Jonathan Zinck

Award-Winning Fitness Instructor and Self-Care Expert
Timmins, Ontario

What Jonathan is Passionate About

Self-Care for Care Providers 

First, a question. What is the definition of an Athlete? An Athlete is a person who uses their body at a much higher intensity than the average person to accomplish their goals. Jonathan believes that you, a Care Provider, are an Emotional Athlete. To do your job well, you use your emotions at a much higher level that the average person to accomplish your goal of providing great care. It sounds simple, yes?

A physical athlete treats their body in a very careful way, especially with nutrition. They need the right kind of food and the right amount of calories. As a Care Provider, how is your Emotional Nutrition? Are you getting enough of the right kind of emotional recharge? Jonathan learned that sitting on the couch and watching TV is not going to let you come back to your job with the energy and optimism that you need.

When you experience “Self-Care for Care Providers” you will learn proven and powerful Positive Psychology Techniques like the Gratitude Letter, the Three Blessing Exercise and more. These new skills will help you remember why you wanted to be a Care Provider in the first place. Jonathan even has a method to get you excited about exercise! (We need to take care of our bodies and minds).

You care for others. It’s your turn to let Jonathan care for you.

Why You Need Jonathan

Jonathan has a 25-year career in the Caregiving Field working with at-risk youth, helping adults with physical and intellectual exceptionalities, and counselling people with mental illnesses.  He has learned one lesson above all others…you have to take care of yourself first before you can step forward to take care of other people.  Lifeguards are expected to be stronger swimmers than the average person, and Caregivers need to have more emotional energy than the average person!


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Why You Will Love Jonathan

“Jonathan is a dynamic and engaging speaker whose topics relate to all audiences. The Timmins YJC volunteers look forward to and even request his seminars every year as a means of personal and professional growth.”

Chantal Girard
Youth Justice Committee Coordinator

“After listening to Jonathan Zinck, I realized that I was not living a healthy lifestyle and I chose to follow his advice. I made healthy lifestyle choices with food, exercise and sleep. After one year I had lost approximately 75 pounds of fat and felt physically and emotionally much stronger.”

Judie Martin
Real Estate Salesperson

“I truly enjoyed the seminar this afternoon! We should have things like that more often! I love how the seminar was focused on the positive end of the stick.”

Manager at Bell Aliant

“We were absolutely thrilled to have Jonathan as one of our keynote speakers at our 2014 National Health Quality Conference for Extendicare employees working in long term care. We loved Jonathan’s presentation so much that we continue to plan future events together that we know will benefit our employees in better self care today and beyond.”

Melanie Kozlow
Extendiacare National Quality Conrference Organizer


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