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Rivers Corbett

Entrepreneur, Author, and Relisher of Life
Fredericton, New Brunswick

What Rivers is Passionate About

13 Fears of Entrepreneurs! 

“If You Know The Fears You Can Face Them”

Most people have dreams of starting their own business. Most people don’t ever get beyond the dream stage.

Why? They are scared of the unknown. They are scared of the boogey man under the bed.

Here’s the great news. Most of their fears are liars and Rivers Corbett will help them see why so they can start their journey and fulfill their dreams of being an entrepreneur

8 StartUP Success Secrets 

Learn the 8 Secrets to Success in any business. The surprise is….most of these you never even think about!

The Three Biggest Mistakes StartUPs Make and How to Overcome Them 

Most business owners make three fundamental mistakes when starting and building a business in their 1st five years. It is directly a reason for only 10% of businesses making it longer than 5 years.

The mistakes?? They are simple to address IF you know what they are….

Navigating Change 

Ever hear of the DoDo Bird? We all have.
Ever see a real live DoDo Bird? No?? Well guess what…they are everywhere and your business might be one of them unless you embrace change.

Stick with Rivers as he shows you how to embrace change and prevent you AND your business from going the way of the DoDo Bird.

Zag Don't Zig 

In todays business world success comes from doing things other business’ don’t do. Easier said than done? Not after you hear how easy it is when you decide to ZAG while others zig.

Why You Need Rivers

Rivers Corbett, MBA is an award winning serial entrepreneur, speaker, and author of “13 Fears of Entrepreneurs” and “10 Insider Secrets all Business Owners Must Know.”

He has received numerous business honors including Entrepreneur of the Year, Canada’s Hottest Start-ups List and Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies list through Profit magazine and recognized as one of Canada’s 10 Mentor RockStars.

Rivers is presently a member of Startup Canada’s National Advisory Council and founding entrepreneur of StartUP Fredericton. Most recently, he was the Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of New Brunswick.

Through his conpany The StartUP CEO…he works with new and emerging entrepreneurs to create the freedom of strong, sustainable and successful businesses

As an Entrepreneur…… his success comes from building ideas that “zag while everyone else zigs”…like his companies The Chef Group, and the Relish Gourmet Burgers restaurant chain.

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Why You Will Love Rivers

“Rivers is a 21st century entrepreneur, he’s the one to watch”

Jim Gilbert
Canada's Huggable Car Dealer!

“Rivers is a rock-star. He is passionate about the projects he works on…he is focused on success…he is respectful of his team…very goal oriented and determined… amazing leader!!”

Suzanne Turmel
Goverment of New Brunswick

“Rivers is brilliant! I have never written the word brilliant to describe a colleague of mine before but this guy deserves this title.
I have had the privilege to work with Rivers over the past year and I can say he has what it takes to be successful in life..both professionally and personally.” –

Doug Anderson
Founder, Pure Leverage Rewards

“Need leadership help..Rivers is the guy! Need team building help..Rivers is the guy! Need strategic vision..Rivers is the guy! Need personal development..Rivers is the guy! Rivers Corbett is all about helping people grow and exceed! Get to know him!”

Paul Kearley
IBC Impact Business Communications

“Rivers is one of those people that…when you look at his life story…you say “WOW”! He’s a true life rock star at all levels always wanting to push his boundaries of achievement. I am honoured to consider him a great colleague and a great friend.”

Victoria Lennox
CEO/Co-Founder, Startup Canada


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