Lisa Payne

Empowerment Specialist
St. John's, Newfoundland

What Lisa is Passionate About

Excite Your Life! 

This high energy presentation will leave you with practical tools and tips so you can create a life that excites you. Lisa will share her proprietary 7-Step PROCESS that will move you from victimhood to the power house. Her lessons are steeped in stories that demonstrate the capacity that we all have to move through difficult times with grace and confidence. You will reconnect with your core values and latent dreams. You will walk away with renewed sense of self. From there, you will realize that anything is possible. As one audience member stated: “This was a wake-up call. Lisa brings it home: how you can get to where you’re going in a shorter amount of time, working smarter, getting more of what you want.”

This keynote is ideal for an organization that committed to the personal development of its members or employees. If you are looking for a presenter that is relatable and relevant, who has the energy to get your team excited about a new project, a new direction, or a new way of life, contact us now about getting Lisa to Excite Your Life!

What If They Knew? Secrets of an Impressive Woman 

Drawing on lessons from her new book of the same name, Lisa shares a message of love. Self-love, that is. As we are building our careers and our families, our education and our air miles, we also spend a lot of energy pretending to be everything for everybody. We expend significant effort to hide those aspects of ourselves that we think will tarnish our reputation. As we try to hide ourselves, our true essence is banished until we finally get the courage to love ourselves for exactly who we are at every moment and live with integrity and authenticity. Lisa paints a moving picture of transformation and healing so you, too, can begin the process of loving yourself as you are, the Impressive Woman.

This presentation is ideal for female audiences who are genuinely interested in empowering themselves to greatness. If your organization is interested in connecting your members or employees with a speaker who delivers from the heart, and who encourages all women to find their voice and authentically step into their power, this Impressive Woman is the speaker for you!

Life Transitions; It’s Your Time for a Fresh Start 

When you are faced with a major life transition, you have a clean slate in front of you. Is it scary? Sure it is. Exciting? Oh yeah! It’s YOUR time for a fresh start! It’s time to focus on what you really want and create a new life that excites you. Lisa will show you how to step through the fear of the unknown and embrace the opportunity in front of you. Her stories of triumph will inspire you to take a great big leap of faith and get moving!

This presentation is most suitable for groups or people who are facing a similar life transition such as new or graduating students, newlyweds, divorced adults, new parents, empty nesters, those switching careers, retirees, and so on. If your organization would like to empower your members, students, or employees to move through this life transition with grace and confidence so they can create a life that excites them, Lisa is the keynoter for you!

7 Steps to Create a Culture of Empowerment 

Improve job satisfaction, company loyalty, teamwork, and accountability by creating a Culture of Empowerment where you work. As a leader, it is imperative that you adopt a successful mindset in order to facilitate change that empowers and engages employees. In this motivating keynote, Lisa share her proprietary 7-step PROCESS that will get you excited and equipped to begin making a difference right away. Regardless of your position in the organization, you will walk away from this presentation knowing how important and influential you are to the success of your organization.

This keynote is ideal for an organization that is going through significant change and is committed to the development and retention of its members or employees. This presentation is just the ticket for relatable and relevant content to get your team excited about a new project, a new direction, or a new way of life.

Why You Need Lisa

Lisa L. Payne is a coach, speaker and author whose mission is to help her clients move through life transitions with grace and confidence so they can create a life that excites them.

In her mid-thirties, Lisa took a leap of faith and set out to recreate her own life. An extroverted over-achiever and chronic list-maker for as long as she can remember, Lisa found that checking goals off her list did not result in success as she defined it. In fact, she was so busy on the “Treadmill of Life” that she had completely lost her sense of self. She made a commitment to a journey of self-discovery that continues to strengthen her each day. Her personal vision of success is crystal clear; her confidence in her ability to live in possibility is unwavering.

Along her journey, Lisa has been challenged with chronic pain, divorce, relocation, illness, job loss, and financial hardship; she has also been rewarded with incredible abundance. In her personal life, Lisa currently enjoys fulfilling relationships with her friends, parents, children, and ex-husband. She has created a home that is full of laughter and love, and continually strives to maintain a solid balance to honour all of her personal values.

At 44, Lisa is busy as a life coach, workshop facilitator and keynote speaker, and she has released her first book, “What If They Knew? Secrets of an Impressive Woman”. The anthology, “Freeing Godiva: A Woman’s Journey of Self-Empowerment” from Insight Publishing features Lisa as one of 11 contributors. In it, she shares her personal story of challenge and inspiration – a story of perseverance and unwavering faith that has brought her great happiness.

True to her commitment to personal growth and development, Lisa has invested in her own education over the years, holding a Masters degree in Employment Relations as well as a Bachelor of Business Administration. She has always had a passion for human resource management and believes the development of the employee as a whole is critical to the success of any organization. Lisa gets great satisfaction working with teams to channel the contribution of all members toward a collective vision of success.

As President of Connections for Success Inc., she provides motivational services to her clients who include the RCMP, University of New Brunswick, the Province of Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and the International Association of Administrative Professionals. In 2012, she served as the President of the Newfoundland & Labrador Association of Professional Speakers. Currently, she is an active member of the St. John’s Board of Trade, the Mount Pearl-Paradise Chamber of Commerce and the Newfoundland & Labrador Organization of Women Entrepreneurs. Lisa also sits on the executive of the St. John’s Positive Thinkers Club.

With almost 20 years experience in the financial services industry, Lisa’s stories resonate with entrepreneurs, sales teams, call centre agents, administrative staff, and managers alike. Her youthful energy and natural ability to connect with her audience makes her a favorite presenter for organizations such as 4H, Allied Youth, and Katimavik. For many years Lisa has been an active volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters and Junior Achievement where she teaches our youth how to define and execute their dreams for a better future.

Born and raised in Gander, Newfoundland & Labrador, Lisa is pleased to be settled in her home province with its rich heritage and rugged natural beauty. She is surrounded by an amazing community that supports her vision of success. This year, 2014 has brought great abundance into all areas of Lisa life, leaving her fulfilled personally and professionally. Living her dream has included getting engaged to her high school crush and blending two families which include four teenagers, a tabby cat, a beta fish, and a bearded dragon.

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Why You Will Love Lisa

“During Lisa’s talk on How To Create A Culture of Empowerment, I noticed a few interesting things. I was curious how others in the room would receive this information as they were all working in larger organizations (I am a solo-entreprenuer). I was pleasantly surprised to see a captivated audience that were shaking their heads in agreement throughout the presentation. With group discussion I was able to realize that a lot of workplaces had similar problems that could be solved by implementing Lisa’s steps to creating a culture of empowerment.

What was even more fascinating was the conversation it was sparking with the attendees afterwards. I could see the ‘ah ha’s’ happen and them realizing that there is another way. It doesn’t have to be as dreary as it has been for them. There is a new culture awaiting them.

For myself, I enjoyed Lisa’s presentation because firstly, she is a fantastic speaker who owns her topic, speaks eloquently and is 100% present with the material and the audience. Secondly, I noted a few extra tidbits that while I don’t have a team of employees to implement with, I can implement with my clients, colleagues and contractors. It didn’t matter whether someone was a one person show like myself or work in a larger organization, the information Lisa provided was relevant to empowering everyone. And that makes a difference no matter what the number.

I would highly recommend hiring Lisa as a speaker, workshop leader or coach. She is passionate about what she is teaching, she knows it inside and out, plus she infuses humour into learning. It’s a winning combination. Thank you Lisa!”

Jennifer Trask
Chief Passion Officer, Jennifer Trask International

“During the workshop, Excite Your Team, I felt very comfortable in the environment that Lisa created. She made us feel welcome and at ease as soon as we entered the room. Throughout the day, my interest grew stronger as we indulged more into conversations and audience participation.
Coming out of the workshop, I feel I can focus more on being in the present and more in touch with my fellow staff members. Also, in my home life, I have learned to end my work day at the front door of my house, and begin my home life with my family. This has really positively impacted my communication with my daughter and the atmosphere we create with each other.”

Shelly Pike
Service Manager, O’Neill Nissan

“Participating in Lisa’s one day Excite Your Life session has changed my life forever. Although I had always been positive by nature, Lisa’s 7 step process forced me to evaluate what makes me happy. I have since started using several of the tools I had learned that day such as keeping a journal, setting intentions, repeating my affirmations and making a gratitude list. I believe that Lisa has helped me realize that taking care of myself is the best thing I can do for the people I love. Lisa has helped me reconnect with the joy in my life. Thank you Lisa for sharing your experiences and making a difference to all of those that you meet.”

Lori Dekleva
Workshop Participant, University of New Brunswick

“From the very first workshop that Lisa presented at UNB we knew we were on to something amazing. She engaged our staff immediately with her humour, straight-forward advice and guidance to empowerment, change and excitement. Her “Excite Your Life” workshop is full of those “oh yeah!” moments and participants come away feeling positive, encouraged and excited. We love to bring Lisa to UNB as part of our training, development and wellness programs for faculty and staff.”

Nicola Cassidy
Assistant to Associate Vice-President, Human Resources, University of New Brunswick

“Excite Your Team is a practical and inspiring module, that speaks to a broad audience. Lisa’s delivery is engaging and fun, helping to break down barriers that exist in everyone’s organization”

Jeff Lawlor
Town of Portugal Cove-St. Phillips, NL

“I worked with Lisa and benefited from completing her “Excite Your Life” Program. Lisa is a natural coach who enables individuals to ‘find their own answers’. This program helped me remove my own road blocks to make progress towards my personal and professional goals. Specifically, Lisa enabled me to strengthen my ability to empathize with some important people in my life. The unexpected benefit was that by first getting out the anger; and then empathizing with their situation, this really lifted a load off my shoulders; and a lot of negativity that I carried with me. What particularly surprised me, was that once I completed Lisa’s program, this was really just the beginning of reaping the benefits from Lisa’s coaching. A lot of great things started happening almost effortlessly in my life, both personally and professionally, without having to work so hard for them. Working with Lisa was a rich experience that I would highly recommend to anyone who may need a boost; or require some support to make rapid progress towards reaching their dreams and goals.”

Susan Power
Coaching Client

“I wanted to send a quick message to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed your work since we met this weekend. I finished [your books] “What if they Knew” and am almost through “Freeing Godiva” (I skipped ahead to your chapter) and thought both books were fantastic! I’ll definitely be passing along “What if they Knew” … and will keep it in mind for future gifts for impressive women in my life. Your talk was inspirational and has been the talk of the town all week so its likely that others are sitting around their living rooms, looking at icebergs, feeling just as positive as I am right now!”

Nina Elliott


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