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Patrick Ledwell

What Patrick is Passionate About

The Lighter Side of Mental Wellness in the Workplace 


Patrick Ledwell is a popular writer and performer with an acclaimed style of customized, creative comedy. In this one-hour presentation, you will experience shared laughter, hear recent research on workplace health, and take away some practical approaches that can be integrated into personal wellness.


Patrick will explore three key questions:


  • Is mental wellness given the same consideration as physical wellness?


  • How can work teams find meaningful ways of handling setbacks and stressful situations?


  • What are some practical strategies we can personally adopt to handle information overload?


Why You Need Patrick

Patrick holds a Masters Degrees in English Literature and Information Design. He is a certified Adult educator and is also the creative lead of his own design company, Sustain Creative. He collaborates with a range of clients, within different organizations, and draws from these experience to cultivate a broad view on positive workplace practices.


He has been featured as a speaker and host by more than three hundred professional and conference groups.

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Why You Will Love Patrick

“I am so grateful that we made the decision to engage Patrick in our Enhancing Care Conference. His time at the end of our event was perfectly crafted, in terms of messaging, and was the perfect end to a great event. We so appreciated his professionalism and the very important message he offered all in the room.”

Chandra MacBean
Executive Director, Alzheimer NB

“Patrick Ledwell pulled off the difficult feat of being funny while also delivering thoughtful insight. His performance was tailored to our group and as such, everyone could relate to what he was saying and his punchlines had the entire crowd in stitches. Mental health is not an easy topic to discuss, but Patrick managed to lighten the mood while maintaining respect for the sensitive matters at hand. Kudos to him for a great performance!”

Karen Baillard, Workplace
Veterans Affairs Canada

“When we decided to take a lighter approach to Mental health in the Workplace we weren’t sure what to expect. I am happy to report that Patrick’s presentation went beyond all expectations. It was absolutely hilarious in a way that was respectful and filled with compassion. We were so very impressed by his ability to shed light on such a serious issue while keeping a very diverse group of employees laughing constantly. I highly recommend Patrick for any event in which you want to look at Mental Health in a new and fresh way.”

Donna Spurvey
Project Manager, Manager & Team Leader Community — Atlantic Region Service Canada / Government of Canada

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