Normand Hector

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Leader – Drag Entertainment with A Message
Saint John, New Bruinswick

What Normand is Passionate About

Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin, Acceptance and Belonging in Todays World 

Normand delivers a dynamic presentation on listening to understand and not listening to react in the DEIB space. His presentations will leave you feeling empowered when it comes to removing the fear of doing or saying the wrong thing within our diverse cultures. He addresses the impact of placing labels on people by humanizing diversity inclusion and equality.  Normand tackles the tough conversations around unconscious bias and how it affects the behaviour and emotions of others. His authentic storytelling will serve is a source of inspiration and more importantly create positive change.

Why You Need Normand

Normand is game changer in the field of DEIB- Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging and a certified crucial conversation specialist. This highly respected leader and performer, inspires audiences to listen to learn and not react. With over 18 years of teaching self confidence and self esteem with his own business, Normand is on a mission to change mindsets and attitudes when it comes to acceptance.

Normand has presented and worked with Hockey New Brunswick, Hockey Canada, Moosehead Breweries, Corrections Canada, ASD -South School District and Lawson and Creamer Law Firm to name a few. Normand’s goal is not to change you, but to leave understanding that respect and being a decent human will carry you far. His message is fearless and unforgettable.

Normand is known for his enthusiastic commitment for driving positive outcomes. He has had a successful 30-year career with recognized sales awards from top corporate organizations in New Brunswick. With this strong corporate background, he recognizes the importance of dedication, service, and excellence.

Normand was the first queer black drag performer to appear on TSN, with drag performances that leave everyone feeling “amazed!”  His drag character – ‘Normani’ has taken audiences on a journey of drag love from the Algonquin Resort to TD Station for over 5000 hockey fans.  Having performed twice at the Sea Dogs hockey games, the acceptance from people all over Canada never experiencing drag before was “outstanding.”  Now organizations are inviting Normani to be a part of their events and conferences to help showcase the importance of everyone feeling a sense of belonging- while being entertained!

Normand does not do his keynote or workshop presentations as “Normani” his drag persona. But when taking the stage as Normani, he brings a level of comfort and entertainment for all that struggle with not being comfortable in their own skin. Normani leaves everyone mesmerized by the powerful message and the magic of drag creativity. And it is always family friendly and very uplifting!

As the second youngest of 8 children his parents were hard workers. Coming from a family of game changers in the civil rights arena his path led him to teach, develop, inspire and mentor our youth by embracing their challenges with his self confidence and self esteem classes for over 16+ years. In 2016 he was awarded the prestigious Inuk Shuk award for community impact involvement and leadership.

Normand has been with his husband for 30 years, married for over 16 years. Normand brings unique perspectives gained from life experiences, hard work and determination.  He continues to evolve his career, keynotes, workshops and drag performances to unprecedented levels.  Normand’s fearless down to earth humour compels all to laugh while they learn.


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Why You Will Love Normand

I wanted to say thank you again so much for making Pride night a huge success and so wonderful, you really made a world of difference! I really appreciate all you did for us and the players we are so happy to have had your support, we hope you also enjoyed yourself and we look forward to planning next year’s Pride night! 

Stephanie Wright
Account Coordinator, Saint John Sea Dogs

It was so great to have Normand at the Dorchester Complex!

Sophie McPhail
Manager, Correctional Service of Canada,

On behalf of PRUDE Inc., thank you all for bringing your skills and information–your “A-Game”, as the kids say– to this year’s Black History Month Speaker Series! I could tell by the audience questions generated that your topics really hit home for people. And the information you provided helps PRUDE fulfill its mandate of educating people in our region about other cultures.

Damon Levine
Program Coordinator/Facilitator, PRUDE Inc. (Pride of Race, Unity and Dignity through Education)

I hope that you and your family are having a great Holiday Season!  Yesterday morning I took a route to work that went past King’s Square.  The Christmas lights have a positive impact on our souls, and that’s the exact kind of light you are, Normand!

Kelly VanBuskirk
Partner, Kelly VanBuskirk Professional Corporation Inc.

Thank you again Normand we are getting great feedback already and women are stepping forward to help champion a Women’s group.  In the picture taken today were Andrew Oland, President and CEO; Amanda Butt, VP of Operations and HR  and myself, Director of HR. Today we took one more step in Moosehead’s journey to be a more diverse, equitable and inclusive company 👍

HR Lead, Moosehead


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