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Hugh Culver

Author, Thinker, and Motivational Speaker
Kelowna, British Columbia

What Hugh is Passionate About

THINK, PLAN, ACT - How to Create Extraordinary Results in the Age of Distraction 

We live in an Age of Distraction, where interruptions, multi-tasking, email, and To-Do lists distract us from what’s important. Instead of putting in more hours, or having more meetings, we need to Think better, Plan smarter, and Act now to change the course of our results.

Based on his best-selling book, Give Me a Break, Hugh Culver’s keynote Think, Plan, Act is perfect for busy people who want more than another time management lesson.

Consistently voted as “best of the event”, Think, Plan, Act challenges audiences to be more effective at work, in relationships, with their health, and at home.

Motivational, instructional, and challenging, this content-rich keynote is an exciting experience for any audience. Nurses, CEO’s, salespeople, and accountants have all voted with standing ovations to Think, Plan, Act. Will your audience be next?

What You Will Learn

THINK – changing your results starts by changing your story (your audience will actually experience this)! This life-changing lesson continues to impact chronic procrastinators, frustrated leaders, and overwhelmed employees.

PLAN – interruptions are inevitable – poor planning shouldn’t be. Learn how to Plan Like a Pilot and work from a Flight Plan to literally create time for your most important work.

ACT – exercising the secret power of habits can improve your willpower, resilience, productivity, and your results. You will learn the three parts to any habit and how new rewards can create new habits almost immediately.


FACING THE TIGER - How to Turn any Conflict into Opportunities 

Conflict in relationships is inevitable—broken promises, personality clashes, and insensitive comments can lead to tension — even arguments. This may be a good thing!

Facing the Tiger is a remarkable program that teaches a productive-feedback model designed to strengthen even the toughest relationships. Beginning with a better understanding of Pinches (the source of all conflict), you learn a powerful feedback structure to gain win/win solutions.

This is proven approach that empowers people to take the initiative and turn conflict into opportunities.

What You Will Learn

– Learn the real cost of unresolved Pinches at work
discover the one reason all conflict starts, and why this matters
– A five-step formula for initiating a productive conversation with your Tigers
– Get four communication tools to enhance any difficult conversation

(Seminar/Break Out)

LEADERSHIP TOOLBOX - How to Engage Followers to Lead 

Great leaders are not born – they have learned specific skills that allow them to accomplish great things with people. Leaders that consistently practice these skills can bring the best out of people by engaging them with clear direction and feedback.

The Leadership Toolbox is a foundational program for leaders who want to get work done, enrol staff into a bigger vision and delegate more effectively.

What You Will Learn

Model — how we listen, keep promises, and manage our time are small things that create big impact over time. Learn how to identify and get leverage from small changes in your daily leadership.

Delegate — the art of delegation is not only about getting work down, it’s about developing people. Discover how to turn a task into a development opportunity.

Communicate — discover how to listen to learn and speak to motivate with eight simple practices you can easily turn into a leadership style.

(Seminar/Break Out)

RECLAIMING THE CLOCK - Getting More of the Right Stuff Done Every Day 

It’s easy to get busy – email, interruptions, meetings, and clutter can keep us busy and distracted from what’s important. Without better systems and habits, “busy” becomes an excuse for missed deadlines, procrastination, needless rushing, and mistakes.

ReClaiming the Clock is an exciting approach to getting more from your minutes, without making more lists or working faster. This proven model will show you how to create more time for planning, improving systems, reconnecting with staff, and even creative thinking.

Consistently rated as ‘best of the event’, ReClaiming the Clock is the perfect addition to any conference or staff event.

What You Will Learn

– The secret of keeping your Boulders rolling.
– How to avoid the Deadly Interruptis Disease.
– Why you need to move from a To Do list to Planning like a Pilot.
– Eight ways to Jump Start your Day – in charge and in control.
– How to adopt the 2 Minute Rule and quickly reduce distractions.
– Get 12 strategies for putting meetings on a diet.

(Seminar/Break Out)

Give Me Break 


The art of making time work for you

 We are working in a time of distraction – endless emails, back-to-back meetings, interruptions, and growing work demands are taking their toll. People are constantly rushing, multi-tasking, bringing work home, and struggling to find time for themselves and their family.

 Based on Hugh Culver’s new book, Give Me a Break, this exciting keynote is an essential message for anyone who has a To-Do list that never seems to end and is tired of always being busy. With his unique, high-energy approach, and proven insights, Hugh will show your audience how they can move away from always running late, and move instead towards more productivity, better health, improved relationships, and – yes – even greater happiness.

 Learning Points:

PLAN LIKE A PILOT – interruptions are inevitable, but poor planning shouldn’t be. Like a pilot, we have to invest in planning time – to review, reflect, and refocus on our destination.

 CLEAN YOUR WINDOW – learn how changing your results actually starts by changing your story. Hugh will share the four steps to creating your new, better story that will help you excel in all areas of your life.

 GO WITH THE FLOW – discover the little-known secret to maximizing your sales and work results by working with your energy flow. This strategy also includes exorcising your email, putting meetings on a diet, and clearing the clutter.

 This is a high-energy and interactive presentation that will have your audience engaged, laughing, and learning.




Why You Need Hugh

Hugh Culver MBA, CSP is an author of over 100 articles on personal success, master trainer, athlete, and a professional facilitator and speaker. He pioneered tourism flights to the South Pole, was a professional adventure guide for 18 years in British Columbia, Antarctica and the Yukon, white-water kayaking competitor, mountain climber, and endurance athlete and has even golfed at the North Pole!

Hugh’s presentations combine street-smart advice with an engaging and often hilarious delivery style that reaches over 25,000 people each year. His clients include: shoppers Drug Mart, Western Union, Royal Bank of Canada, BC Lottery Corporation, Imperial Oil, Sun Rype Products, Food Services America, many provincial ministries, municipal governments and associations as well as four universities and colleges.

Hugh D. Culver MBA is a Certified Professional Speaker (one of only 40 in Canada) a Certified Facilitation Professional (one of 80 in Canada). In addition to his professional work, Hugh is the founding director of Dare2Dream, a youth leadership sea kayaking program on the West Coast of British Columbia.

Hugh’s first book “Give me a Break: The Art of Making Time Work for You” is now available.

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Why You Will Love Hugh

“You were instrumental in the success of our Conference.”

Hank Oostveen

“Not only was Hugh’s presentation inspiring, it was also incredibly funny and emotional. I was so happy I hired him again!”

Lesley Brown
VP, Corporate Canada Western Union Business Solutions

“The time you took to interview and talk with our people really made a big difference!”

Karen Bossin
Director, Shoppers Drug Mart

“Brilliant solutions for one of our greatest challenges—making the best of every day.”

Peter Robinson
CEO, The David Suzuki Foundation

“You taught us little things we can change for the better and you practiced that in your presentation today.”

Roy Martin
Regional Vice President, PepsiCo Foods Canada


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