Stephanie Holmes-Winton

Employee Financial Wellness
Halifax, Nova Scotia

What Stephanie is Passionate About

Real Life Money: Building Financially Capable Employees  

Why do your employees need Real Life Money?

Chances are high that your employees, like millions of Canadians, are facing one of the harshest economic realities of their lifetime.

72% of working Canadians spend part of their workday dealing with, or thinking about their personal finances.

Grocery prices are soaring. It’s been the fastest climb in over 40 years. Interest rates have pushed mortgage payments up, and gas and basic necessities all cost more. And many employees are still making the same money.

A 3% to 4% cost-of-living raise isn’t going to cut it. The reality is, organizations can’t afford to keep pace with the kinds of salary increases required to fill the gap.

Here’s how we can help.

We know and do to go from financially fretful to financially capable, and in control of their own finances, not the other way around.

When your employees are more financially capable at home, they are more focused, more productive and thrive at work. And Financial wellness can impact overall wellness and employee mental health.

While it’s perfectly normal to have gaps in financial knowledge, we know many people feel ashamed about those blind spots.  We have seen smart and successful people with significant incomes lacking the financial knowledge and experience to make the most of that income.

We also optimize the value and potential for employees to maximize the pension benefits YOU already pay for by providing education and tools that support existing resources. (We call that throwing good money after good.) 😊

Understanding Your Money Mindset 

According to Dalbar’s 2021 annual Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behaviour report, investment results are more dependent on investor behaviour than on fund performance. Our Money Mindset can have a significant impact on our financial decisions. Unfortunately, many things trigger behaviours that we may be unaware of. One opportunity to support and educate our own financial health is to help us understand the things that unconsciously drive our decisions.

Understanding our Money Mindset can make managing our finances easier. Join us to learn about the seven Money Mindsets and how each of them impact our behaviour when it comes to investing, spending, saving and borrowing. Uncover strategies to keep each mindset on track with our financial goals.

✔️  How to uncover your Money Mindset

✔️  Behavioural tendencies and how they affect each of the seven Money Mindsets

✔️  The biggest areas of risk for each of the mindsets

✔️  Strategies to help us use our Money Mindset to our advantage

✔️  The relationship between you and your partners, or family members Money Mindsets

Why You Need Stephanie

After a decade working as an independent financial advisor, Stephanie Holmes-Winton started CacheFlo, a fintech education company that creates tools and eLearning for financial professionals and employee financial wellness programs.

Like most of us, Stephanie is more excited about spending than saving (and has little time for budgets of any kind), so she built an innovative, at-your-fingertips app called Winton that helps accumulate savings, even as you pay for “real life.”

Stephanie also created an accredited Certified Cash Flow Specialist (CCS) program for Financial Advisors to help their own clients manage their cash flow.  Yes, she’s an advisor to advisors!  

Stephanie has written two books on spending and debt: Defusing the Debt Bomb, and $pent. She’s also been a regular contributor in media, including CBC Radio and CTV, and her advice has been featured in publications and podcasts from coast to coast.

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Why You Will Love Stephanie

“In 2018, LimeLight Group recommended Stephanie Holmes-Winton, CEO of CacheFlo, to present financial education workshops to our IBEW37 members.

We’ve exceeded all of the growth goals we’ve set since rolling out the full program in 2020! Our membership consistently rates the program as very good or excellent, and 98% say they plan to participate in more aspects of the program in the future. The program has also involved other stakeholders, like our pension administrator and the employee benefits team, by collaborating with them to present additional education featuring their expertise. Together, they bust myths and ensure employee clarity around common challenges so they can make the most of the benefits they already have.

We couldn’t be more proud of the support we’ve been able to provide to our members by investing in their financial health!”

Ali Heighton,
Program Manager – IBEW37 Training Trust

“I read Stephanie’s book $pent, which is the first book I have EVER read cover to cover. I could not put it down. I thought about how it could help my family and many of the things she talked about were bang on (Money Mindsets) for both my wife and I. It helped me understand that people think about money differently than I do, and that has helped me better communicate with my clients—so that I can still get the point across, but in a way that speaks to other people’s needs.”

Daniel Frost
The Frost Group, Alberta

“I heard Stephanie in her early days on a CBC radio interview. She was expressing her frustration on the lack of education on how to “spend” our money appropriately. I thought, finally – someone to provide advisors with the tools to provide advice.”

Judy Martens
Lighthouse Money Management Ontario

“I attended a Manulife Bank seminar in Peterborough where Stephanie was featured. By the end of the seminar, I had decided this was just what I was looking for—an innovative, planning-focused way to approach clients. Consequently, I registered there and then for the training because I knew if this was the way forward, I needed to buy in right away.”

Brian Morton
BriMor Financial, Ontario

“Stephanie and her Cash Flow management expertise has had a huge impact on my life, and also on the lives of my clients. The value she brings to the table, by creating the very first Certified Cash Flow Specialist™ Designation, is unmatched. I highly recommend Stephanie. She has made me a better advisor.”

John Osborne
Wise Advisory Group, Ontario

“What really attracted me to the designation, was listening to Stephanie’s presentation on Cash Flow Training. All of the things she spoke about resonated with me, and reminded me of the days before I became a financial advisor. I too walked into banks, hoping someone would give me the magic formula to save money. I too thought that when I spoke with an advisor, that I would receive financial advice pertaining to debt management, and find a way to retire early. I too had gone into banks, refinanced debt, only to rack up more. I too felt that every time I went to the bank, they were quick to sell me something, but I’d feel like I’d accomplished nothing when I left. So instantly I felt I wanted to take the designation as it made sense to me as a person, not just as a financial advisor.”

Shauna Ratchford
Freedom 55 Financial, Nova Scotia


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