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Buhle Dlamini

Leadership, Diversity, Unleashing your Greatness!
Pictou, Nova Scotia

What Buhle is Passionate About

Unleashing Your Greatness 

In this inspirational most requested presentation, Buhle helps you to unleash your greatness by focusing on what sets you apart in a crowded marketplace. It will help you to discover how to stand out and reach your full potential as an individual, team or an organisation. Greatness is not only the reserve of a few; individuals and teams who focus on these keys can unleash their greatness. This is an entertaining and inspirational talk that will leave you completely motivated while giving you practical tools to be great!

Inspire your leaders and teams to find their distinction and use it for personal and team success.

•Set a higher standard for success and performance.
•Help you turn your values into behaviours that drive your culture.
•Equip you to cultivate an attitude that leads to success and growth.
•Give you the needed momentum to re-imagine the future.

Owning The Future - Tomorrow’s World Today 

The rules for success and failure are being rewritten, and there’s no “business as usual” anymore. This is true in every industry and every market. Smart leaders need to keep ahead of these changes by anticipating them, and developing a future-focused skill set. The most successful organizations are going to be those that build future thinking, adaptability and innovation into their very DNA. To do this, we need a new toolkit of skills for the leaders and their teams who are navigating exponential change.

•Identify the latest and most significant disruptors changing the world (constantly updated and customised for each client’s industry)
•Understand how these disruptors will impact your customers and staff
•Identify key mindset and behaviour changes required for success in a changing world
•Develop a plan to ensure their team is future-fit

Creating Inclusive Culture with Cultural Intelligence 

In today’s increasingly diverse global environment success is determined by your ability to lead across multiple generational and cultural worldviews.

This requires skills to navigate the complexity of a global marketplace while managing diversity within your organization in order to create inclusion. Cultural Intelligence or CQ is framework that leaders of global organizations are using to manage a diverse workforce, increase collaboration and innovation.

CQ predicts success in:

•Working effectively across cultures
•Managing across multi-cultural and multi-regional teams
•Selling to and connecting with diverse customers
•Attracting, retaining and developing diverse talent
•Driving innovation through diversity

In this interactive presentation, you will understand the impact of culture in choices that people make every day and the impact it has on how they work, buy and view leadership.

Why You Need Buhle

Buhle Dlamini is an international leadership consultant, motivational speaker and facilitator. Over the past 15 years he has addressed global audiences including executive leadership teams from major companies such as JP Morgan Chase, Unilever, Barclays Bank and Samsung. He has also addressed student groups at various institutions of higher learning, including Yale University in USA.

Buhle is originally from South Africa and weaves his background and personal story of triumph over struggle into all his presentations. His presentation style makes use of multimedia and humour which makes a lasting impression on his audiences. If you want to motivate and inspire your team or challenge leaders to take necessary steps to own the future and unleash their greatness then Buhle is the speaker for you. He will create an energetic and positive vibe for your event with his boundless stage presence and magnetic smile while capturing your undivided attention with his stories and strategies for personal and business success.

An excellent keynote presenter that can set the tone for any conference with his unforgettable humour, stories and impeccable business acumen. He has met and worked with leaders such as former SA president Nelson Mandela, received an award from ArchBishop Desmond Tutu for Nation Building and has won numerous entrepreneurship awards and he’s an author of 5 Books.

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Why You Will Love Buhle

Well…..Buhle was outstanding!  He was a delight to work with and just an engaging, inspiring, authentic individual which totally came through in his keynote. At the afternoon session, we had record attendance AND he received a standing ovation. One employee, who has attending this event for years, said he was the best speaker we’ve ever had. So, we are thrilled! Thank you LimeLight for your help in making this a truly successful employee event! I appreciate your responsiveness and attention to detail.

Suzanne Rider, HR Assistant - Learning & Development| Human Resources
City of Kitchener


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