Stuart Knight

Entrepreneur and Powerful Conversation Specialist
New York, New York

What Stuart is Passionate About

The Art Of Powerful Conversation 

Having employees who possess the ability to connect with co-workers, customers, clients, service providers and administrators is key to any organization’s success. Every interaction we have with another human being is an opportunity to build trust with those that matter and dramatically increase the productivity of the team as a whole. Although texting, faxing and emailing are part of any business, nothing beats the positive results one receives by connecting face to face and voice to voice.

The Art of Powerful Conversation teaches your team how to infuse the “human factor” into their important business activities. Whether it’s selling a product or rallying colleagues behind a new concept, people are influenced by those they can relate to and understand. The Art of Powerful Conversation will give your team the skills they need to create relationships with those that impact your bottom line. If your company truly values its people, then stand behind that mission statement and create a corporate culture that is seen in action.


Anyone can talk business. When was the last time you talked life? How do you feel when the guy behind the counter remembers your name? Why do people work hard for some managers and not others? Do your clients look forward to seeing you? What do you know about your customers that your competition doesn’t? Do you see them? They’re everywhere. That’s right, they are called people and if you don’t really know them, you’re just another company trying to survive.

(Offered as a keynote or workshop)



Do you know why some companies are more successful than others? Here’s a hint. It has nothing to do with their people waking up earlier, working harder or having prestigious degrees. They simply make five decisions every single day. Do you know what they are? Don’t worry, Stuart Knight does, and he’ll inspire you to make them. Warning: This will lead you to greater success.

(Offered as a keynote or workshop)

Why You Need Stuart

Stuart Knight is an award winning entrepreneur, critically acclaimed author and one of the world’s most prolific speakers. With over twenty years of business experience, Stuart has spoken to over one million people.  You may have seen or heard him on Canada’s biggest radio and television shows where he is often asked for his expert opinion on reaching high levels of success.

Stuart Knight is a graduate from the School of Business and Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University. Sixteen years ago he thought teenagers were getting the wrong advice, so he wrote a show for them that ended up touring nationally with Coca Cola. Ten years ago he didn’t know how to play an instrument, so using computer software he wrote two musicals that sold out to thousands of people across Toronto. Four years ago he noticed too many people having predictable conversations, which led him to write a critically acclaimed book teaching people how to create powerful connections. Two years ago he was dared to pitch a new business idea on TV and the idea is now about to become the world’s biggest speaking event. And when he wasn’t doing that, he stood on stage speaking to people about being their best.

Each year he speaks nationally helping some of Canada’s biggest companies reach new levels of success. He has also written songs that have been heard around the world and commercials that have been seen nationally. He launched the Top Ten Event, which has raised thousands of dollars for charities in need and garnered almost 20 million media impressions. He is the author of the exciting book entitled You Should Have Asked, the Art of Powerful Conversation and is currently finishing his second book, which will be hitting the market soon!

As a renegade visionary, Stuart Knight has taken gut wrenching risks and came out on top. Today, with hilarious stories and thought provoking insights, he shares the lessons he has learned helping people reach goals they never imagined they could attain.

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Why You Will Love Stuart

“We just had Stuart Knight as our opening keynote for a leadership retreat and he was the highlight of the conference. The audience loved his high energy, humour and relevant messages that they use every day in their businesses. He was a joy to work with and took the time to make the talk personalized to our industry. I would recommend Stuart to any organization ready to teach their team to how to build better relationships!”

Trudi Charest
Director of Events, Eye Recommend

“Thank you for your presentation at today’s conference. It was great to hear your thoughts and insight on how to make conversations more powerful.”

Karen Craib
Scotland Tourism

“Stuart was not only superb, but his message was absolutely “powerful” and his sense of humour was great. Stuart was able to reach out to a group that was diverse in both background and responsibilities and did so in a manner in which everyone was able to connect to what he was saying!”

Terry Villella
CFO, Mackenzie Health

“Stuart was such a hit at our Conference that we made it a priority to have him back for a Province wide tour. Four Conversations For Success is not only upbeat and informative, but we consider it as a “must attend” presentation for our members.”

Randy Carroll
Chief Executive Officer, Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario

“Stuart Knight has an uncanny ability to connect with his audience. At one moment you are laughing hysterically, and the next moment you are on the edge of your seat as he shares profound insights into the world we live in.”

Graham Chrystman
Director, Sun Microsystems

“My executive team was very happy, and Stuart received rave reviews. Many people continued discussing your message during dinners and throughout the conference. Our other presenters and vice presidents decided to incorporate your message into their presentations as well.”

Kamal Dhamrat
Marketing, Global Transaction Services, Citi

“He is truly one of the best speakers I have ever heard. He is very funny and engaging and your team will benefit immensely from hearing him speak.”

Raj Babber
President, Independent Mortgage Brokers Association

“Thank you for coordinating our keynote address featuring Stuart Knight. In alignment with our theme of engagement, Stuart delivered a memorable message about the art of powerful conversation. His ability to connect with our audience through humour and thought-provoking insights was among the highlights for many in our group. Over the span of just a few hours, Stuart orchestrated over 700 conversations among members representing various offices, practices, and levels of seniority – uniting us all in the realization that we have more commonalities than differences. His words remind us to find the courage to ask the big questions and step outside our comfort zones – something that serves us well on both a professional and personal level. We warmly thank LimeLight, and Stuart, for empowering us to take our business to the next level by building powerful relationships.”

Sandra Goodwin
McInnes Cooper

“Stuart was THE BEST WE HAVE EVER HAD. You never fail me!!!!! Everyone raved about him!”

Maggie Morrison
York Municipality

“Stuart was great! Our group had very positive comments about him. He was very funny and we found his topic educational and inspiring as well. We hope you will let him know how much we enjoyed his presentation.”

Anna Yurchenko
Finance Department, York Municipality

Stuart was awesome – what a valuable, relevant-to-everybody speaker!  The tips and tools he shared made an immediate impact on all those in attendance and many people shared in the days following just how much their conversations improved because of Stuart’s session.  His energy, professionalism and humour was so engaging; he was a highlight of our 2023 conference and one of our favorite keynote speakers to date.

Stephanie Hamel
Head of Inside Sales for Life & Living Benefits, Manulife


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