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Giving Access to Your Audience

By Stephanie Purcell | Jul 7, 2015

I recently met Ian Cleary via one of my favorite speakers (I have a lot of favorites…don’t be jealous) Andrew Davis, who sent us an introductory email and thought we should connect about speaking. Ian lives in Dublin and travels the globe talking to a wide variety of audiences. You can learn more about Ian via his website Razor Social or via the Twitter Nation @IanCleary . You’ll see that Ian is an Award Winning Tech Blogger, Social Media Tools Guys, Contributor to Social Media Examiner and Professional Speaker.

I read this great article that Ian wrote: Your Next Speaking Engagement: 7 Secrets to Ensure Massive Success

My favorite secret is one I’ve seen many great speakers have a lot of success with. It was also #3, my favorite number!

“#3 Greet people at the door”

The idea of greeting people at the door isn’t only literal, it’s giving your audience access to YOU! Whether you’re greeting people at the door as they arrive at your presentation or saying thank you as they depart your session… kudos to Neville MacKay who gives his audience members a flower… you’re making them feel appreciated that they listened to your insight and expertise. I’ve seen speakers like Zac Crouse wait around the room until each person that feels a need to connect one on one with him, can, because he’s sparked something in them. Giving the audience your time, and waiting until they’ve had their chance to connect is a special touch. It breaks down that barrier of speaker and audience and you all become people with a shared interest. That’s what makes speakers like this more interesting. Giving access to your audience will keep them coming back for more.