Speaker Transportation

By Kimberley King

You’ve booked your speaker and your plans are all coming  together.

Only question now is– how is your speaker getting to the event? Booking a professional driver is almost always preferred. Sometimes a longer drive from an airport to the event destination can provide a great opportunity for meeting planners or company executives to connect with the speaker. But always check ahead with the speaker to ensure they are comfortable with this. Some speakers prefer to get work done along the way and catch up on phone calls, emails., family (and sometimes sleep!)   Travel is a hectic part of being a professional speaker- so consider this time as a part of their work day.  There can also be insurance implications when a committee member, company executive or volunteer is asked to drive a speaker. Leave this to the experts.

Speakers will want the drive to the event to be uneventful in order to mentally prepare themselves for their presentation whether it is hours away hours or the next day. When using a professional service you get just that… an experienced driver who knows the event city well and is reliable. A professional driver will also give the speaker the space they need, and will make them comfortable in every aspect.