Cherry Rose Tan

Innovation & Mental Health Speaker
Toronto, ON

What Cherry Rose is Passionate About

Possibility Executed™: Determining the Future of Your Organization in an Age of Uncertainty 

In a world of exponential technology, organizations (and their people) face a daily environment of stress, uncertainty, and rapid change. This pressure continues to build, as we grapple with the long-term impacts of the pandemic and the recession. The fact is we need leaders who can rise to the occasion, but how do we build the future of our organization without burning out along the way?

In this keynote, fifth-generation entrepreneur and venture capitalist Cherry Rose Tan shares the mindset, heartset, and skillset leaders need to build future-proof organizations. Having coached and advised over 300 startups and their executive teams, she offers real-world insights and case studies on how to implement and scale strategies that will drive your organization forward.

This keynote is perfect for leaders and teams:

*Navigating constant stress and change, such as emerging technology, new competitors, or low resources

*Dealing with burnout, resistance, and/or low morale as you implement innovation or digital transformation

*Struggling to recruit and/or retain talent as you navigate change

The audience will leave with:

*A shared language for identifying and addressing stressors before they snowball

*A 3-part leadership model that empowers every team member to create everyday resilience in the face of change

*The awareness, energy, and inspiration to begin building an innovative culture

Possibility Executed™ with Web3 and Metaverse 

Has your organization integrated these technologies or are you being left behind? Web3 is the next evolution of the internet – a decentralized internet powered by blockchain and tokens, like cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and more. It’s not just a technological shift: it’s a fundamental shift in how we connect, control, and transact with each other and businesses.

Web3 is intertwined with the rise of the Metaverse, virtual environments where Millennials, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha are thriving. In these digital and immersive worlds, entire communities and even economies exist that represent billions in untapped revenue. Leveraging 25 years of experience in Web3 technologies and digital worlds, crypto investor Cherry Rose Tan shares the trends, insights, and opportunities that will impact the businesses ready to embrace these technologies.

This keynote is perfect for leaders and teams:

*Feeling pressure to understand or apply these technologies, but unsure where to start

*Responsible for creating new revenue streams or opportunities, especially with growing market segments like Gen Z and Gen Alpha

*Experiencing industry or business disruption, who need insights to stay competitive and make decisions

The audience will leave with:

*A framework for navigating the 3 key technologies and their applications in business

*The confidence and ability to identify business opportunities (and to mitigate the risk) that come with adopting Web3 and/or Metaverse

*A practical, everyday way of talking about Web3 and Metaverse with your teams, your customers, and other stakeholders

Possibility Executed™ with Artificial Intelligence 

Is AI disrupting or helping you? Artificial intelligence (AI) is a historic moment: one of complete disruption and transformation of every industry, and the emergence of never-seen-before ways of optimizing, expanding, and monetizing our businesses. The advent of AI means that all organizations, regardless of industry, have the unprecedented potential to be more nimble, profitable, and responsive than ever before.

In this provocative keynote, serial founder Cherry Rose Tan demystifies the world of AI, weaving in real-life business cases from the world of startups and unicorns. From generative AI (like ChatGPT) to predictive AI, she covers three ways AI can help you create, work, and lead with scale, so you can accelerate your business and your leadership in these changing times.

This keynote is perfect for leaders and teams:

*Eager to use AI, especially in staying relevant against competitors, but unsure where to start

*Overwhelmed by AI and looking for an expert to show where the opportunities and distractions are

*Experiencing massive industry or business disruption, and feeling the pressure to act now

The audience will leave with:

*An understanding of the types of AI out there, and the opportunities and that each of them can unlock

*The inspiration and energy to tackle AI head-on as an organization

*Real-life case studies to translate this conversation from theory to practice and empower immediate application

#REALTALK: Building a Thriving and Resilient Organization 

How do we build resilient leaders (and thus, organizations), who will rise in the face of adversity? Cherry Rose Tan has spent the last 15 years answering this question, culminating in her company #REALTALK, the mental health movement for the tech industry. Known as North America’s first and largest platform on Entrepreneurial Mental Health, she has worked with over 40,000 leaders in 27 industries, helping teams build a strong foundation of mental health across their organization.

In this keynote, Tan shares how leaders can utilize “real talk” (the art and science of tough conversations) to build a stronger and healthier workplace at all levels of an organization. In an era of remote work and also burnout, organizational performance comes down to the mental and emotional health of your employees.

This keynote is perfect for leaders and teams:

*Experiencing high levels of burnout, especially due to a post-pandemic, hybrid work, or recession context

*Facing employee turnover or absenteeism, leading to costly talent and HR practices

*Dealing with significant stress and change, causing a decrease in employee productivity or motivation

The audience will leave with:

*A shared and approachable language for talking about Workplace Mental Health

*A safe space that serves as a first step, so that organizations can build on this momentum

*A 3-step framework that will empower employees to manage and restore their workplace wellbeing

One Percent-Her: Lessons from a Fifth-Generation Entrepreneur 

What does it take to be in the top 1% of your field? As a Filipino-Chinese Canadian woman who carved her own path as a C-Suite executive, Cherry Rose Tan’s success as a Woman of Colour represents less than 1% of all tech founders. Her experience in competitive and male-dominated industries like tech and academia gives her unique insight on what it takes to excel.

Through her raw and inspiring journey from poverty to success, Tan offers a proven roadmap and strategies for every individual, especially the underrepresented, to become a “one percenter”- a powerhouse leader in their organization or industry. Grounded in real-life stories, she brings two decades of entrepreneurial experience, along with lessons learned from 140 years of entrepreneurship in her family.

This keynote is perfect for leaders and teams:

*Aware of the need to cultivate their organization’s future leaders

*Looking for examples of leadership and success from diverse and decolonized perspectives

*Desiring to be more inclusive and responsive to their employees, especially as they recruit and retain womxn and/or Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC)

The audience will leave with:

*A real-life perspective on what it takes to be a powerhouse leader and achieve career success

*An inspiring and welcoming way of weaving inclusive leadership into your organization

*The mindset and habits used by world-class founders and entrepreneurs to excel

Why You Need Cherry Rose

Fifth-generation entrepreneur Cherry Rose Tan is a General Partner at Renew Venture Capital, whose mission is to solve society’s biggest challenges by purposely renewing how we invest in and help build companies, all while leading with empathy. Alongside a talented team of ex-operators, she brings expertise in early-stage B2B SaaS, network effects, and regulated industries like fintech and healthtech.

With nearly two decades of experience in Tech, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, she has built a reputation as the First Mover in several industries, including crypto, edtech, and mental health. Tan served as Pre-Seed Investor of Paycase Financial, a Canadian blockchain pioneer that provides infrastructure and liquidity to global financial markets, where she and her brother worked on financial inclusion for the bottom billion.

Her previous company #REALTALK, the mental health movement for the tech industry, is known for being North America’s first and largest platform on Founder Mental Health. Specializing in working with high-net worth and C-Suite clientele, Tan grew the movement to 40,000 leaders and 70 national champions in four years, with a synonymous Top 14 Business podcast on iTunes as well.

As an Innovation & Mental Health Speaker, she works with organizations to ensure that leaders build the future of their organization, without burning out along the way. Tan is also the Entrepreneur in Residence at the Schulich School of Business, based in Canada’s third largest university, where she advises a global ecosystem of 245 startups and 3,000 members.

Her companies have been featured on Forbes, Inc., The Globe and Mail, CBC, Nasdaq, Reuters, and Insider for being disrupters in their industries. She also sits on the boards for Wellspring and the Canadian Mental Health Association.

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