Michael Kerr

Leading Workplace Culture Expert
Calgary, Alberta

What Michael is Passionate About

Putting Humor to Work for Less Stress and More Success 

A high-energy, humor-filled look at how individuals, teams, and entire organizations around the world are leveraging their humor resources to drive outrageous results.

Message and themes include:

– How humor both drives and reflects success at work
– How humor is helping businesses build a brand advantage to attract and retain top talent
– Why “leading with laughter” is a recipe for leadership success
– How humor helps break down silos, strengthens teamwork, and builds stronger cultures
– How being outrageous can make your messages contagious
– Why Ha + Ha = AHA!
– Three powerful Rs for managing stress through humor
– Why customer service with a laugh can help brand your business, boost sales, and turn customers into raving, passionate fans

Creating an Inspiring Workplace: The Way Work OUGHT to Be! 

Culture is the key driver of success in any business or organization, but great cultures don’t happen by accident! With examples from companies around the world, this fun and idea-packed presentation will ensure you never look at your workplace the same again.

– Why culture drives success in any organization
– Why great companies are intentional about their culture
– Defining an inspiring sense of purpose at work
– Valuing your values: Why actions really do speak louder than words
– Communication is everything and everything is communication
– Money isn’t always honey: Six effective Ps of workplace motivation
– Creating a culture that champions change and ideas
– Creating a “service-first” mindset and culture

Inspiring Leadership: Turning Passion Into Action 

There’s a difference between being a manager and being a leader, and a difference between being a leader and being a truly inspiring leader. Effective leadership has never been more important than it is today. Is your organization ready to lead?

– Three reasons leadership matters more today than ever
– Key traits of inspiring leaders
– Why leaders are the orchestra conductors of the workplace
– Effective, inspiring communication habits of top leaders
– Why employee recognition must go beyond, “It’s Bob, isn’t it?”
– Turning long term employees into truly loyal employees
– Leading with laughter
– Building a culture of “leaders leading leaders”

Putting Creativity to Work to Engage Employees, Spark Ideas, and Drive Results 

Ideas are the currency of success. But fostering a creative, innovative culture doesn’t just drive business results, it also helps create more inspired and engaged teams and helps employees embrace change rather than fear it.

– Three reasons you need to be in the business of ideas
– Unpacking the creative process
– Hiring, mentoring, coaching, and training for ideas
– Question everything! How questions drive the creative process and create inspiring cultures
– Creating a psychologically safe space for ideas to thrive
– Why a “Yes, and…” mentality helps move ideas forward
– Eliminating idea-blockers and “seagull” language
– Are you failing to learn or learning to fail?
– Turning ideas and passion into results

Creating a Service-First Mindset and Culture 

Chances are you’re in the service business, because, well, everyone is in the service business! Service is everything and everything is service. But to create a service-first mindset in all your employees you need to create a culture based on service. With examples from businesses around the world, we’ll look at:

– Who (else) is your customer and what (else) is service?
– Five reasons customer service matters more than ever
– The connection between culture and service
– Building a business advantage through your service
– The two things every service business needs to do consistently to turn customers into passionate, lifelong fans
– Keeping the service message alive with the VCR approach

Why You Need Michael

Listed as one of Canada’s most in-demand speakers, Hall of Fame business speaker Michael Kerr (“The Workplace Energizer”) travels the world researching, writing, and speaking about inspiring leaders, inspiring workplaces, and humor in the workplace.

Michael has delivered his captivating keynote presentations and training workshops to more than 800 audiences, from Iran to Texas, from Austria to Honolulu. Michael’s programs offer relevant, practical ideas delivered with his memorable brand of high-energy, clean humour. “Inspiring,” “hilarious,” “energizing,” “fabulous ideas,” and “incredibly relevant and timely content,” are phrases clients repeatedly use to describe the impact of his presentations.

One of Michael’s books, Putting Humour to Work, has been described as the “bible of humour in the workplace,” while his book Inspiring Workplaces – Creating the Kind of Workplace Where Everyone Wants to Work has been called “an inspiring blueprint for workplace success.” Michael’s company, Humour at Work, also offers books, training DVDs, audio CDs, resource articles and a monthly Workplace Energizer Subscription program to help his clients achieve a lasting impact.

His latest book, “The Humor Advantage – Why Some Businesses are Laughing All the Way to the Bank” has been described as a “fire hose of value and ideas.”  Why choose between fun and content when you can have both?

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Why You Will Love Michael

It was evident, almost from the first word you spoke, that you would be one of the most memorable parts of the two days. Your high energy, fast-paced, powerful style had everyone on the edges of their seats. Beyond being incredibly entertaining, you gave the leaders pragmatic tools and ideas that are easily transferable to their jobs.

Mark Breslaw
Human Resources Business Partner, Telus

Michael was brilliant! An incredible session that received a standing ovation. The content was a welcome and valuable divergence from typical educational sessions. If you need to leave your audience energized with great content, I highly recommend Michael Kerr!

Dana Cooper
Executive Director, Orthotics Prosthetics Canada

Mike was phenomenal in his speaking engagement. He stirred up the audience. It was interactive and fun and he brought forward so many great ideas to take back to the workplace. Mike Kerr has become a common name around the office. My colleagues were so impressed and his books have circulated our offices and each of us have adopted many of Mike’s fun techniques into our business days. And let me say it is paying off. The entire staff would love to have the opportunity to listen to Mike Kerr speak. As soon as someone tries something, right away the question is put forward: “Is that a Mike Kerr idea? I have to hear this guy speak!

Cindy Cwiertniewski
Conference Chairperson Credit Union Professionals’ Association

Many of the head office staff thought you were the best keynote speaker we’ve ever had! Thank-you for your invigorating and energizing keynote presentation.

Tanya Dusyk
Territory Manager, Shell Canada

Just wanted to say “WOW!” – that was awesome! Our NAPA Autopro group has had many motivational speakers at our conferences over the years, but none the likes of Michael Kerr. We had asked you to not just give us a motivational speech that was “pure entertainment” but help us with implementation in the workplace, and that is just what you did! By the end of the meeting, you could see that the ideas had clicked with the members and they were very willing to bring it back. It has only been a month, but already comments are coming in on the
successes the members have had with their sometimes very stressful shops. I will be recommending you to anyone that asks!

Richard Dansereau
President, NAPA Autopro BDG

Michael’s presentation was beyond excellent! I cannot thank-you enough for all of your hard work prior to and at our conference last week. You have the unique ability as a speaker to both entertain and educate people. Our audience all felt you had a good understanding of our business challenges, and were darn funny at the same time. Your presentation was the perfect mix of a serious business based message, along with a very funny and engaging delivery. He is a very talented, entertaining and compelling speaker. I would strongly recommend Michael Kerr to any company as I would use his services again without question.

Dave Thompson
CFO & President, Sandvik Canada, Inc

Mike held the full attention of our Senior Management Team for a full FOUR hour presentation – no small accomplishment! His style is highly energetic, and the information he imparts with flair and humor are applicable to everyday life and work situations. Mike’s management philosophy is a fantastic approach that I have encouraged my team to carry forward. I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews from the team, and absolutely recommend Mike’s fabulous persona without hesitation.

Martine Rothblatt
Chairman & CEO, United Therapeutics


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