Jason Cyrus

A Mesmerizing Keynote Experience
Moncton, New Brunswick

What Jason is Passionate About

Achieve the Unthinkable  

Personally or professionally, we all set goals. We all want to reach our goals to succeed in our lives. Whether it be meeting a monthly quota, losing 20 pounds, quitting a nasty habit or furthering our training and education, we all want to improve. We know the path, we know how to get there. We have the desire. We have the passion. We want to do it. What is standing in the way of reaching our goals? It seems that no matter how strong our desire is to reach our goals, we are met with challenges, distractions and complications. Obstacles always seem to get in our way and ultimately impede success.    

In this entertaining and engaging keynote, Jason Cyrus shares personal experience and insight as he explains what’s holding most people back from accomplishing their dreams—along with scientifically proven ways to overcome them. The truth is, there is a way to reach our goals, accomplish our dreams. Some people think that getting what we want, getting what makes us happy is reserved for the highly talented and highly educated men and women. This is simply untrue. However, successful people are unique. What sets them apart from everyone else is their ability to practice visionary thinking. Those who can imagine happiness, success and a better world are free to shape the future. Those who cannot only wonder what it would be like. 

If you can dream it, you can achieve it! 


Programing yourself for success
The power of self-hypnosis
Using Visionary Thinking to become a High Achiever and reach your goals 
How easily fears can be overcome
• How to get and stay motivated using your Imagination
• Embrace Faith and believe in yourself 

Why You Need Jason

Jason Cyrus is a Professional Hypnotist (C.H), Naturopath (N.C), Neuro Change Practitioner (NCP) Speaker and Self-Empowerment Expert.

Born in the small coal mining village of Minto, NB and son of country music legend the late Joey Knight, Jason has always been loved for his big heart, quick wit, great sense of humor, family values and charismatic personality. 

Like a true Canadian boy, Jason has always had a love for hockey combined with talent and skill.  During his hockey career, Jason played on AAA hockey teams and received many awards including MOST VALUABLE PLAYER.  His success led to an invitation to try out for a Junior A hockey team in Ontario.  His hard work and dedication earned him a position on the team which led to many other opportunities. 

Jason fostered his love for magic and hypnosis at a very young age and is now called “Canada’s Stage Hypnosis KING” by the country’s entertainment capital, Niagara Falls. Jason began touring at the major theatres/casinos across Canada and very quickly had one of the hottest tickets in town.  Audiences are completely blown away by his highly entertaining world class shows coming from everywhere to experience the laughter and thrills.  Jason continues to pack the theatres more and more each and every year.  Major corporate companies hire him for headline entertainment for their company events. 

In 2016, he developed a very powerful keynote speech entitled “Achieve the Unthinkable” combining entertainment with a message that is leaving corporate companies, high schools, universities and non-profit groups completely BLOWN AWAY by this unique presentation. Jason shows you how you can put the scientific principles to work in your business and personal life by using the power of hypnosis, imagination and visualization. You will quickly find out why he leaves audiences “Spellbound” says Dr. David Scott, (Associate Professor Faculty of Kinesiology & Montreal Canadians sports psychologist) with his “Life Changing” message.  

In addition to his stage shows and engaging keynote presentations, he also is considered by many professionals as one of the top hypnotherapist in the world working with clients virtually and one on one at 360 Health Centre in Moncton NB. He is a certified clinical hypnotherapist (C.H) (International Hypnosis Association), (National Guild of Hypnotist), certified with the Mike Mandle Hypnosis Academy (Neo-Ericksonian Hypnosis), Naturopath (N.C) (The Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada) and a member of the Alliance of Professional Naturopath and Naturotherapist. In 2022, Jason became a Neuro Change Practitioner (NCP) though Neuro Change Institute based in Australia and was taught by PhD level teachers that are the best in their field from some of the top universities. (Harvard Medical School, The University of Queensland and Yale University to name a few). He studied Beliefs, Mindset, Emotional Intelligence, the subconscious/unconscious and Neuroplasticity (The brain’s ability to learn and adapt).  

 Jason is able to help his clients reach their true potential while enhancing and improving their lives. He specializes in working with Athletes. The success and popularity of his shows and speaking engagements have increased his clientele as people travel from far to see him privately.  Jason enjoys all aspects of his career.  While he enjoys performing and speaking in front of large audiences, he also finds working one on one with clients equally if not more rewarding. 

He still enjoys playing hockey, weight lifting and golf but his real dedication belongs to his wife Catherine and daughter Chloe.  He values the time he spends with them. 

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Why You Will Love Jason

Jason Cyrus… Words can’t describe how talented this artist truly is.  Jason gifted us with his presence during two separate banquets where he really tailored his keynote speech ‘achieve the unthinkable’ to the audience.  He did his research ahead of time to know exactly who was in the audience which made everyone in the crowd feel extra special and appreciated.  He made everyone feel at ease and won us all over with his enthusiasm, empowering words, knowledge, creativity and charming personality.   

He takes his art seriously but knows how to have the BEST time with it!  It was MIND BLOWING for us all to see just how, with a snap of his fingers, people were ‘under his spell’.  He was upfront about not wanting to embarrass or disrespect participants and was true to his word.  Clean hilarious exciting fun!!  My face still hurts from laughing!! 

Cyrus was so easy to work with.  He was accommodating, respectful and very professional.  At the end of the day, he’s a good guy who finds joy in bringing a sense of wonder and empowerment to people all while allowing them to experience a truly unique and incredible experience.  He was by far the highlight of the evening and the AC/DC of speakers!  

Cliché, but I’m going to say it… Cyrus truly was hypnotizing!!

Sylvie Boudreau, Event Coordinator, Children’s Residential Services
Department of Social Development, Region 3, Fredericton

I had the pleasure of attending and being hypnotized twice by Jason Cyrus.  One was a stage show and one was his motivational “Achieve the Unthinkable” event put on.  After both nights, some amazing life changes started happening.  Not only did I stop texting and driving, biting my nails, and binge eating, but I was also released from certain lifetime self-limiting beliefs and fears.  I came away from the event highly motivated to make better choices for myself and within 24 hours I was applying for the job of my dreams in the Cayman Islands.  It has been two months since I met Jason Cyrus (what a wonderful man) and I have now landed the dream job and we are moving to Cayman Islands.  Thanks for the work in my mind Jason and I could listen to that soothing voice and watch him over and over.  Well worth dancing like Ricky Martin. Thank you Cyrus.

Jason Jones, M.Ed, CCC, LCTCanadian Certified Counsellor & Licensed Counselling Therapist
Atlantic Wellness Community Center

About three weeks ago, our company had Hypnotist Jason Cyrus come inspire us with his unique, impactful and amazingly entertaining presentation.  Throughout the preparation process, Jason was available and open to discussing topics that were important to our vision.  He took our feedback and simply knocked it out of the park.  Not only was a great time had by all, but the messaging was bang on.  His ability to deliver his message of visualization to meet goals while creating a fun, safe environment made the conference a success. It was a truly memorable experience and I highly recommend Jason for any corporate function, he’s a class act!!

Michel Roach
Manager Business Development at Farm Credit Canada

If you haven’t seen this guy yet you need to hunt him down! Jason has such a fantastic message while making you laugh. He was with us for an hour and it was so much fun it felt like only minutes! Jason Cyrus thank you for your message to us at NBDAA. ? Can’t wait to see you again.

Heather Melvin, CDA
Office Coordinator, New Brunswick Dental Assistants’ Association

WOW! The most entertaining stage presentation I have ever heard was at a conference where Jason performed. He had the crowd in the palm of his hand. It was the best, smoothest and most powerful night of laughs I personally ever witnessed. Even more important were the great practical insights that help us to be more productive and capable of reaching our potential. Jason is an example of character stage presence and great people skills.

Dr. L.D. Buckingham (Pastor), Founder and CEO
Bucking Leadership Institute, A Ministry of Kingswood University


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