Christina Martin

International Singer Songwriter
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Why You Need Christina

Christina Martin is a powerhouse musician, songsmith, and performer hailing from the windswept East Coast of Canada. Her music dances effortlessly through Pop, Rock, Folk and Americana traditions but stays deftly unchained by any one label, refusing to be pigeon-holed and unafraid to dip into stranger waters. From her Austin-inflected 2002 debut Pretty Things, through more rousing rocky climbs such as 2015’s It’ll Be Alright, to the sweeping cinematic dreamscape of 2018’s Impossible to Hold, Martin is an artist who is constantly shifting, and constantly evolving. Through it all runs a backbone of raw honesty about the human condition. Be they personal confessions or narrative tales, each song is lovingly crafted, and hits in the heart like a well-thrown punch. With seven studio albums, two live albums, a string of high-profile performances as long as an elephant’s memory and a reputation for transformative liveshows, Christina Martin is a woman on fire.

With a brand new album on the way, promising to be more sweeping and orchestral than ever before, Christina Martin is going from strength to strength. It’s a fine thing to be a lyrical troubadour with honest lyrics that cut like a razor, and it’s a fine thing to be a performer who can make hips shake and tears flow at the drop of a casual chord. But to hold both in the palm of your hand, as Martin does with such grace, is downright remarkable. Resolute, raw, and infinitely listenable, Christina Martin is like the wind. Her music can be gentle as a kiss upon your cheek, but if you’re caught off guard it can carry you away, and has the power behind it to blow your house down.

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Why You Will Love Christina

I adore Martin’s trembling vibrato and rough tough rocker sensibility, a modern feisty Joan Jett, she looks cool, acts cool, sings cool- a proper rockstar.

Rudie Humphrey
Americana UK

Everything she does is just so good, and if it’s possible, it just keeps getting better….I kind of envision Christina, as a female Roy Orbison meets Chrissie Hynde from The Pretenders… all that power and the passion.

Jeff Liberty
CBC Saint John Info Morning Radio

Nova Scotian artist Christina Martin pops up from time-to-time just to remind me (and others, I assume) just what an arresting and emotive artist she is.

Listen With Monger

Sleeping With a Stranger is an original, breathtaking experience that’ll take you on an acoustic ride with Christina Martin’s lovely voice. If you want to escape the summer heat, try Sleeping With A Stranger.

Jason Rankin
Windsor Lance

Thank you very much for coming here to Yarmouth and providing us with such a great evening of entertainment. Everyone enjoyed the show very much which is no surprise as your style and musicality are so nice to be exposed to. Good luck to you and Dale as you travel to your shows, and all the best. I hope we can have you back here once again.

Kim Anderson
Minor Music

“I had heard Christina’s music both on CBC and online, although I had not seen her live prior to performing at the inaugural Bear Falls Music Festival. My expectations were very high, and she absolutely blew them away! She was fantastic, ever more talented than I expected. Her presence was really powerful, she involved the crowd with her amazing real life stories and humour, and her voice/songs were simply amazing. I also loved her poetry reading, and her kindness and ‘down to earth’ personalilty we wonderful. If it sounds like i’m gushing, well, I am. I’m known as someone who speaks his mind, and Christina was absolutely extraordinary. I’m very hopeful she’ll partipate in our little Bear Falls Music Fest next year!”

Carl Shannon
Bear Falls Wilderness Campground, Bear Falls Music Festival 2011

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