Song Co-Lab Team Building Workshop

The Power of Music in Team Building | Interactive Workshop
Toronto, ON

Why You Need Song Co-Lab Team Building Workshop & Keynote

Experience the power of music with Song Co-Lab! Here’s how our unique team-building process works:

  • We come to you, whether that’s on-site at your office or off-site in one of our professional studios.
  • Your team can select specific styles or artists to emulate in your song, tailoring the experience to your team’s musical preferences.
  • Our professional songwriters guide your team in crafting a meaningful message for your song.
  • Together, you’ll brainstorm storylines, titles, keywords, and eventually, the full lyrics.
  • Our facilitator, accompanied by a keyboard or guitar, helps shape the musical elements of your song.
  • In just 90 minutes, your team will have a complete song that can besung together with our facilitator and accompanist.

But the experience doesn’t stop there. We offer professional recordings of your team’s song that can be shared in a short Zoom/Teams meeting. Alternatively, the Song Co-Lab band can perform your song at your next all-hands meeting, conference, or gala. With Song Co-Lab, your team doesn’t just build a song – they build an unforgettable experience.

We offer a unique and memorable team-building experience that not only strengthens relationships within your team but also aligns everyone with your company’s objectives, mission, and culture. With the help of Canada’s top songwriters and producers, your team will create a chart-topping hit that embodies your company’s spirit. But we don’t stop there. Our workshops can be integrated with live events, giving your team the opportunity to present and perform their songs, backed by a live band. This isn’t just a workshop; it’s a chance to make lasting memories, create a memento that will resonate with your team for years to come, and add a thrilling highlight to your next corporate event.

Here’s what you can expect with Song Co-Lab:

*Collaborative songwriting workshops led by industry-leading songwriters and producers.
*Interactive keynote sessions that engage large audiences in real-time song creation.
*A unique team building experience that fosters unity, enhances communication, and stimulates creativity.

Add a Keynote to your Song Co-Lab experience.

Experience the power of collective creativity with our “Storytelling Keynote”! Here’s how it works:

  • Juno Award-nominated artist/songwriter Barbra Lica kicks off the session with a talk on storytelling, accompanied by a live band onstage.
  • Using QR technology, the audience votes on the style/genre of the song they want to create.
  • Attendees then submit their ideas, lyrics, phrases, and keywords via the same QR code. These submissions are displayed on a screen on stage.
  • Barbra reviews the ideas live on stage, composing a song on the spot using the audience’s feedback.
  • By the end of the 90-minute session, the audience has collectively written a company anthem.
  • To cap off the experience, Barbra and her band perform the newly created song live.

This interactive keynote session merges storytelling with a “choose your own adventure” experience, resulting in a unique company anthem created in real time.

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