Karen Furneaux

Health, Wellness and Performance Leader
Halifax, Nova Scotia

What Karen is Passionate About


This signature keynote takes you on a journey of the 5 Keys to engaging your best performance and empowering personal leadership.  Karen uses personal stories from her Olympic experiences and parallels them to audience-specific challenges.  Get your heart pumping!  Karen gets people moving and grooving.  You will leave with inspiration and actionable steps forward toward your own personal Power Process.

FIT to Perform Workshop + EmPowered Wellness Challenge 

Put your inspiration into action!  This Workshop teaches participants the value of daily physical movement and health tips to power up your productivity!  This session will empower you to step out of your comfort zone and focus your energy into your goals.  Participants should be open to movement and stretching and specific knowledge will be acquired in proactive postural health and core strength.  Participants will also receive a one-week take home wellness challenge

*Ask us about customized company yoga mats & therapy bands.

Power UP Success! The Keys to Successful Thinking 

You don’t want to miss this session – we will uncover the ONE thing that ALL successful people do! Participants engaged in this session will explore an Olympian mindset philosophy that anyone can use for success.


– Explore what successful thinking looks like.

– Define keys to frame up goals for best results.

– Activate in-the-moment meditation techniques to focus the mind and build on stress management skills training.

– Learn how to catch thinking traps and beliefs that consistently can hold us back and keep from achieving or even starting our goals.

Learn how to bring these skills to the forefront to move the energy forward and form power thoughts to keep on track!


Be POWER: Full! 

Flip the switch on simple habits to engage more power in your life! This workshop explores three different areas – nutrition, sleep, and fitness – where you can ignite your goals and learn to be proactive with your health. We will create some serious energy together! Participants should be prepared for light movement and stretching.


Fueling Power- Nutrition and supplementation

-Eating proactively for optimal immune system functioning

-How to eat on the bolt!

-Keys to keeping your health habits engaged while on the road.

Recharging Power- Sleep and learning to rejuvenate

-Learn techniques to get into a deep delta mind state where you can relax

-Experience techniques where you can massage and use trigger point therapy to reduce tension, inflammation and pain

-Explore some natural supplement ideas to help with relaxed, restorative rest

Power in Motion

-Learn ways to create your own workout

-Establish and take away your key 5-25-minute power workouts!

-Discover the power of daily movement, body rolling and stretching techniques for increased energy

*Ask us about foam rollers for your team! 

Why You Need Karen

Step into the mind of an Olympian and multiple-time World Champion! Leave feeling a renewed sense of self-belief, passion and energy to follow your Dreams!

Karen Furneaux is a 3-Time Olympian and 2-Time World Champion and winner of over 50 World Cup Medals! Karen is a 2-time Finalist for Canada’s Female Athlete of the Year and 5-Time winner Nova Scotia Female Athlete of the Year and has been honoured with Queen Elizabeth Golden Jubilee Medal, the 2013 recipient of the Progress Women of Excellence Award for Health and Wellness as well as the Charles Yatzman Award for Sports Person of the Americas.

Karen completed her Masters of Science Degree from Dalhousie University in Kinesiology, with specialization in Sport Psychology.  She holds multiple certifications, and has undergone extensive Team and Leadership training through Cornell University.  In 2010, Karen founded a pro-active corporate health and wellness company, I Promise Performance, Inc., which leads corporate teams to be healthier, in fitness habits, performance nutrition and stress management training.

Karen is an accomplished professional speaker and has spoken at numerous international conferences as well as worked with many organizations including: Deloitte, McDonald’s, Intercontinental Hotels, Bell, ScotiaBank, Investors Group, Irving Oil, Xerox, Liverpool University, Dalhousie University, Progress Club, Coca Cola, RBC Royal Bank, United Way, Halifax Port Authority, Colour, Spirit Spa, Gold Plates and Visa to name a few. Most recently, she has become a professional member of CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers).

Audiences leave Karen’s sessions feeling a powerful shift in momentum along with a sense of optimism and courage to implement new ideas into practice and step forward into a new light. People feel more appreciation, energized, motivated and most importantly empowered to own their personal performance.

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Why You Will Love Karen

“What an amazing day we had yesterday!! Thank you LimeLight and Karen for all your hard work on this event. The office is buzzing with excitement and passion this morning, we even came in the office today with one team manager running a stretching session with his team! They loved it! I Can’t thank you enough for what a great experience that was!”

Troy Munroe
Academy Trainer, Admiral Insurance

“I came in today to witness a full on Body Break moment happening in Team Josh’s area!  They all had smiles on their faces and enjoyed being up and about.  There’s no time better than RIGHT NOW to implement new changes!”

Operations Manager
Admiral Insurance

“Karen was excellent. Personable, genuine and motivational. She was the perfect fit for our conference, a great Keynote speaker and inspirational note to end the day on.”

Janet McKeough, MB
Past President – MBAAC / CMBA Atlantic

“I loved that all areas of health and fitness were covered! The amount of knowledge you have to share is amazing! I have more energy, I have more ability to focus throughout my day. The increase in confidence is amazing! I don’t crash at 3 pm!”

Todd King
Senior Partner, Deloitte

“Karen offered a truly inspiring talk that motivated my whole management team. She helps everyone feel that they have something meaningful to contribute and that individual goals matter!”

Dave Murray
Owner, McDonald’s Restaurants

“Karen offered a fantastic lecture around connecting to your personal power and aligning with your current wellness-related goals and passions. She spoke with ease to our distinguished group of alumni and friends. Very inspirational.”

Vice Chancellor, Sir Howard Newby
University of Liverpool

“I was one of the Scotiabankers at the meeting last Wednesday, and I just had to write to you to thank you for such and inspiring and energizing speech!
I am 63 yrs of age, and I still have dreams and will never stop dreaming because I agree with you that you should always have a dream or goal and go for it!
I have put my dream on the top of “Mount Everest”…….and I will get there. I hope that you carry on with your work and inspire lots more people like me.
You are so young, but you have so many achievements already. I wouldn’t be surprised if someday, you are a famous writer or speaker, as well as a sports heroine 🙂
Good luck with all of your future endeavors!”

Shirley Saywood
Bank of Nova Scotia

“Karen was very inspiring and made us all feel so special. Very interesting and relatable approach for our international conference group.”

Sarah Joseph
Director of Opreations, IHG Owners Association (Intercontinental Hotels)


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