JJ Brun

Human Behaviour and Communication Specialist
Ottawa, Ontario

What JJ is Passionate About

Presenting Ideas and Getting Buy-in 

Ever had a great idea shot down by a skeptic? Discover the way to communicate and gain buy-in when presenting an idea to your audience every time you speak. World-class communicator, JJ Brun shares 3 keys that will equip you to connect with any group for maximum impact. Imagine what you could accomplish:

• Learn why many people fail to be convincing.
• Learn to enhance your ability to connect and communicate by design and not by chance.
• Learn to identify the communication patterns for an individual or group.
• Learn how to present the same idea in four different ways to ensure buy-in.
• Learn to read, identify and overcome doubts, reservations, hesitation and objections

Get better collaboration from the people you work with and the people who your report to.

Decoding Human Capital: How to Make Sense of the People Puzzle 

Do you want to achieve better results with your most valuable resource? How about creating an environment of respect, open, honest communication, creativity and getting things done in a challenging economy? Would you like a secret to “out – perform” your competition? JJ Brun as a leading authority on Decoding Human Capital shares tips on how to make sense of the people puzzle. Imagine what you could accomplish when you:

• Learn four key principles to enhance productivity, communication and leadership skills
• Learn how to adjust your style to connect with the people in business and in your personal life
• Learn to create an environment that will celebrate people’s differences vs tolerate people’s differences

Why You Need JJ

JJ Brun, a retired spy, was trained by the military to operate in hostile environments and elicit buy-in from a wide variety of people. Now a human behaviour and communication specialist, he speaks across North America, showing law enforcement agencies, recruitment professionals, judges, sales people and managers how to read people, how to interpret what people say, how to elicit information and how to get buy-in when presenting ideas.

Jean Jacques Joseph Brun or JJ, as he is also known internationally, is a man who is purpose-driven. In 1999, after serving the Canadian Forces (15 years within the Intelligence Branch) he founded JJ Communications Inc., a training company dedicated to inform and enlighten people on the subject of Human Behaviour and effective communication practices. He has seen firsthand the revelation such knowledge can bring to personal and professional relationships.

JJ Communications is founded on the belief that knowledge of Human Behaviour is a skill that should be shared to enrich individuals and organizations.  Anyone looking to better understand themselves and other people will find what they need with JJ.

Speaking to everyone from industry leaders to students, JJ has helped thousands of people learn to relate and communicate more effectively in their own business and personal lives. His years of service within Human Intelligence (HUMINT) of the Canadian Forces Intelligence Branch fostered his interest in how people think and act the way they do. Through JJ’s unique application of the DISC methodology of understanding Human Behaviour and specialized Interview, Debriefing and Elicitation (IDE) training, JJ provides the keys to recognizing what certain behaviour indicates and how to interpret and respond to that information.

JJ draws on his many years of experience in the field of Human Behaviour and intelligence to bring clarity to his keynote presentations, training and  consulting work.  Leaders and decision makers around the globe turn to JJ to get them moving in the right direction, towards more effective communication.

Ensuring communication is clear right from the start, saves immense amounts of time and effort. Learning about the communication needs and styles of other people, learning to recognize them and adapt to them, is the key to being a more effective communicator. This ability is useful from the boardroom to the living-room, from casual conversation to conflict resolution. JJ has committed his life and his business to the principles of Human Behaviour and communication.  That commitment shines through in everything he does.

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Why You Will Love JJ

“…a new understanding of the way I manage my clients. Working in the banking industry I get the chance to deal with many clients, therefore many different personalities. I look forward to attend other presentations in the future.”

P. Dufour
TD Canada Trust

“This course will provide me the opportunity to perfect my interaction skills with these individuals. Overall evaluation of this program – excellent!”

P. Trudeau
Bombardier Aerospace

“JJ’s Keynote presentation for our non-profit society AGM was one of the most interesting and informative Keynote talks I’ve seen. Not only was he entertaining, but he provided a look into using the skills of a spy in everyday life and business. JJ is an inspiring speaker who spun a fun/exciting talk into something I now want to pursue to increase my day to day business success.”

T. Yaxley
Roke Technologies Ltd.

“This was the best investment I have ever made in a learning and development seminar.”

R. Lambe
Fisheries and Oceans Canada

“The presentation incorporated many personal stories from his time as a spy as well lessons learned in his personal life giving the talk added entertainment. All in all, it is difficult to find presenters who can bring entertainment to a presentation that can also be used for personal and professional development – but that is exactly what JJ offered us. Job well done!”

Dustin Menger
President, Canadian Well Logging Society


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