Lauren Sergy

Collaborative Communication Expert & Author
Edmonton, Alberta

What Lauren is Passionate About

Secrets of Persuasion: How to Influence with Integrity 

A Holy Grail communication skill, persuasiveness is admired, desired, and sought out by individuals and organizations alike. But what makes someone truly persuasive, and how can we leverage persuasion while maintaining (or even improving) good relationships with those around us? In this practical and entertaining keynote, communication expert Lauren Sergy takes you through a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at what persuasion is and how it works. You’ll learn how to dial up your own persuasive skills so you can convince and compel with integrity and authenticity.

Collaborative Communication: Dialing Down Tension While Building Relationships Through How We Speak 

Description: Picture a meeting: a contentious issue is on the table, one on which there are a lot of strong opinions. People are talking – oh, they are talking. But the talking doesn’t seem to go anywhere except around in circles. It’s like they’re talking at one another instead of with one another.

It’s in these types of conversations that collaboration is both most necessary and most difficult. Collaboration isn’t about capitulation or compromise. It’s a relationship-driven approach to communication that places finding cooperative solutions ahead of everything else. It’s a willingness to let go of the need to win in favor of the need to make progress.

It’s also easier said than done – but that doesn’t mean it’s out of reach!

In this frank and entertaining session, Lauren Sergy demystifies the elements of collaborative communication and shows you how apply them in real life. You will learn techniques to develop the empathy necessary for collaboration while also learning subtle strategies that help you to guide and shape the conversation. You will discover ways to increase openness and trust, diffuse tension, and engage in communication that is clear, collaborative, and productive.

Communication @ Work: Corporate Connections and Relationships In The Hybrid Workplace 

Description: Whether you love or loathe virtual, the future of work communication is hybrid. Post-pandemic workspaces are re-tooling for both in-office and remote work arrangements. Customers and stakeholders expect virtual meetings to be a standard communication option. The tools and technology are getting cheaper and easier to use. Yet many of us continue to struggle with engaging with one another via webcam. Hybrid meetings feel siloed, real engagement and connection is difficult to foster, and everyone is still being treated to an A+ view of Bob’s nose hairs.

Conversing in videoconference is different from in-person interactions, and it gets even trickier when some people are in-person while others are on-screen. To thrive with communication in the new hybrid workplace, we need more than the latest virtual space or mini ring light. We need targeted communication skills and a fresh mindset regarding how we connect in the presence of the webcam. Interpersonal communication and public speaking expert Lauren Sergy will take you on an engaging deep-dive into how virtual affects some of our most basic communication behaviours. Discover what must be done to grow relationships, strengthen business culture, and sidestep burnout in our complex communication landscape.

Executive Presence: Developing and Leveraging the Language of Leadership 

Description: We can all picture them: that leader who draws people’s eyes the moment they walk into a room, who can fill a space with their voice even when they whisper, who can inspire confidence with a perfectly timed phrase.

They have it. They have Presence.

More than just “looking the part”, Presence is powerful communication strategy that leverages the way we speak, look, and behave to help others perceive us as competent and authoritative. A person with presence can more easily overcome doubts and reservations, foster trust, and consistently represent their personal and professional brand. But what exactly constitutes “executive presence” is difficult to pin down.

In this fascinating keynote, communication expert Lauren Sergy will take you on a dive into the markers of executive presence and the deep role they play in how you and your messages are received, perceived, and interpreted. You won’t just marvel at other people’s presence – you’ll understand how it works for them, and how you can make it work for you.

Why You Need Lauren

Lauren is a sought-after expert in the art of speaking and communication for leaders and working professionals. An experienced speaker, coach, and trainer, she has worked with audiences from Canada, the US, the UK, and beyond. Armed with a deep understanding and passion for the art, science, and alchemy of interpersonal communication and public speaking, she sheds light on difficult communication topics with refreshing energy, humor, and candor.

Her unique and strategic approach to communication and public speaking training draws from her professional and academic experience. This includes corporate communication, staff training, acting, radio, classical rhetoric, and performance arts. She holds a Masters of Library and Information Studies, a Bachelor of Arts in English, and a Certificate in Management Development.

Lauren has taught business communication at the University of Alberta and Concordia University of Edmonton. She’s been a guest expert on television and radio news programs in both Canada and the US. Her first book, The Handy Communication Answer Book, was featured on the Best Reference 2017 list by Library Journal. Her latest book, UNMUTE! How to Master Virtual Meetings and Reclaim Your Sanity, is available via online booksellers worldwide.

Lauren hails from Edmonton, Alberta, with her two energetic young children and her endlessly patient husband. When not waxing philosophical about communication, she blows off steam with karate practice and amateur mixology.

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Why You Will Love Lauren

Lauren Sergy has been a keynote speaker at two events that I have organized. We found her very engaging and enthusiastic! She connected with our group on a personal level, using real life examples and sharing little bits of herself while speaking. She had some wonderful ideas for topics and styles and she was very accommodating of our group’s needs. She delivers powerful presentations that always leave my groups wanting more. I can’t wait to see what she brings us next!

Mae Stewart, Operations Engineer
Government of Alberta

Lauren Sergy effectively and energetically impels leaders and professionals to approach communication in a more strategic and tactical way. Her presentations are an earnest and persuasive call to arms. There is no leader or professional that would not benefit from Lauren’s unique ability to make complex communication topics simple to understand and relevant to our professional lives. Lauren’s presentations will compel you to reflect on your own personal communication style and she is a catalyst for lasting positive change for many. Our organization would work with Lauren again in a heartbeat.

Kyle Attansio, Chief Administrative Officer
City of Kenora

I met Lauren at an event where she presented and I was so impressed with her energy, knowledge and how she engaged her audience that we booked her to speak at our all staff meeting. Lauren’s topic for our team was “ Collaborative Communication – Strategies for the Workplace…..and beyond” Lauren again brought the same energy and enthusiasm to our all our staff and we have heard great feedback from out team on her presentation. Lauren has great gifts that align well with our organization and she comes highly recommended.

Pete Peters, Director Member Experience
Christian Credit Union

Navigating the concepts of effective communication can be a challenge, but Lauren is a true master. From the first point of contact, she worked to understand our audience to tailor her message to make it relatable and relevant through her dynamic and engaging delivery. I would recommend Lauren for any client looking to walk away with practical tools that can be implemented easily.

Tasha Blumenthal, Director of External Relations & Advocacy
Rural Municipalities of Alberta

Lauren Sergy is the epitome of a professional speaker. I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with Lauren multiple times at events that I’ve produced, and each time proves her seamless expertise. Not only is her presence as a speaker the reason of our many collaborations, but her ability to garner information and write scrips and speaking points that are tailored to each event and comfortable for the client themselves. Lauren is a force that is memorable, and one that I will always work with.

Daniel Schieman, Founder & CEO
DASCH Productions.

Lauren was an excellent Maitre de cérémonie during our Annual Awards Banquet. She came very well prepared, and greatly improved on the summary notes we provided. The presentation of the many winners during the evening, in English and French, was done very professionally, with just the right dose of formality and humour. I also had the chance to discuss with Lauren before the event (online and on location), and greatly appreciated her commitment and level of preparation. Lauren is an excellent communicator, and her friendly personality facilitated our exchanges. I would highly recommend her for similar type of work in the future.

Michel Aubertin, Ph.D., FCAE, FEIC, FCSCE
Executive Director, The Canadian Geotechnical Society

  • “Absolutely fantastic speaker! Great tips and answered questions in a clear and concise manner” “Wow! Wish I had all this information for the past few years!!!”
  • “Best talk, very helpful”
  • “Epic presentation! Wish I had this going into 2020. But better late than never.”
  • “Riveting talk and so helpful to my future virtual patient interactions.”
  • “What a gifted communicator!!! Thank you! I learned so much!!!”
  • “Excellent keynote speaker. Very engaging, love the topic and excellent tangible recommendations.”
  • “Really engaging speaker!”
  • “What an amazing speaker!! So articulate!! And I 100% agree regarding background.”

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