Heath Slawner

Trust-Based Leadership, Thrive on Purpose, Influence
Toronto, ON

What Heath is Passionate About

Trusted Relationships, Remarkable Results 

Today’s workplaces can be full of cynicism and self-interest. With change and disruption as constants, it’s easy to forget that trust-based relationships are the foundation for achievement.

Through stories, research and basic science, Heath explains the three major shifts that will help build a culture of trust and create ideal conditions for teams to be successful. When your people work together to confront external threats, they’ll get more done, with less stress, and actually have fun doing it.

Heath reveals the secrets to rallying your team around a clearly-articulated purpose – because when you’re clear about who you serve, where you’re going, and how you’re getting there, the natural response is to trust, collaborate and bring bold visions to reality

Interact With Influence 

Our ability to influence wisely and effectively – to get people to listen, to trust, and act on what we say – is arguably the most important skill for reaching our greatest potential. Though we face these challenging interpersonal situations every single day, rarely do we have the opportunity to sharpen these skills and see the difference between what works and what doesn’t.

In this fast-paced presentation, Heath illustrates the most effective, scientifically-proven ways to influence and impact the people around you and your team. Like all of Heath‘s talks, Interact with Influence is evidence-based and highly customized for each audience.

Why You Need Heath

Heath shows audiences that trust and purpose — based on a genuine concern for others — are at the center of it all. When we’re clear about why we’re here, where we’re going, who we serve and how we’re getting there, we start to feel valued and fulfilled. As a result, we will naturally seek out ways to collaborate, execute and bring bold visions to reality. It all happens at the intersection of LEADERSHIP, INFLUENCE and TRUST.

Boasting exceptional facilitation skills and a passion for helping people learn and apply new skills, Heath combines intelligence, empathy, and conscientiousness to ensure valuable and memorable experiences for all audiences.It’s exactly the kind of “a-ha” insight that becomes a game-changing moment for individuals, companies and organizations of all kinds. Heath consistently delivers such moments.

Heath earned his undergraduate business degree from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. With a focus on human rights education and fundraising, he works extensively with non-profits. Among his favorites is the Montreal JEM Workshop, an adapted needs workplace that provides employment and hope to the mentally and physically challenged.

Working alongside some of the business world’s leading thinkers and researchers – including Simon Sinek’s team (Leadership & Culture), Dr. Robert Cialdini (Influence) and Charles H. Green (Trust-Based Relationships) – Heath is the only person in the world officially delivering keynotes and evidence-based workshops in all three topic areas.

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Why You Will Love Heath

It was an absolute pleasure working together. You were a pivotable part of the event. I received numerous compliments on your ability to connect with the audience – before, during, and after. Thanks!

M. Gauci
Loblaws Co.

I can’t thank you enough for your inspiring speech. People are still talking about it to this day. You definitely have a gift. Thanks again!

Jennifer Chaplin
Desert Financial

Heath was wonderful! The audience loved him and found his talk helpful and meaningful. He is a very engaging and dynamic presenter. ‘Start With Why’ is an ideal topic for our group of leaders.

CI / Sentry Investments

Working with Heath to help us foster a trust-based culture is the greatest, most significant thing we’ve done.

A. Mankowski
Imperial Oil

Heath’s presentation was phenomenal. His message aligned perfectly to what we were trying to convey. I was truly impressed with his dedication to getting to know our firm and our business model.

Edward Jones


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