Ramy Nassar

Keynote Speaker and Workshop Leader - AI + Emerging Technology
Toronto, ON

What Ramy is Passionate About

Strategic Foresight Keynote 

Business leaders must find new ways forward in the face of uncertainty, adapting to changing regulatory environments, a reimagining of the future of work, emerging technology, and ever-evolving customer expectations. Strategic Foresight provides a practical, scalable toolkit for analyzing current developments and anticipating their broader impacts to your organization or strategy. Applying a Foresight Mindset ™ empowers your teams & leaders to manage & mitigate risk and confidently make decisions in dynamic and highly uncertain environments.

Ramy Nassar is an author and award-winning keynote speaker & facilitator who helps organizations leverage the transformative power of Strategic Foresight.

Sample Keynote: Futureproof Your Organization with a Foresight Mindset

Organizations today are facing threats from more sources than ever. Strategic Foresight is a structured and scalable approach to uncover the signals, trends, and forces that will disrupt your business – whether positively or negatively. The Foresight Mindset ™ enables organizations to become more resilient to disruption and empowers leaders to think strategically about initiatives and investments that will drive growth.

In this presentation, participants will learn specific approaches and practical tools for Strategic Foresight that will empower them to confidently make decisions in an increasingly uncertain world.

Leveraging a Foresight Mindset ™ can unlock opportunities to accelerate growth, mitigate risk, and discover new value propositions that Futureproof the organization for the years to come.

AI + Emerging Technology Keynote 


Artificial Intelligence is by no means new but there has been a recent shift – taking AI out of the lab and into meaningful business applications that drive growth, customer success, and new value propositions.

We are at the cusp of a global transformation that reframes how organizations leverage emerging technology. Deep learning, advanced analytics, and conversational tools like ChatGPT are driving the next wave of technology disruption and the organizations that embrace these tools will be better positioned to outpace and outperform their competitors.

Ramy Nassar is an author and award-winning keynote speaker & facilitator who helps organizations leverage the transformative power of AI + Emerging Technology.

Sample Keynote: Harnessing the Power of AI & ChatGPT to Drive Digital Transformation

As emerging technologies continue to transform organizations, businesses must constantly adapt and innovate to stay ahead of the curve. Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT, a cutting-edge language model, have emerged as powerful tools to drive digital transformation across industries. This keynote presentation explores the potential of AI and ChatGPT in automating business processes, enhancing customer experiences, and driving strategic growth.

The presentation will touch upon the human implications of leveraging AI within organizations and the importance of considering potential risks, such as data bias, when working with these technologies.

With hands-on examples, case studies, and best practices, participants will leave feeling inspired and equipped to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of AI, machine learning, and ChatGPT.

AI + Emerging Technology Strategy Workshop 

Helping leaders embrace AI & think strategically about human + business implications

AI and machine learning are rapidly transforming virtually every industry – but it’s the organizations that can rapidly educate and inspire their workforce that will gain the most from this disruptive technology. This 3-part workshop series introduces participants to the foundations of AI + Emerging Technology, role-specific use cases, and best practices to help drive initiatives & investments forward within the organization.

AI Foundations

The kickoff introduces AI and machine learning fundamentals to ensure that all participants share a common understanding regardless of previous expertise. The workshop is fun, interactive, and challenges learners to think critically about how AI can be adopted across different functions using a shared language & lens.

AI Solutions & Use Cases

In this session, participants are introduced to practical tools & methods to ideate new AI solutions and strategies, building on the framework established in the kickoff. Through interactive exercises and roundtable discussions, learners will explore solutions & use cases that are relevant to their domain and think critically about maximizing business value.

AI Leadership & Ethics

In the final workshop, we introduce how bias can negatively impact AI & ML algorithms and the potential consequences of bias amplification. Participants will be introduced to best practices for articulating ROI & business cases for AI investments to help them gain executive level support for technology innovation.

Why You Need Ramy

Ramy Nassar (he/him) is the founder of 1000 Days Out and author of the upcoming AI Product Design Handbook. With nearly 25 years experience in technology and as former Head of Innovation for Mattel, he leads presentations and workshops focused on disruption and strategic foresight with organizations around the world. Ramy has led strategic foresight & planning initiatives with organizations including TD Bank, Rio Tinto, Genome Canada, Interac, Apple, Air Canada, Facebook, New Balance, Telus, CIBC, and the Federal Government of Canada.

Ramy teaches Design Thinking at McMaster University and in the Master’s of Engineering, Innovation & Entrepreneurship program at Toronto Metropolitan University. Ramy is an award-winning speaker & facilitator at international events including World Usability Congress, IxDA, FITC, AI Everything, AI Business Summit, and World Mobile Congress. He is fluent in English, French, and German.

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Why You Will Love Ramy

Ramy’s approach to introducing the complex topic of Generative AI helped our team better understand where key business opportunities for this technology exist and gave us the tools to build our own internal AI investment strategy and roadmap.

Thomas Anderson

Ramy did a fantastic job at listening to our goals and objectives regarding his keynote presentation. We had a very specific audience he would be speaking to, and he targeted his presentation perfectly to what our audience would be most interested in hearing about.

Nicole Carvalho
Ingram Micro

Ramy’s energy & expertise when it comes to the role of emerging technology are unrivaled. He brought a passion & enthusiasm to my team that helped drive us to new heights in terms of data-driven digital transformation.

Rob Fodor
Chief Data Officer, Interac

This presentation was the first one that really helped our executive team understand how we drive AI initiatives forward and build the right metrics into our strategic technology
roadmap. The outcomes will directly and positively impact the ROI of our investments into AI.

Robert Bricker
TD Bank

The workshop was actually fun. The hands-on exercises helped our team think critically about how we’d apply the theory to build better solutions for our customers. We covered what felt like a week’s worth of learning in 2 days.

Thomas Gilles

The presentation completely transformed how our leadership team thinks about strategic planning. Ramy has a unique ability to uncover how the trends of today will shape the business environment of tomorrow. The framework he introduced helped us uncover specific ROI-driving opportunities to fine tune our strategy.

Erica Sweeney
New Balance

Ramy has a unique approach to presenting AI & emerging technologies that combines deep understanding of the topic with an undeniable enthusiasm that engages the audience in a meaningful and personal way.

Monica Radulescu

Your session your session on Strategic Foresight for Planners: Anticipating, Exploring and Shaping Our Shared Future straight out blew my mind!

Kim Statham, Director
Urban Forestry, City of Toronto


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