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Phil Jewell

Serve To Lead Keynote Speaker & Leadership Mentor
Halifax, Nova Scotia

What Phil is Passionate About

Serve To Lead 

In “Serve To Lead”, Phil’s signature keynote speech, he share’s his three most important leadership principles, two practical questions any leader should ask, and one thought
to ponder.

He will do this whilst recounting his times on patrol in the wadi’s and deserts of Afghanistan and the lessons he learned on the way; ones that had been introduced to him during his training and became embodied during some of the most intense challenges a leader can face.

Subsequently becoming the cornerstone of his leadership, he will share how he has successfully transferred and applied them in his second leadership career outside the Army.

Regardless of the industry or sector, Phil strongly believes his 3-2-1 principles can be, and should be, universally applied. This follows his motto: that leadership is leadership is leadership, and it starts with ones self, regardless of the industry or profession.

Why You Need Phil

Phil is a graduate of the British Army’s Royal Military Academy of Sandhurst, arguably the world’s best leadership school. He has served with the British, Canadian, and US Army. By his mid- twenties he was leading soldiers in overseas combat, going on to serve as a senior leader working alongside nations and cultures from around the world.

His subsequent journey led him to becoming an executive in both the provincial and federal governments, as well as an academic leadership instructor, before launching his own boutique leadership development business.

He is a certified executive coach, a project management professional (PMP), and holds an MA in Disaster and Emergency Management. He is a lifelong learner trying to show up every day. A human, with many flaws and failures that have made him who he is today.

Leadership highlights:

  • Leading a highly diverse, 40-person combat team in Afghanistan, involving numerous high-risk operations.
  • Working in the US Army Headquarters that was responsible for all operations in the Middle East, including Syria and Iraq.
  • Leading the training and deployment of a 350-person immediate response organization that provided military assistance to the Atlantic Provinces.
  • Planning and leading an intensive assessment course to select the future leaders of the British Army who would deploy on operations.
  • Leading the training of newly commissioned officers into the Canadian Armed Forces.
    Leading a multi-disciplinary team responsible for the safety and security of all marine transportation in the Arctic Waters, importantly including the Northwest Passage.
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Why You Will Love Phil

I have been fortunate to hear Phil deliver his keynote speech on two separate occasions; once when I was a leader amongst other leaders, and then subsequently when I invited him to speak to my own team. Both times I left feeling inspired, motivated and engaged to tackle the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Phil is an excellent storyteller, and does a great job at making an emotional connection with his audience. He’s principles and points are highly relevant to any leader and any team, irrelevant of the profession, and there is not doubt that anyone who hears Phil speak will leave inspired and motivated to be the best version of themselves.

Laura Gatien
Owner, Laura Gatien & Associates

We invited Phil to speak to our agents at our two annual business planning sessions totally around 300 people. We wanted to inspire and motivate them; give them the belief that they have what it takes to navigate the challenges ahead. Phil met this objective and more. His powerful storytelling captivated the audience and I have never seen every single person in the room be as silent and engaged as when Phil was speaking. His ability to relate the message to our world and unique challenges was extremely appreciated and impressive, and without a doubt he left us all inspired to face the uncertainties that lie ahead. I would highly recommend Phil as a speaker to your organisation and leadership teams. He has a fresh perspective that we all need to hear.

Marc Doucet
Area Manager, Royal LePage Atlantic

I heard Phil speak to the peer group I am part of and was so impressed that I invited him to spend the afternoon with my own leadership team. He didn’t disappoint and did a great job at sharing his message in an interactive session that certainly left many wondering how they might adapt and evolve how they show up as a leader. His principles are universally relevant to the newest leader as they are to the most seasoned leader, and he will certainly challenge you to think and see leadership through a different lens. I would highly recommend Phil as an engaging and thought-provoking speaker to help inspire and give your team confidence to face the challenges that lie ahead.

Maurice Maillet
General Manager, O.C. Maillet Transport

We invited Phil to speak at the end of a three-day strategic planning session with our management team, and he did not disappoint! His powerful storytelling captivated the room, but it was his ability to relate his stories and experiences to our world and daily realities that really resonated the most. It was impactful, emotional, and also extremely relevant and applicable to the challenges, issues, and opportunities we face. I would highly recommend Phil as a speaker to your organisation. His fresh perspective really does challenge our way of thinking and leading and left a lasting impact on all of us.

Sally Van De Wiel
VP Operations, East Cast Credit Union

As the featured speaker for one of the CEO Forum groups that I chair, Phil Jewell captivated the group. For me, it’s what the group says after the speaker leaves the room that really highlights the impact they’ve made in their time with the group. After Phil left, here’s a sampling of what I heard—“He’s the best speaker we’ve had.” “His knowledge and experience runs deep.” “He’s so humble and yet so wise.” “We gotta get him back—he’s got a lot more to say.” Phil is very easy to work with and delivers on the expectations he sets. Bottom line, I highly recommend Phil as a speaker for your Peer Forum—you’re group will thank you for it!

Steve Foran
Mackay CEO Forum Chair

The delivery of your message was so captivating there wasn’t a whisper in the entire room of 200 REALTORS. That’s no easy feat. I believe your words had so much of an impact, the participants were speechless to any follow-up questions. It’s been a while since I’ve witnessed a guest speaker capture every mind in the room!

Steve Arsenault
Realtor and Conference Attendee


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