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Rick Segel

Speaker, Author, and Retailer
Kissimmee, Florida

What Rick is Passionate About

G.R.E.A.T. Selling 

The best retail selling system from the Retail Sales Bible.

Learn the best practices for consultative, suggestive selling in retail by following the G.R.E.A.T. selling system. Greeting, Researching, Experimenting, Add-ons, Tethering are the phases and there are unique, proven technizques inside each phase. Take your sales floor to the next level with this powerful system.

Selling at Retail: Logic vs Emotion 

Customers do not buy rationale or logically, they buy emotionally. Learn how to know the difference and how to turn the No’s you are getting into Yes’s! Based on principles form the best selling book The Retail Sales Bible.

Signs Sell – Harnessing the Power of Your Interior Advertising 

Based on the popular selling book, Signs Sell, this session will introduce to why signs are so important and how signs (when does right) can make a big impact on your top line and your bottom line. Learn the I.S.E.E. Formula for best practices for signage in your store. See a real difference in your sales right away.

Find ‘Em, Hire ‘Em, and Keep ‘Em 

Without the right people we cannot survive, let alone grow. This offbeat shirtsleeves program recognizes that traditional means don’t work during a hot and highly competitive job market.

Visual Merchandising for the Visual Challenged 

Learn the Top 10 Things you can do in your store right now to improve your visual merchandising and thus improve your sales.

Laugh & Get Rich 

This presentation, which is based on Rick Segel’s book, Laugh & Get Rich, stresses the importance of the fun factor in business today. Learn how to create an upbeat work environment for employees and a fun happening place for your customers to shop.

Advertising Optimization 

The Secrets of Getting Better Results on a Shoestring Budget

Are you getting the most out of your advertising dollars? Are your promotions powerful and memorable? Are you sending the right messages to the right people at the right time? This program will teach you how to optimize your advertising while justifying every expenditure. We will explore every form of advertising and discover why some tried and true techniques don’t work anymore and why we need to be able to pinpoint our marketing to create the biggest bang for the buck.

Mastering the Money Part of Your Business 

Even If You Hate Accounting

Are your working hard and not making money? Do you know how much merchandise you can buy next year? Do you know the do’s and don’ts of financing your business? This program will cover, in simple easy-to-understand terms, ways to control your inventory (for life!) and the new pricing formula to maximize inventory return. These are the “gotta knows” in order to make money and eliminate the stress in your business life.

Social Media & Online Marketing for Retailers 

Do you get confused with blogs? Do Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube overwhelm you? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, this is the program for YOU! Learn ways to demystify, simplify, and justify your online time and how to make your online presence pay you dividends.

The Art of Making More Money from Your Business 

This program uncovers the hidden assets and income potentials in your business. Strategies discussed will help the business owner avoid the financial potholes on the road to maximum profitability.

Streetsmart Negotiations 

Win/Win and Beyond

Learn how to become a better negotiator and master the skills of getting and giving concessions effectively. This program will highlight the importance of power in negotiations and the best questions to ask or avoid during the negotiation process.

The Physical and Visual Art of Merchandising 

Merchandising is having the right merchandise for the right customer at the right time. All aspects of the merchandising process will be covered from planning, to buying, to receiving, to displaying, to positioning, to markdowns, to finally having the merchandise go out the door, and even contingencies if the merchandise is returned.

The Art of Running A Sale 

Based on Rick Segel’s book, How To Run A Sale, this program is a complete how-to and how-not to class on the tricks and techniques to create powerful profit-producing promotions and sales.

The Likeability Factor 

People have a tendency of doing business with people that they like. Yet, we tend to trivialize the importance of learning the skills to become more likeable. This program will pay lifetime dividends on your path of mastering likeability. Based on principles for our best selling book The Retail Sales Bible.

Ways to WOW Your Customers and Keep Them Coming Back 

How to convert customers into loyal followers – and keep them coming back. Learn what it takes to hear your customer say “WOW!” Learn what constitutes a WOW from merchandise to display to pricing to service and know when to use them.

Why You Need Rick

Rick Segel, CSP, a seasoned retailer of 25 years, owned one of New England’s most successful independent woman’s specialty stores. He is the marketing expert for, founding member of the Retail Advisory Council for Johnson & Wales University, and the creator of the Retailers Association of Massachusetts Awards of Excellence Program (RAMAEs). This program is celebrating its 13th year and has recognized over 75 of the most innovative retailers in the state.

Rick holds the CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation from the National Speakers Association, an elite rank held by only 7% of professional speakers. Rick is a past President of the New England Speakers Association and he has been a featured speaker in 49 states, on five continents, delivering over 2000 presentations.

Rick has authored thirteen books, two training videos, a six-hour audio program, and The Retail Technology Assessment Survey and The Retail Store Assessment Survey both developed for Microsoft Retail Systems. He is a founder and president of The Retailer’s, a private membership site devoted to helping independent retailers improve their businesses.

His best-selling books include the Retail Business Kit for Dummies, published by Wiley, Inc., now in its 2nd edition and The Essential Online Solution: The Five Step Formula for Small Business Success, also published by Wiley, Inc. which is a primer for business owners on creating ecommerce success. His other books include Laugh & Get Rich: How to Profit from Humor in any Business, Rick Segel’s Retail Inventory Control Solution: Open to Thrive, and The 5000 BEST Sale & Promotional Names & Ideas Ever Compiled, Retailing in the 21st Century and most recently, he authored The Art and Science of Creating Powerful Promotions and Sensational Sales and Becoming the Vendor of Choice: The Secrets to Powerful Retail Relationships. He has also co-authored two books with Matt, The Retail Sales Bible and Signs Sell.

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Why You Will Love Rick

“I am usually happy to come out of a conference with just one small “nugget” to show for the money and time I spend to attend. However, your 2 presentations at the PIA Conference in Las Vegas last week were truly eye-opening. I was able to glean 3, yes 3 “nuggets” from them alone. I cannot thank you enough for your insight. Your ideas and the presentation thereof have already changed the course of my business (and my life) here in New Orleans. The words “thank you” just really are not enough, and I am therefore speechless.”

Steven Rutledge
Rutledge & Company, Landscape Architects / Gardeners

“Your humor & insight were the perfect keynote address for our retail executives.”

Jon B. Hurst
Retailers Association of MA

“Thanks for playing a major role in our first annual ‘Small Business / Big Success’ seminar. The feedback we received on ‘How to Increase Your Bottom Line’ was both exceptional and well-deserved.”

Robin Comstock
President & CEO, Chamber of Commerce, Greater Portsmouth NH

“You had our attendees in the palm of your hand as they laughed at your humor, while writing furiously to keep track of all your suggestions for their new-found ‘sailing’ to success. We all look forward to your next session!”

Toni High
Executive Director, Western & English Sales Assn., Denver, Colorado

“A terrific presentation! Our merchants were amazed by how well they could relate to your information — and how much they learned.”

Christine Beckman
Marketing Director, The Empire/Empire East, South Dakota

“Learn and have more fun — it’s this approach to training — The Rick Segel Approach — that keeps me coming back to your retail conferences.”

Seminar Attendee
Dallas Market Center, Texas

“Right on the money! Your presentation and prompt, efficient handling of the long distance details couldn’t have gone more smoothly.”

Grace Murray
Promotions Co-ordinator, Truro Development Corp., Nova Scotia

“On behalf of the ASTRA Convention Committee, thank you for your participation in the 2008 ASTRA Marketplace & Academy. The feedback we received from participants about your presentation has been very positive indicating the information was very helpful to them. Thank you so much for sharing your valuable time and expertise with us, and for helping to make the convention a worthwhile and enjoyable experience for our attendees.”

Katherine Healy
Program Manager, American Specialty Toy Retailing Association


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