Pete Luckett

Consumer Experience, Change & Challenge, Building a Team, Retailing
Halifax, Nova Scotia

What Pete is Passionate About

Turning Buyers into Believers – How to Create Raving Fans!  

Pete’s remarkable success in business can be narrowed down to one key insight – buyers buy on price, but believers buy on emotion. From his early days at an open-market fruit stand, to the expansion of a produce and then winery empire, Pete never fails to wow his customers with an experience that compels them to return – again and again. 

Pete never stops investing in the intangibles that elevate a commodity exchange into an adventure. Customers of the Pete’s experience believe shopping is an event, an outing, something to look forward to. From design and merchandising, to staff training and media relations, every touch point reinforces Luckett Vineyards as a destination for community, friendship, and culinary exploration. Pete has always established brand experiences for his customers that are distinctive, memorable and cannot be replicated by his competition. 

Real Revolution - Keeping up with change! 


a sudden, extreme, or complete change in the way people live, work, etc.

Probably the most exciting and daunting part of business is that it is always changing. Just when the ground feels solid beneath your feet, the winds of change upset the apple cart and you’re left scrambling. Pete Luckett, Canada’s street smart entrepreneur learned quickly how to navigate change –in his words it’s about the “bob and weave!”  For over 40 years, Pete worked tirelessly inside the produce industry with products literally dying by the second! How does Pete keep up? Through innovation, openness and forward thinking–three cornerstones that can help you become grounded but not buried in change!Pete encourages companies to embrace change and develop a readiness to involve employees in the process. As far as Pete’s concerned, resisting change is a recipe for failure. “If I resisted change, “I would still be pitching fruit from a single stall in Nottingham Market.”  Change has been my greatest gift.”  And this is still true for Pete today. The recent sale of Pete’s Fine Foods represents one of the biggest evolutions of this  entrepreneurs’ career.

Impassion Your People –and keep ‘em! 



to make passionate

To attract and retain the best people, organizations must become more employee centric than ever before- so how do you do it?

From a one-man band to an employer of hundreds of staff Pete knows how to create cultures that are about making everyone feel the love….  But it starts on the inside.   “We are always on stage is one of Pete’s biggest mantras.” Whether he was training teams through the years at Pete’s fine foods, or building a new brand at Luckett Vineyards, Pete knows how to move employees to create unforgettable experiences. Pete’s has shaped a very collaborative style in everything they do.  From developing core values, to training and mentorship programs, building an engaged an participatory team is the only effective way of working and managing today’s unique and multigenerational workplace. Build a destination workplace that retains and motivates the true ambassadors of your brand!

Turning Buyers into Believers – How to Create Raving Fans! 

“Whether you’re selling lemons or Lamborghinis, You’ve got to turn your buyers into believers.” 

Pete’s remarkable success in business can be narrowed down to one key insight – buyers buy on price, but believers buy on emotion. From his early days selling tomatoes at an open-market fruit stand, to the expansion of a produce empire, Pete never fails to wow his customers with an experience that compels them to return – again. And again. He now wows his corporate audience with the same zest and appeal. 

Pete explains that as he moved from wooden produce cart, to bricks and mortar, to multiple locations, he never stopped investing in the intangibles that elevate a commodity exchange into an adventure. Customers of the Pete’s experience believe grocery shopping is an event, an outing, something to look forward to. From the store design and merchandising, to staff training and  media relations, every touch point reinforces Pete’s as a destination for community, friendship, and culinary exploration.  Pete established a brand experience for his customers that is distinctive, memorable and cannot be replicated by his competition. Sound good for your company or organization?

Mondo Merchandising- engaging the senses! 



To make irresistible!

“As my father always said, if you can make ‘em smile while you take their money, you’ve got it made!” – Pete Luckett

Pete is famous for creating spaces where customers don’t “shop” as much as they “congregate.” And every retailer knows the longer they shop, the more they buy! Ambiance, artful displays and a maven to oversee it are the basic of a killer merchandising program. An enticing customer experience with bold style displays and new product concepts will leverage consumers purchasing habits. Join master marketer, Pete Luckett as he shares how he makes his customers feel the WOW!!  As one of Canada’s leading independent retailers, Pete spent the past 40 years transforming grocery shopping from mundane drudgery into a highly entertaining experience–where every display is a feast for the eyes and a tantalizing array of colors, textures, and fragrances. He knows how to make customers  purchase what they came for, and much more!

Chop N' Chat 

Whether Pete is interacting with his customers at Pete’s Frootique, or harvesting fresh ideas for his television audiences- Canada’s most talked about greengrocer serves up fun and frolic at every turn!

Pete’s unique Chop n’ Chat program is one-of-a-kind! Traveling the world extensively and filming in exotic locations, Pete has more stories than ever to share about the tempting tastes of exotic fresh fruits & vegetables. 

If you are looking for a new twist on an event at your office, book Pete Luckett’s Chop n’ Chat!  Pete shares his wonderful tips as he slices and dices a beautiful array of exotic produce and gourmet food items. He delivers on the ability to engage the audience and “give ‘em a real treat they won’t soon forget!”

Crushing It: Build A Vineyard Brand of Distinction! 

“The most important aspect of a great brand?” It’s not just about being different; it’s about being distinctive!

As a greengrocer, retailer and master marketer turned Vineyard operator- Pete knows a lot about creating a following.  He’s been building brands since he was 20 years old, without even understanding the power of it all. “We are always on stage”  is one of Pete’s biggest mantras. Whether he was delighting customers at Pete’s Fine Foods or mentoring his team in the art of top notch service,  Pete knows how to stand out from the crowd and how to create magical experiences. 

In 2011,  Pete launched Luckett Vineyards. Nestled in the hillsides of Nova Scotia’s enchanting Gaspereau Valley, the vineyard takes advantage of a fertile terroir and his knack for being distinctive. With a fun- loving play on his UK roots,  the iconic British phone box is symbol is present in many elements of the operation and the vineyard produces wines truly are worth phoning home about!  This session explores all the elements of creating a great brand and a great tourist destination. From building your own internal brand ambassadors to crafting a story, label designs, creating themes, to marketing, promotions and partnerships, this session tells all!


Why You Need Pete

Pete is a born entrepreneur. At age 14, he saw opportunity in the sights, sounds and flavours of England’s busy outdoor food markets. Part theatrical sideshow, part business-savvy–Pete saw a perfect niche for his gregarious personality and produce know how. He learned how to stand out in a crowd by offering excellent quality, unique products and a fun, exciting shopping experience. He knew everyone by name, treated them like good friends, and they never left his stall without knowing something new, trying something new, a full basket and a smile on their face.

Like all business adventurers, his early success encouraged him to push the boundaries and test the waters. He crossed the Atlantic in 1979, spending several years exploring culinary experiences. With a new global perspective he was ready to settle down and take Atlantic Canada by storm. He grew from a single retail outlet in New Brunswick in 1982, to one of Atlantic Canada’s best known and loved brands…Pete’s Frootique.

Pete launched in Nova Scotia in 1992. “Pete’s Fine Foods” is a multi-million dollar retail and wholesale operation with two locations: Bedford, and Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Whether it’s new business challenges, or displaying perfect produce, Pete keeps it fresh! The locations are open concept, with distinct destinations specializing in deli, produce, bakery, meats, fish and more.

Pete relentlessly markets his brand as a media personality, hitting multiple touch points, while always educating his public. For 14 years Pete appeared on the national television program, Midday, where he extolled the flavour and health virtues of exotic fruits and vegetables. His weekly newspaper column and books feature exciting recipes. His food adventure television series, The Food Hunter, aired internationally for 3 seasons and enticed consumers from the comfort of their armchairs.

In 2011 Pete launched Luckett Vineyards. Nestled in the hillsides of Nova Scotia’s enchanting Gaspereau Valley, the vineyard offers stunning views of the Minas Basin and Blomidon and is beautifully positioned to take advantage of a fertile terroir. Luckett Vineyards produces wines true to the maritime climate and showcase the local grape varietals  that truly are worth phoning home about.

Inspired to build the Luckett Vineyard brand, announced the sale of his grocery retail and wholesale business to Sobeys. According to Pete, “Customers can enjoy peace-of-mind knowing that Pete’s Fine Foods will continue to prosper and expand while offering that same extraordinary shopping experience. The ‘Frootique’ legacy will live on and prosper.”  The move from a perishable business to a product that only grows better with age, Luckett Vineyards is Pete’s new calling.  But he’ll always have a Tooodleeedooo!! for anyone that passes by!



*Short Bio*


Pete is a born entrepreneur. At an early age he saw opportunity in the sights, sounds and flavours of England’s busy outdoor food markets. Part theatrical sideshow, part business-savvy–Pete saw a perfect niche for his gregarious personality and produce know how. He learned how to stand out in a crowd by offering excellent quality, unique products and a fun, exciting shopping experience. Through the years, Pete nurtured  “Pete’s Fine Foods” into a multi-million dollar retail and wholesale operation.  In 2011 Pete launched Luckett Vineyards. Nestled in the hillsides of Nova Scotia’s enchanting Gaspereau Valley, the vineyard produces wines that truly are worth phoning home about! In 2015, Pete sold the retail businesses to focus on his true calling—Luckett Vineyards. The move from a perishable produce business to a product that only grows better with age—makes Pete smile! (and his customers too!)

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Why You Will Love Pete

“Pete was the perfect choice to speak about delivering an exceptional customer experience! He did a great job of tailoring his presentation to suit our strategy session, and was very well-received by the audience. His presentation was engaging and his passion for the topic was evident. His ability to combine relevant business insight with humour resonated with the audience, and gave us food for thought to use in the table discussions that followed.”

Katie LeJean, Atlantic Credit Unions

“To say that we enjoyed having Pete Luckett as our keynote for the Canadian Public Procurement Council Forum 2016 is an understatement. We quickly realized as Pete took the stage that our expectations had been exceeded and that our investment in him was well worth it for our members. He did a fantastic job of tailoring his presentation to the work we do every day in procurement and kept us fully engaged and entertained for the hour. He was an absolute pleasure to work with on-site, taking time for questions and to pose for several “selfies” with the audience. We would highly recommend Pete to anyone looking for a keynote speaker.”

Kimberley Murphy
Department of Internal Services, Government of Nova Scotia

“Our delegates just loved Pete. He was engaging, uplifting and there was a message for all of us. After a long day of technical sessions, it was just what we needed!”


Robin Horel
President and CEO, Canadian Poultry and Egg Processors Council

“Pete was fantastic at getting the week started and kicked off with a bang.  I received positive feedback from almost everyone who was there. It was great that he joined us for breakfast and lunch as well as it gave him more insight into our team and allowed some casual conversations between our team and Pete.  It was very inspirational and educational for our team to hear about Pete’s life lessons, particularly in the retail industry, his successes are many but we especially enjoyed his failures and learnings that he took away from them and was able to share with us.”

Mike Roberts
Senior Director of Sales Purity Life Health Products LP

“Pete Luckett’s presentation was just as we asked for, thank you. He’s passionate about retail and providing customers with a great shopping experience.”

Sherry Smadella
Arctic Co-operatives Limited

“Thanks again for coming to our seminars, You provided a credible role for our customers to aspire to. Your ability to show how someone can be successful while competing in this very competitive landscape was truly motivating. I was gob smacked that I could be captivated 2 days in a row! All the best and thanks again.”

David Jones
Lucerne Foods - Macdonalds Consolidated

“Incredibly enthusiastic thumbs up!! One of the best speakers we have had—his experiences really resonated with the audience. He nailed many of the issues we deal with in the recreation world and was able to link the business message from the corporate world to the recreation world. We are all about building community and his message was what the audience really needed to hear.”

David J Brown
Director of Recreation and Culture Municipality of East Hants

“Pete Luckett was an engaging presenter at our Population Health Day on Local Food. He had practical advice for the audience. He had lots of personal antidotes to share and did so with humor. When we asked the participants what their favourite part of the day was, most said it was Pete’s presentation.”

Debbie Martell
Cape Breton District Health Authority

“Dear Mr. Luckett:
On behalf of Nuffield Canada and the triennial committee I wish to thank you for speaking at our Conference Day Banquet on June 19th. Your presence was clearly the highlight of the day for our delegates. You were very entertaining- yet to this audience- you provided lessons in business that delegates took note of. The effect of your speech was amplified by the fact that delegates had an opportunity to tour your Spring Garden Road Store earlier in the week and to visit your winery, where your daughter Geena was our gracious hostess.
As our conference and tour wound down in Ontario, many delegates summarized events in their closing remarks. Both your establishments and your presentation were mentioned in many of these comments as highlights of the event.

The success of the event will certainly raise the stature of Nuffield Canada. Certainly, part of this success was our ability to attract speakers of your caliber, and for that we are very grateful. Once again, thank you for participating in our Triennial event.”

Barry Cudmore
Triennial Chair Nuffield Canada

“Pete was the perfect fit for our Sears Hometown Conference! He surpassed all of our expectations! With his high energy and enthusiasm he captivated the audience from the start, and his focus on key business initiatives were an absolute bulls-eye. Pete was the absolute best Keynote Speaker we could have booked to close off our event – he received the highest scores on our conference evaluation. What a great success!”

Biljana Orescanin
Sears Canada Inc.

“Pete Luckett was a perfect fit for the Pharmasave Atlantic Owners & Front Store Managers Conference. His energy, passion and enthusiasm kept the audience captivated and his tips and insights on running a successful business in a highly competitive market were truly inspirational. As a group of independently owned and operated pharmacies, Pete’s entrepreneurial spirit and innovate approach to business really resonated and inspired our group. Pete is one of the best speakers we’ve ever had!”

Jeannine Massie
Pharmasave Atlantic

“Our retailers thoroughly enjoyed Pete’s presentation and I can confidently say that it was one of the highlights of our conference – The energy he brought to his presentation was infectious and really helped to engage and energize our group and the content of his speech was right on the mark for our group of franchise business owners. Our only regret is that we should have allocated more time for Pete at our conference!”

Robin Downs
Director of Marketing Community Format

“Pete interacted with the young farmers group previous to the banquet which created a lot of fun during his speech. He was full of energy and very passionate about his topic; which really fit the group of young, future farmers of Nova Scotia. All comments I have received have been extremely positive!”

Krista Vroegh
Nova Scotia Young Farmers

“Pete Luckett spoke at our “Embracing Change” luncheon. His message and presentation kept the audience captivated. Pete is a great motivational speaker.”

Chris Atwood
Executive Director, CBDC Yarmouth

“Pete was delightful and was very well received by the audience. His delivery was just the right mix of humor and business message and worked very well in the overall program.
It was a pleasure spending the day with him. Be sure to convey my thanks and appreciation for his contributions.”

Paul McGillivray
Roche Brothers

“Pete far exceeded all of my expectations! Not only was he entertaining and energetic but he is a speaker of great substance with a wealth of knowledge to share. Pete has the ability to convey his keen business sense, innovative focus and stellar personality to deliver an inspirational session that genuinely moves the audience. Pete took the theory and demonstrated how to put it into practice. I would highly recommend him to any team that wants to be inspired to deliver everything from elevated employee morale to an exceptional customer experience. Pete is amazing!”

Dayna Campbell
Manager Marketing Effectiveness Aliant

“It was such an honor and a pleasure to work with you and hear your presentation last month during the North American Retail Hardware Association’s 2006 National Convention. Wishing you a terrific year! Thanks again for everything!”

Some comments from convention participants:

  • “Mr.Luckett is the best! Thank you; wish they could all be this good.”
  • “One of the best in years.”
  • “Fun, inspiring, relevant, very engaging speaker.”
  • “Great energy & stories ideas! Go Pete!”

Diane Allen
Convention Manager North American Retail Hardware Association

“Our “East Meets West” conference could not have been kick started in a more inspirational and interesting manner. As one of the globe’s finest Greengrocers, your presentation brought many crisp ideas and fresh practical tips to our tables!
Our members look forward to implement and plant the seeds of your fresh approach in their stores. It was an absolute honour and pleasure to have you as part of our conference and to get to know you as a friend! Dynamite truly does come in small packages!
We look forward to working with you in the future!”

Inge Ferreira
OK Franchise Division Cape Town, South Africa

“Everyone REALLY enjoyed Pete’s speech… It was not only wildly entertaining, but it was also some business world insight that the students can use in the future… we feel we could not have chosen a better guest speaker! WELL DONE!”

Jasmine Goudreau
Coordinator UNB's CIBC Business Plan Competition University of New Brunswick Faculty of Business Administration

“The feedback has been tremendous and the entire organization is still buzzing from your session. The bar has been raised for our next round of keynote speakers.Thank you for bringing new insights to our members and making our Retail Merchandise Conference a memorable experience.”

  • “You will be one tough act to follow! On behalf of True Value, thank you for making our Retail Merchandise Conference in Dallas the best ever. Here’s what a few of our member retailers who attended to say —
  • “Wow. After over 30 years of motivational/inspirational speakers, he’s the best of the best.”
  • “Excellent. Fun to listen to with lots of energy and pep …Loved the merchandise concepts…”
  • “Very well presented and presented with passion. That’s an awesome invigoration to this business.”

Marie Sasso
True Value Dallas, Texas

“I had the pleasure of hearing Pete Luckett of Pete’s Frootique speak at an association’s national conference in 2005. He was thought-provoking and highly entertaining. As a result of that memorable experience we hired Pete to speak at ARAMARK’s national meeting in June 2006 and, once again, he was electrifying. His common sense approach to delivering ultimate customer experiences in an enthusiastic, entertaining style is sure to please any audience. The response from our management team has been most positive and Pete Luckett’s presentation set the tone for a very successful national meeting. Thank you, Pete!”

Paul Glover
Vice President ARAMARK Canada Ltd.

“As you know, a closing keynote is crucial – it is an opportunity to reinforce the conference theme and at the same time, provide it in a more light-hearted manner. We were extremely fortunate to have you offer the final plenary for Congress 2009. Your passion for change as a positive catalyst, your own experience as an entrepreneur, and your humourous approach, combines to make you an outstanding speaker.
Our delegates felt your message – The Gift of Change: Embracing the Challenge – while geared to your experience in the grocery industry was very pertinent to the field of public education and we appreciated the focus you placed on the importance of communication.”

Ronald G. Marks Chair
CSBA Congress 2009 President, Nova Scotia School Board Association (NSSBA)


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