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Jamie Broughton

Author and Leadership Specialist
Toronto, Ontario

What Jamie is Passionate About

Four Secrets to Breakthrough Leadership 

Reaching for big goals and taking on brand new challenges are two of the most common situations facing Emerging Leaders. Most don’t do as well as they could because they’re limited by what they think leadership is all about.

The good news is that many of the common myths and assumptions about what it takes to lead are false. In this “interactive keynote”, I’ll bring the often exclusive view of leadership back down to earth where it belongs. I’ll also give you the essential tools and perspectives needed to break the dam on the results you and your company are capable of.


1. Tame the #1 factor that can squash peak performance. Once you understand how this works, you’ll never look at “taking chances” the same way again. Sadly, many don’t have this leadership insight. They get stuck and don’t flourish as a result.

2. Build the crucial muscle all great leaders use but 98% ignore. Although many are aware of this, its impact is usually misjudged and its potential rarely captured. It’s one of the most empowering aspects of leadership available to you. I’ll show you why.

3. Become skilled at uncovering and eliminating leadership inhibitors. As people, we’re wonderfully creative at coming up with reasons and excuses that stop us from reaching for what we really want. You’ll see how to get past these leadership barriers for good.

4. Commit to the only thing that will produce the results you want. All the strategizing, discussing, planning, pontificating and clarity are worthless without this. With the other essential secrets in hand, this element will be easier to master than ever before.

The Great Work Kickstart 

There are Just Three Types of Work

Here’s a simple but powerful way at looking at the work you do. Everything falls into one of three buckets:

Bad Work: the bureaucratic waste of time. Bad meetings, processes and paperwork


Good Work: your job description and the bulk of your everyday work. It keeps the wheels turning


Great Work: the work that makes a difference, has an impact, and creates meaning. The work that helps individuals grow and organizations flourish

These days we’re all overwhelmed, just trying to stay on top of the Good Work that keeps coming at us. But what if the people in your team and organization had the focus, courage and resilience to do more Great Work and less of all the other stuff?

Increase Impact, Resilience and Meaning

This program is specifically designed to give employees the self-management skills and tools they need to increase their impact, their personal effectiveness and their level of engagement.

Each program session is customized for individual clients, but all have the same objective: to help your people support the organization’s goals while they find, start and self-manage their own Great Work.


– Untangle the difference between Good Work and Great Work (and why they should care)


– Discover the sources of Great Work (and learn which is the only one you can control)


– Uncover the seeds of where you can seek out your own Great Work (there are at least two places to look)


– Learn how to align your Great Work Project with organizational needs and how best to balance competing responsibilities

– See why companies such as Google use projects as a key way of staying focused on Great Work and practice using the Great Work Project template


– Share strategies to balance your competing responsibilities

Employees, managers and leaders will leave with a Great Work Project Plan that not only increases their sense of purpose and engagement, but will also contribute directly to the organization’s strategic goals.

If you’d like your people to better manage the overwhelm and focus on the work that matters, this program can help.

“This hits just the right balance of stimulus, depth, practicality and entertainment! Already, many of the ideas are in the language across British Gas and we are starting to see some real results.” Laura Walker, Head of Training, British Gas.


– Customizable as a two-hour, half-day or full-day session


– Supported by a 30-day follow-up program to keep participants engaged


– Available for up to 200 participants


– Appropriate for all levels of employees


– Delivered by the Box of Crayons faculty


An ideal complement to a conference or off-site

Coaching for Great Work 

Real-world, results-oriented coaching skills for the time-strapped manager.

Now more than ever, managers are responsible for keeping those around them focused on the work that really matters, resilient to what comes and performing at their very best. You can’t afford less. Coaching effectively doesn’t have to be a “black-art,” require years of training, the perfect personality type or as much time as you think. Indeed, when you have a proven, straight-forward, paint-by-numbers system you can capture the bulk of the value coaching has to offer very quickly and easily.


1. Learn the four barriers that keep coaching’s value out of reach. Unaddressed, these barriers leave most HR coaching initiatives as simply “a nice idea that didn’t stand a chance.”

2. Take away the ten best coaching questions. Not just any questions, but questions designed to get to the heart of the matter, generate fresh possibilities and spark anyone into action quickly and easily.

3. Practice a coaching structure you can use in 10 minutes or less. Yes, you heard right, 10 minutes or less. Who has the time for regular, long, in-depth discussions; you’ve got a business to run.

– 2 hours


– Any level of management


– Great program to open peoples’ eyes to the impact/value of coaching

Coaching for Great Work- Full Day 

Typical Coach Training Isn’t Working

Your managers and leaders want to coach more – but they’re overwhelmed. Too many strategic priorities, too much email, too many meetings, rising expectations and the complications of getting a team to be more than the sum of its parts.

Under stress like this, old management habits die hard.

Bottom line? ‘Do more coaching’ is easy in theory and difficult in practice for the time-stretched manager. A recent study found that, even with managers trained in coaching skills, less than 25% of people receiving coaching said it was having a significant impact on either performance or satisfaction.

Those are shocking statistics. And unlike every other coach program for managers we’ve seen, Coaching for Great Work was built from scratch to tackle head-on the barriers that stop managers coaching more.

A New Approach That Works

This program is a simple, practical approach for the time-crunched manager. It solves the challenge of why coaching in organizations isn’t working as well as it should. This comprehensive coaching program gives managers, executives and leaders that skills and capacity to provide focused, results-based coaching in ten minutes or less. It builds focus, expands possibilities and creates accountability, all to help drive engagement and increase employee impact.

It’s rooted in real-world managerial challenges and tied to strategic objectives, so it has context and relevance. The coaching skills program hones in on simple every day processes. Your leaders will discover three key coaching moments that are doable by all managers, not just those who are more people-oriented. And our coaching skills program understands that all managers are too busy, and shows how they can coach in ten minutes or less.

At the end of the program, managers, executives and leaders are able to use coaching skills to:

– Focus themselves and their team on the stuff that really matters


– Get (and keep) people excited, motivated and engaged


– Have the difficult conversations they’ve been avoiding


– Create bigger thinking and fresh ideas


– Manage the overwhelm


– Develop a more self-sufficient team

Ideal Audience

– A one-day session with and optional 120 day implementation program


– Available for between 12 and 20 participants


– Best fit for mid and senior management

Why You Need Jamie

They say that poor students make the best teachers. That’s good, because Jamie spent over 20 years trying to figure out what this leadership thing is all about. He spent much of his life being shy, unsure and understated. He had an average life as a result.

In 1995, he got a wake-up call that changed everything. His fiancée was almost killed in a car/bike crash. She slipped into a coma that lasted 28 days and later needed five years of rehab to recover. During that time, Jamie took a long, hard look at the mediocre life he had been living. He didn’t like what he saw.

This experience launched him on a personal crusade to study leadership and dramatically change his life.

Today, Jamie’s firm, Footprint Leadership is North America’s specialist at growing and leveraging Emerging Leaders in organizations. His award-winning book, The Emerging Leader: Identify, Ignite and Retain Your Company’s Next Generation of Leaders, he has received acclaim from best-selling authors Stephen M.R. Covey and Marshall Goldsmith, among others. He’s also the creator of the LinkedIn™ research group Tools to Maximize Executive Coaching ROI, host to top-tier firms seeking bottom-line results from coaching.

He has addressed audiences across the nation on the topics of leadership, coaching and high-performance. He’s the author of hundreds of articles on the same topics and has been featured in The Globe and Mail and on CBC radio.

His passion for helping organizations develop their upcoming talent is palpable and his speaking and facilitation engagements are funny and engaging yet practical and designed to stick. He’s also a cycling fanatic and spends too much money on bikes.

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Why You Will Love Jamie

“Jamie, we were completely thrilled with the outcome of your Do More Great Work session for our company-wide conference. The feedback right across the board from our executives to our admin team was universally positive. It was the perfect mix of inspiration, meaningful content and a lot of laughs, and your ‘spot-on’ facilitation played a huge role in its success. You hit it out of the ballpark for us, thank you!”

Paul Koreen
Senior Vice President

“You’re a very engaging keynote speaker. Your delivery is passionate, humorous and lively. You have the presence, speaking power and the ability to draw individuals in on whatever topic you are talking about. I’d absolutely recommend you as a speaker.”

Director of Professional Development
Human Resources Professionals of York Region

“We were launching a major national, strategic initiative around a new culture at The Bay. The C4GW program was brought in to give our key managers across the country the coaching skills needed to sustain the cultural and behavioural change we needed. While the content was delivered in a fun and highly interactive way, it was the simplicity and immediate applicability of the material that was very refreshing. Our team is eager and engaged. I’m delighted with the impact the program has had on our people and what they’re doing as a result (and frankly, I’m not easily delighted). Definitely recommended!”

Jim Campbell
Senior Manager, Learning and Development Hudson's Bay Company


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