Sheena Russell

CEO, Made with Local, Trailblazing Social Entrepreneur
Nova Scotia

What Sheena is Passionate About


Sheena Russell, a Nova Scotian entrepreneur driven by her passion for creating a more equitable world, is the trailblazing founder behind Made with Local, a renowned Canadian snack foods brand. Inspired by her roots as a farm kid in Prince Edward Island, Sheena’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and justice has shaped both her studies and life’s work.

As an advocate for connecting people with the planet and the farmers who cultivate our food, Sheena has forged a remarkable path. At Made with Local, where she serves as a people-first leader, she spearheads a triple-bottom-line approach that transcends the boundaries of traditional snack foods. Sheena’s creativity and storytelling prowess fuel the brand’s mission to craft nourishing snacks while prioritizing the welfare of both individuals and the environment.

The humble beginnings of Made with Local trace back to a modest 5-foot farmers market table in Halifax. Under Sheena’s guidance, the company has experienced rapid growth, expanding its presence to encompass over 3000 retailers across Canada. However, her ambitions don’t stop there. With determination, Sheena aspires for Made with Local to ascend as one of the world’s most sustainable food companies, blazing a trail for others to follow.

When Sheena isn’t leading her team of twelve forward, she can be found indulging in her love for live music & long dinners with friends where she resides, amidst the scenic beauty of Atlantic Canada.


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