Steve Armstrong

Professional Speaker, Educator & Consultant
Calgary, Alberta

What Steve is Passionate About


How you take Steve’s lessons from combat & disaster and apply them today to become a better leader.

For most people, leadership is not a natural talent – it is a learned art. Leader, author, and speaker, Steve Armstrong reveals practical, hands-on leadership advice and skills learned as a soldier and humanitarian. Steve’s presentation is rich with stories and examples from the front lines of combat, disaster relief, and leading a major not-for-profit society.

Key lessons:

-How to apply moral courage

-People are silently begging to be led – So Lead

-Practical skills for surviving complex project management


Leadership for Left-Brainers

His experience leading people and applying Project Management tools while humanity was at its best – or worst  – provides the backdrop for his powerful workshop message on Project Management.

Discover these learning outcomes:

-How to ensure everyone knows how they fit into the mission;

-How to apply proven Project Management skills to the most complex situations;

-How to succeed by delegating responsibility with requisite authority; and

-Problem Solve when there is no time

Personal Leadership through Moral Courage 

Courage in leadership is doing what is right, despite being afraid or risking negative repercussions.  Fear is the most common reason that people give when they avoid being courageous.  Think about how you feel when you watch a leader who demonstrates personal courage.  Most likely, you will trust that leader more. Discover the learning outcomes that apply to Courageous Leadership Behaviours in every setting:

-Moral courage & humility

-Allowing alternative & opposing viewpoints

-Speaking up

-Leading through change

-Taking ownership

Why You Need Steve

Expert on the subject of the art and craft of leadership

Steve is a Calgary based speaker and expert at developing followers into leaders and building dedicated, and remarkable teams. Through the lessons learned from 35 years as a leader, soldier, and humanitarian Steve has honed his insights and leadership skills and his unique ability to inspire and teach others to lead.

He is one of only a handful of people in Canada who has planned and managed the relief & recovery responses and maintained complex business continuity function for the following:

  • The 2013 Alberta Floods,
  • The 2011 Slave Lake Fires,
  • 2004 Tsunami, SARS,
  • The 2003 Blackout,
  • The 2003 British Columbia firestorms,
  • Sept 11 Terrorist Attacks
  • Leading soldiers in military operations;

Steve has Masters Degree in Public Policy & Management and lives in Calgary with his patient and understanding wife Debra.

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Why You Will Love Steve

“Great speaker with insightful stories … that make will you a better leader” 

Moses Jerao
Deposit Guarantee Corporation of Manitoba

“Steve gave me the tools to strive to support my team

Christina Helfstein
University of Calgary

“It was well thought-out and well-presented piece on a topic which most organizations and people find baffling.”

Judy Hansen
Forward Energy

“Steve reminded me that as a leader I have know that I can’t dither, make have to make decisions and keep moving forward”

Lindsey Heighington
University of Calgary, School of Public Policy

“… this was the best conference workshops ever” 

Karen Harber
MCW/AGE Power Consultants


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