insightful comments and suggestions to each of the participants. Her sense of humour shone throughout the event. Fun and motivating session. Colette was great as always.”

Krista Hughes
Project Developer, Centre for Women in Business, Mount Saint Vincent University

“We hired Colette Robicheau to do a Networking Bootcamp for our first MPI (Meeting Professionals International) event of the season. Colette was dynamic and provided a lot of beneficial information during the one-hour presentation, which she modified to fit within our timeframe. She was professional but also extremely personable and easily engaged our audience. As a presenter, she has an effortless and easy delivery style that would appeal to any audience. Networking can be intimidating for some individuals but she was able to provide fun ways for people to become involved and get the most out of networking. Colette also presented new information for those of us that are perhaps a bit more seasoned than others. This presentation would be valuable for novices and veterans alike and for any group or business.”

Barbara Broome
Principal, Pinnacle Event Planning

“Colette’s Networking Boot camp was professional and polished, while her personal stories and antidotes made it easy for us to relate to her. She was very down to earth- a real person who we could identify with so it was easy to learn from her. Her genuine personality and ability to engage the group allowed us to learn new skills and gave us some new and practical ideas to try out. I would highly recommend this presentation to people at all levels, especially younger staff. Her sense of humour will keep you entertained, while her material will be useful to reduce stress and get you thinking about what you need to do prior to that next big event to ensure success.”

Sonya Fraser
Senior Manager, Ernst & Young, LLP

“Colette’s presentation Put Time on Your Side was excellent for our group. She was entertaining, engaging and well-informed. She really connected with the group. A big take away is that Colette showed how we could take the information and use it in our personal lives too, and I heard a couple of people say they planned on doing that. I would recommend this presentation to any employer for his or her employees. Other government departments could benefit from this presentation.”

Rick Draper
Executive Director, Procurement Services Nova Scotia

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