Tony Chapman

Conference Host, Keynote Speaker, Moderator and Facilitator

What Tony is Passionate About

Stop Telling Your Story. Become Part of Mine How to get the attention of the people that matter most to you. 

Attention is the oxygen of endeavor, yet many ideas, brands, people and even Leaders struggle to be heard.  Why?  There is ‘too much and too many’ chasing a finite amount of time, and personal devices and social media are commanding more and more of it.

In Stop Telling Your Story, Become Part of Mine, Tony Chapman will show how to get the attention of those who matter most to you.  Learn the secrets of master storytellers, but with a twist that both engages and persuades the ‘head, heart and hands’ of your employees, peers, customers and key influencers.


The Place to Be. How to pivot to the heart of your matter. 

Great location, positioning, and choice were the critical traffic and sales drivers for retailers, hospitality and tourism. These advantages have all been surrendered to e-commerce which puts the entire world within arms’ reach of desire.  Even tourism is threatened by virtual reality and technology will get faster, delivery times will continue to compress, and data will enable hyper-personalization.

So how do you compete?  You get to the heart of your matter.

Humans are social creatures.  We like to see and be seen, to treasure hunt, be surprised and delighted, to have our senses ignited, and live experiences that in turn feed our social media.

Machines don’t have a heart.  Retailers, tourism and hospitality, must pivot from a place to buy or visit to The Place to Be where emotions beat, and eyes shine.

Tony Chapman spent 30 years developing successful strategies and tactics for leading retailers and brands.  In his Keynote, packed with insights and ideas tailored to your brand and business, he will show you how to unlock your Be’s. Be personal. Be remarkable. Be Unique.  Be You.


A Brand New World Make things Happen versus Wonder What Happened. 

Tony Chapman premiered his new Keynote at Google’s Think 2018 Conference.  Drawing upon the last five years, where he has delivered keynotes in China, Brazil, Spain, Poland, Scotland and across North America, and his work on television and radio, he offers the following point of view on the future.

Tony outlines the critical forces of change that are rendering much of what we know about leading businesses and societies obsolete.   He concludes that there is no middle ground or status quo, and if anything a growing divide between those who are making things happen and those wondering what happened.

Tony then shifts his talk to your business and illustrates why it will continuously be challenged to do More with Less.  To be faster at responding to customer needs, better at commercialization and leaner to enjoy a time and cost advantage.

Tony contends that the only path forward is to attract, build and keep a diverse talent base that is capable and motivated of keeping pace. Tony shares why he feels that the lifeblood of culture is for Leaders and Organizations to have a higher purpose than mere profit.  To embrace values that show true consideration and care for all stakeholders – employees, customers, and the community at large.


Only then, in this Brand New World, can you make things happen.


Why You Need Tony

The media has labelled Tony Chapman a Branding Guru and Master Strategist.  Audiences consistently rank him 9+ and describe his talks as highly relevant, provocative, engaging, and electrifying.

Tony is one of the youngest members to be inducted into the Marketing Hall of Legends, a testament to a career where he founded, built and sold two internationally renowned communications agencies and a research firm.  Two international documentaries and two national one’s feature his approach to consumer engagement.

You might recognize Tony as a Judge on Food Networks Recipe to Riches, as the Host of the Nissan Innovation Channel on CITY TV or his weekly segments on Bloomberg BNN, Global Television and Bell Radio.

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