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Mario Pilozzi

Business Transformation Expert
Toronto, Ontario

What Mario is Passionate About

Learning from the Best 

From human resources to supply chain to greening, Wal-Mart has a record that many organizations envy and want to learn from. Who better to tell this story than the former CEO whose team led the company through its unprecedented growth, Mario Pilozzi?

This is a speech for organizations that want to sell to, compete with, emulate, differentiate from and otherwise learn from the Wal-Mart experience. This is a lively speech, filled with stories and examples that many in the audience will recognize or identify with.

Changing the Culture of an Organization 

In this speech, Pilozzi talks about the difference. After Wal-Mart Canada bought Woolco, he and his team turned that troubled discount chain into a powerhouse, using the same management, the same locations, and the same suppliers. “We did it by changing the culture of the organization,” says Pilozzi.

With the new culture came a sense of responsibility, an accountability, an entrepreneurial spirit and a new focus. Pilozzi shares his teams’ experiences in implementing the culture change that made the difference.

Balancing Corporate Profits and Corporate Responsibility 

Mario Pilozzi, former CEO of Wal-Mart, provides an engaging talk on corporate responsibility from the point of view of the corporation.

The audience will learn how decisions are made at the executive level; they will hear about how management balances its responsibility to society, shareholders, employees and suppliers.

Using specific examples, Pilozzi shows how the company became involved in the Juno Beach Memorial and how the greening of Wal-Mart affects the bottom line.

Why You Need Mario

Get an insider’s perspective on one of Canada’s most successful business transformations, Wal-Mart Canada. Who better to provide this perspective than the man who led the Wal-Mart team through this transformation and unprecedented period of expansion, Mario Pilozzi, the former CEO of Wal-Mart Canada? Son of an immigrant family, Mario Pilozzi began his career at age 16, stocking shelves at F.W. Woolworth’s in Montreal, and worked his way up through almost every job in the company, driven by his intuitive ability to understand what is relevant to the customer.

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Why You Will Love Mario

“I wanted to drop a note and let you know of the impression you made on our team over a year ago. As we launched Halloween this week, your speech was still being talked about by many of our team. Your ability to connect with our people was truly remarkable.”

B. Goodwin
Party Packagers

“Mr. Pilozzi fascinated the standing-room-only audience with his insights and his stories about the Walmart system.”

D. Hennnigar
Ryerson University

“The event was a great success and Mario was the hit of the event…. We now would like to have him at our Toronto event in March.”

J. Todd
Microsoft Canada

“Everyone in our audience, from growers to processors to retailers all had something to learn from Mario. During the Q & A, they wouldn’t let him off the stage.”

S. Denis
Canadian Produce Marketing Association

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