Keith Ferrazzi

Change Management Leader, Behaviour Engineering Specialist, Keynote Speaker
Los Angeles, California

What Keith is Passionate About

Future of Work - Managing in a matrixed global organisation 

Organizations are under pressure – pressure to transform and perform in the new matrixed, global and virtual working world. The future of work won’t be driven by tech. It will be transformed by organizations who understand the leadership competencies required for the new work order. With years of experience, Keith Ferrazzi will show your organization how to build the teams and leaders of tomorrow.

Key takeaways:

Invigorated workforce that punches above its weight.

Deeper collaboration across departments and disciplines.

Greater accountability to each other for total team success.

Jump start your organizational culture change to one of exponential growth.

Organizations in Radical Transformation - Creating Sustainable Change by Making It Personal 

Statistically speaking, transformation success remains stuck at 30%. Keith’s long established practices around changing organizational behaviour will get you the rest of the way.

Each Challenge Talk is unique to its audience. ”Old way” behaviours are addressed, with audience members beginning their transformation immediately. These changes are supported by ongoing coaching and feedback so measurable results can be identified from the moment Keith leaves the stage.

Key takeaways:

Identify the behaviours that need to change within the organization.

Identify what “blockers” are hindering the “new way”.

Identify the enablers that will make your “new way” a reality.

Co-Elevation - Transforming the customer experience 

Our new radically interdependent world has transformed how organizations work with their customers. While sales teams have always understood the importance of relationship building, customer experience has become a prime motivating force in sales decision making. The critical attributes of a high-performing sales team now relies on its approach to transforming the customer experience through collaborative selling.

Key takeaways:

How to achieve constant sales growth with collaborative selling.

Understand how customer experience shapes the sales journey.

How to build a collaborative customer relationship that maximizes sales.

Grow large strategic accounts faster by aligning your sales ecosystem.

Unleashing Innovation & Agility - Breaking down organizational silos 

Large organizations are waking up to the idea that silos don’t work. When leaders and teams are required to work across departments, offices and even countries, cutting across silos and managing interdependencies is a critical skill. When deep internal relationships break down those silos, teams and leaders develop a culture of transparency and accountability that fosters innovation and promotes agility in thinking, processes and results.

Key takeaways:

How to engage teams and leaders in inter-organizational relationship building.

Why agility is a critical success factor for modern organizations.

Why silo-hopping transparency increases accountability and produces measurable results.

When collaboration creates success in interdependent teams.

Why You Need Keith

A charismatic and inspiring speaker, Keith Ferrazzi is also a renowned thought leader on change management and behaviour engineering, and is in constant demand as a coach to C-Suite executives at some of the world’s largest organizations.

By helping global organizations recognize and transform behaviours that block strategic goals, Keith Ferrazzi helps create new organizational habits which translate into increased value for both shareholders and the corporate bottom line.

This passion to understand human behaviour and find actions and practices to effect positive change led to the founding of the Greenlight Institute, a think tank dedicated to finding the keys to sustainable human behaviour change. Keith is also the founder and chairman of Ferrazzi Greenlight and the author of the NY Times bestsellers Who’s Got Your Back and Never Eat Alone and is regularly published in The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Inc., and Fast Company.

Keith’s keynotes go beyond the ordinary by tapping into the hearts and minds of attendees and challenging them to open up to one another. By connecting everyone in the room, Keith Ferrazzi facilitates the risk-taking and candor that pave the way to insight and actionable, sustained organizational change.

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Why You Will Love Keith

Keith has the rare gift of inspiring you to think deeper, dream bigger and, most importantly, bring more generosity to the people and communities that matter most to you. But it really is the way he does it—with extraordinary humanity, authenticity and the unexpected—that makes time with Keith almost always an experience you’ll remember.

Dean Carter
HR, Legal, Finance, Shared Services at Patagonia

I walked away yesterday with a new vigor. This was a real gift.

Mark Reuss
General Motors, North America

Keith Ferrazzi is that rare speaker who combines an infectious energy with inspiration and great stories to lift the audience. No matter how engaged people are when they enter the room, Keith grabs their attention immediately and takes them on a ride where they will leave wanting not only to transform their teams, but transform their lives to be more honest, open and of service to others. I always know we’ll have an amazing experience when Keith speaks.

Peter Diamandis
Founder & Executive Chairman of The XPRIZE Foundation

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