Mike Lipkin

Motivation & Peak Performance Expert
Toronto, Ontario

What Mike is Passionate About

How to be Always New, Especially When You're Not New 

Where are you in the ageing cycle? Are you new? Are you about to be horribly surprised? Or are you already playing catch-up? Wherever you are, it¹s time to practice self-rejuvenation as though your life depends on it because it does.

Living Large – How to Profit from the Boom in Boomers 

Lipkin’s collection of trends and insights will be invaluable to marketers, policy makers, human resource professionals and anyone else seeking to understand where Baby Boomers—and the rest of us—are headed in the years to come.

Star Power 

How to be unstoppable through The Nine Star Social Values – 2015 will be a year of change and instability. It will also be a year of opportunity and reconstruction. It will surprise and shock us, while it thrills and delights us. Every day will test our resolve and resourcefulness. Almost all of us will survive it in one way or another. But only a few of us will thrive.

This Changes Everything – The Ten New Rules Of Sales & Marketing 

The best sales champions understand that success comes down to three questions: What is really going on? What is really going to happen? And what should their customers do about it? They are winning because they understand the core drivers of change and they play by them.

Keeper of The Flame – How to Inspire Others on the Cusp of Change 

“I know what you want. It’s what I want. It’s what we all want. To Thrive. On The Cusp. That’s what this program is about: Thriving On The Cusp, with a passion that helps others do the same.”

The Checklist of Champions How to play at your best so you become the best Champions are people who win 

They prove they are best of breed. They do the right things right and they don’t get the wrong things wrong.

They are inspired by their cause and they are disciplined to defend it. Champions are gifted but they are also worthy of their gifts. They know what to do and they do what they know. They plan their execution and they execute their plan. They dream but they don’t daydream. Champions talk the talk and they walk the walk. Their words inspire action. Every hour, every day, every week, every month, every year, champions do what needs to be done. No alibis allowed, no excuses permitted, no easy ways out. Champions become the standard by holding themselves to a higher standard. It’s simple but it’s not easy. Like trains have a track, Champions have a checklist. It focuses them while it sets them free. It’s a way of being and doing at the same time. Mike Lipkin calls himself “The Championator.” He studies Champions for a living. He lives with them. He works with them. He coaches them. His mission is to literally turn people into Champions. He helps them perform at their best to become the best. In this remarkable program, Lipkin will share the Checklist of Champions with you.

You will learn:

-How to identify as a Champion

-How to dream like a Champion

-How to plan like a Champion

-How to feel like a Champion

-How to play like a Champion

You may be one move away from being a Champion, or you may have miles to go. Mike Lipkin will give you the Checklist of Champions that will help you get there faster. One thing is for certain, if you want to win, this message is for you. Mike Lipkin is the founder and CEO of Environics/Lipkin, one of Canada’s leading research and motivation companies. In line with his philosophy that life is theatre with consequences, he entertains his audience while he informs and inspires them. He also customizes his program to the specific challenges facing each audience.


Winning Through The Preeminent Customer Experience The choice to act is a partnership between emotions and reason 

The heart rules, especially when the options are so similar in form and function. But the head always has the final power of veto. It’s the E-Rationale principle of Buying Behaviour. Emotion is the call to action, Reason decides to heed the call or not. Both sides of the partnership must be satisfied. Excellence is the price of entry. Being outstanding merely keeps one in the game. Being perceived as preeminent wins the game – that’s when one is perceived as the benchmark by which all others are judged. The experience is at the core of success. It’s the central part of preeminence. It’s the customer’s personal connection with the brand’s meaning and distinctiveness. In this fascinating program, Mike Lipkin draws on the celebrated Environics Social Values Research and his contact with over a million people in 43 countries. He illustrates his insights with iconic examples of preeminent customer experiences based on exhaustive research. Delegates will learn The Ten Hallmarks of a Preeminent Customer Experience – what they are, why they matter and how they are executed at the highest level. As importantly, they will love the experience. In line with his philosophy that life is theatre with consequences, Mike entertains while he educates. Laughter is the soundtrack to all his seminars.

Why You Need Mike

Mike Lipkin is a Toronto-based speaker, author, motivator and persuasion coach who has worked in twenty-two countries with over 1,000,000 people. He is also the President of Environics/Lipkin, the specialist motivation and persuasion company in the Environics Research Group, one of Canada’s largest and most sophisticated research houses.

Born in the UK and raised in South Africa, Mike immigrated to Toronto in 1987. By combining Environics’ Social Values Research with his personal expertise and experience, he provides people with the confidence and insights to connect with others at the deepest level. Mike makes the complex simple. He helps people “get it” immediately. His mission is to help people play big so they can expand their capacity to produce remarkable results.

Mike has also authored the following best-selling books: Your Personal Best: The 12 Personal Best Practices to Help You Live at Your Highest Level (2002), and Luck Favours the Brave: How the Five Social SuperTrends can make you very, very successful (2003), and On Fire: The Art of Personal Consistency (2004), Keeper of The Flame: How to Inspire Others on the Cusp of Change (2006) and his newest book – One Life, One Meeting, How To Build Preeminence One Conversation At A Time.

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Why You Will Love Mike

“I’ve never seen (our delegates) give anyone a standing ovation until they gave one to you! Your energy, your humor and your pearls of wisdom were all so valued. You left us feeling better for having interacted with you. Very generous, gracious and motivating!”

General Mills

“This was the first time I had seen Mike Lipkin live and he did not disappoint! Mike had our group of 400+ sales and marketing team on the edge of our seats and waiting for his next brilliant and funny Lipkinism! Not only did he motivate and enlighten our group, he was also very accessible for a one on one discussion after his sessions were complete. Truly an inspiring individual! Well done! Here is the line (low line visual) and this is where we play (way above that line)!”

Bell Aliant

“Thank you most sincerely for making our day absolutely outstanding yesterday. You were a major WOW factor for all!”

South West CCAC

“Just a quick note to say thanks again for the outstanding and inspirational messages you provided our Team yesterday. After you left, many people came and thanked me for bringing you in to speak to us – both first and second timers. You will be gratified to know that several people that saw, and enjoyed, your presentation last year, stated that they thought you were even better this year, and that they took away more value and insight on how to become the growth generator we are counting on them to be.”

GE Infrastructure

“You were awesome. I loved the way you always exceed our high expectations. You inspired the sales force and you left them focused and fascinated.”

Pfizer US


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