Stephanie Staples

Employee-Wellness & Workplace-Health Services Specialist
Sidney, British Columbia

What Stephanie is Passionate About

Revitalize Your Work & Life 

If you have ever been tired, overwhelmed, or stressed and it’s not even lunchtime yet, you will need to hear this program. Journey on this high-energy, no holds barred presentation as Steph peels the layers back and exposes not only what you need to do to achieve uncommon success in your life and livelihood, but how to do it!

Participants will:

-Learn 5 ‘A’ Principles for a life of success & significance

-Gain ideas for improving relationships, managing stress, and improving work-life balance

-Discover 2 techniques to apply to virtually any situation to make self-care achievable

Reclaim Your L.I.F.E! 

You know need to be your best outside of your workplace to bring your best inside your workplace.

Despite the lack of time, motivation, energy and/or resources you absolutely can, should & deserve to reclaim your life!

Come prepared to take notes and gather actionable strategies to increase the Love, Inspiration, Fun, and Energy that you need to raise your quality of life. You will leave refreshed, reenergized, and equipped with an array of unique tools to top up your resiliency toolkit! If competing priorities are stopping you from loving the life you are living right now, this program will help!

Participants will:

-Learn the N.A.P. strategy for emotional wellness

-Understand how the Kaizen + Cue principal can improve their quality of life

-Discover actionable ideas for improved relationships, resiliency & revitalization


Are you tired of the status quo? Have you been searching for inspiration, innovation, and insights but don’t know where to find them?

Put the idea bank to work for you and hold on to your chair for a mind shift that can help you make the next 12 months the happiest, healthy, and most proactive of your life.

Choose this session if you want your peeps to:

-Learn to get unstuck from non-productive situations

-Generate personalized, pro-active, actionable plans to overcome issues, challenges, and struggles

-Adopt an attitude that will serve to create more opportunities than they ever thought possible.

Inspired Leadership 

Have you been searching for inspiration to lead, but don’t know where to find it?

Do you have relationships you would like to improve personally and/or collegially?

Would having a more engaged, pro-active and positive culture impact your life?

You will find answers, insight and inspiration in this Keynote that will take your leadership level into a whole different sphere. Make the world a better place, get concrete ideas to grow yourself personally and professionally and learn how to take relationships, personal growth and gratitude to the next level in this is uplifting, fun and game changing program. Your heart will be full and your mind will be racing with actionable ideas to implement immediately.

You may never be the same.

Insert Your Custom Program here! 

What’s your conference theme? What message do you want your participants to walk away with? I create custom tributes to help the delegates feel valued and appreciated. Let’s talk and create a one-of -a-kind program that will wow them from start to finish!

Why You Need Stephanie

Steph is a reWired nurse who has keynoted from the Mayo Clinic to the Middle East delivering programs proven to increase feelings of hope, happiness, empowerment and ability to apply actionable positive change for busy  professionals.

As a multi-titled author and a background in healthcare, journalism, fitness and communications, Steph has tools to share that will positively impact your life and work.

Buckle up for an unforgettable learning adventure that will be anything but boring as I turn audience members into active participants, whether we are in-person, hybrid or remote. Prepare to laugh, be warned you may even cry and take notes because you will definitely take away easily actionable tools that you can apply immediately to improve your quality of life both personally and professionally!

Here’s a bit about me:

  • Certified Speaking Professional (the highest earned speaking designation, globally)
  • Spoken from the Mayo Clinic to the Middle East
  • 800+ programs delivered worldwide
  • Virtual, hybrid, and in-person presenter
  • Multi-titled non-fiction author (plus 1 kid’s picture book & music video and 1 secret fiction book – shhh)
  • Musician, song writer and Slam Poet (don’t be too impressed, I’m not that good!)
  • 250+ recommendations on LinkedIn
  • Last-placed triathlete (and proud of it!)


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Why You Will Love Stephanie

She is a LIFE-CHANGER…She gave me so many nuggets that I can use in my everyday life.

MaryAnn Maroon
Director LTC

She poured into our team and did an OUTSTANDING JOB!

Amy Funderburk, VP, Enterprise Nursing Excellence, DNP, RN, NE-BC
Centura Health 2022 Health Leadership Retreat Planner

EXACTLY what I was looking for!

Stefania Sebestyen
2022 BMO Conference of the Stars Planner

Stephanie shared her passion, energy, and wisdom to the Spark Women’s Leadership Conference. Stephanie went the extra mile for our team and the attendees at a time when we needed her energy and strategies. We would recommend her to any group that needs an authentic, honest, and insightful lift-up that filled with laughter based on experiences we can all relate to.

Jennifer Moore
Spark Conference Chair

She was a dream to work with and really put in the effort get to know our members and create an inspiring keynote that was relevant to them.

Ashley Craven
CAMRT Conference Manager

Inspirational with concrete, practical strategies.

D. Kenotis
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center


Anna Samatchai
Northwest Regional College

She was phenomenal! Steph was also funny, down to earth, and inspirational. She reached out to me several times during the planning phase, just to make sure that she understood our audience well.  I highly recommend Stephanie to anyone and hope to work with her again!

Jennifer Hamilton
Tennessee Public Health

Stephanie was our keynote speaker for Pediatric Nurse’s Week. Her presentation on resiliency was REAL – uplifting and practical, she shared strategies to help us cope with the challenges of working in healthcare today. Her message is engaging and fun. I definitely recommend Steph for your next speaking event!

Judy Timmon, MSN Director Clinical Education
Children's Hospital & Medical Center Omaha

“Amazing, so uplifting, empowering, engaging and refreshing. She is so real, brings clarity and makes us want to be the best leaders possible!”

Leah Lehtola
Program Director

“Stephanie is gifted and has a way of humanizing people and making them think outside of the box.”

Bonnie Erickson
HR Manager

“She is an insightful, encouraging and empowering change agent with a wealth of information.”

Peggy Schumacher
Clinic Administrator 

“Stephanie is amazing! From a presentation standpoint, she absolutely rocks and takes extra time to customize the message and know her audience. From a business standpoint, she is a pleasure to work with! Flexible, fun, and sensible. No “high-maintenance radar” went off the entire time.”

Sheila Molloy
Executive Director Mb. Massage Therapy Association

“She gave a totally insightful talk, totally personalized to our audience. We were riveted by her stories and loved the tribute she wrote for us. She was right on the money and left us feeling totally energized.”

TJ Johnson
Program Manager Conferences at International Legal Technology Association

“I would highly recommend Stephanie Staples as a motivational speaker. Stephanie exudes energy, engages the audience, is thought provoking and leaves everyone with great takeaways for dealing with stress in this hectic world of juggling too many priorities. Stephanie is a “must see” if your organization is looking at reducing absenteeism due to stress, providing tips on balancing work-life issues, and believes in investing in its employees wellbeing for a more energized workforce.”

Evelyn Mayor
Director, Human Resources Canada Drugs

“Stephanie is a funny, knowledgable, energetic and dynamic speaker. She is thought provoking, motivates, and is pragmatic; she has the ability to talk at your level. You leave her session inspired, happy and content, with a number of ideas and small steps to focus on your attitude and make your life more fulfilling.”

Garry Nenson
Executive Director & Regional Vice-President The Canadian National Institute for the Blind


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