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Gerry Visca

Defyeneurism, Leadership and Personal Development Speaker
Toronto, Ontario

What Gerry is Passionate About

Define Yourself 

To get what you want out of life, you must focus on uncovering and applying your unique talent.  I want to spend some time with you in defining your unique ability as your ‘life force’.  It is your ‘core genius’ that allows you to excel and over achieve.  It is your ‘jewel’ and your winning hand that helps define and distinguish yourself from your competitors.  Your unique ability can be defined as effortless.  You could spend all day doing it as a result of the passion you have.

In this compelling key note and 2-3 hour team building THINK TANK – Gerry Visca helps you create the following outcomes:

Here’s the thing… NO ONE CARES what you do or how you do it! The only thing that matters is WHY you do it.

“WHY is not something that we eventually stumble upon through some corporate mission statement. We are born with it. Born to live the greatest versions of ourselves. It’s in our DNA to be and do great thing. We are born as explorers, creators and innovators”.

In this thought-provoking and highly engaging WHY Intensive session, Gerry shares with you how your WHY is your compass, your guide that helps you navigate a more fulfilling existence. He will inspire delegates to explore a deeper passion and purpose that fuels your outcomes. “WHY allows us to be seen, heard, felt and experiences, here and now. Your WHY is your contribution to the world’s verse, a new ROI for us all. It is the World Helped by You”

Learning Outcomes:

-Learn how to define your deeper WHY and contribute your unique gifts to the world and REINVENT yourself to thrive in 2016 with compelling WHY Power.

-Learn how to DEFINE yourself so you can communicate your brand essence to the world.

-Learn how to HARNESS your inner power, passions, purposes and values so you can become an unstoppable force, able to COMMUNICATE and CULTIVATE a deeper, more meaningful brand experience

-Learn how to STAND OUT, DIFFERENTIATE and ZIG when others ZAG and CREATE and project your image with greater impact.

Ignite your WHY 

[Passion + Purpose = Outcome]

Ignite your WHY is the foundational platform for Gerry Visca’s WHY program. As a leader, it is essential to have a hard look at and improve the outcomes in your professional and personal life. It is essential that you strive to ignite new levels of passion and purpose in key areas. Within this high-energy delivery, Gerry Visca uses compelling questions from his 5th book THINQ to provoke action and creative thinking within each delegate, helping them delve deeper into their powerful minds and unleash their own internal WHY power. Gerry Visca challenges and empowers each delegate to rise above their current situation in order to become the best possible version of themselves and create their desired outcomes. Over his 25 year career – Gerry Visca has mastered the art of WHY extraction within 1,000 individuals and organizational leaders and simplified the science of WHY into a 3 part equation: [Passion + Purpose = Outcome].

Ignite your WHY is an inspired and thought-provoking delivery of passion and dedicated enthusiasm, ideally suited to wake up and launch your delegates to whole new levels.


Lead knowing WHY 

Your WHY shows you the WAY

Fast becoming one of the superstars of the professional speaking industry, Gerry Visca has been the featured speaker at national and international conferences of some of the best-known global companies including BIOTRONIK, CAA, Chamber Executives of Ontario, Queen’s University, Premier Tech, Campbell’s Soup, PMI, Sony Music and Medtronic to name a few. Leaders like Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin and the late Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple all understood the power to Lead knowing WHY.

In this thought-provoking WHY intensive, Gerry Visca empowers leaders with new depths of self-awareness and a new competitive edge that anchors them through the continuity of challenge and change. He draws references from his 4th best-selling book: The Innovation GAP® and his 14 year career as a world-class branding expert. His insights have been adopted by leading organizations that have a compelling desire to grow and thrive through turbulent times. Lead knowing WHY, helps leaders create a meaningful legacy that helps shape and shift the world. Leaders that Lead knowing WHY attract and retain higher caliber teams, strengthen collaboration, connect with the hearts of their customers and differentiate themselves.


Live your WHY 

Inspiring Momentum

Over 95% of delegates that attend events have difficulty retaining the information and rarely apply the learning’s. Its no longer sufficient to simply motivate an audience from a stage. Inspirational Speakers like Gerry Visca focus on engaging audiences with meaningful questions, inspired energy, interactive tools and momentum structures designed to help each delegate shift theory into inspired action. Live your WHY® is focused on creating powerful success habits that replace years of conditioned poor habits that keep individuals from reaching new levels of potential. Gerry Visca helps inspire you to create better choices that ultimately influence your behavior and long-term habits and ultimately create a solid foundation from which to live one’s deeper driving Why. Gerry Visca references and applies years of creative coaching which empowers leaders with inspired actions and action plans. Gerry Visca literally has delegates leaping out of their seats to create daily, weekly and monthly actions. This is no ordinary presentation but rather a fun and thought-provoking journey towards vision planning and powerful goal creation to take you from where you are to where you want to be.


I don't know what the HELL I'm doing!® 

Shifting into Inspired Action

Powerful leaders take inspired action! They don’t need to have all the answers and they are not afraid to fall or fail. In this long-awaited book, Gerry Visca shares powerful insights that have empowered him to become a master at inspired action. His 14th book is a culmination of all of his experience and inspiration spanning a 25 year journey from architecture, brand building, publishing to inspiring others to ignite their WHY power. Whether you’re an inspired leader, executive, aspiring entrepreneur or on the front line, “I don’t know what the HELL I’m doing”® crosses all generations and disciplines. This is the mother of all key notes delivered in the only way that Gerry Visca knows: high-octane, super-charged and full of energy and enthusiasm that will launch your audiences to get out of their way, out of their seats and onto the stage of living and leading full out!


Why You Need Gerry


Unlike typical speakers, Gerry Visca aligns his creative and inspiring energy with you and your team from the initial planning stages of your event to inspiring post event inspiration. Having impacted over 100,000 people, Gerry recognizes the success of your AGM – Leadership Retreat or Planning Session is the result of an engaged team filled with purpose. As one of Canada’s top inspirational speakers, 13-time author and Founding Publisher of the hottest inspired movement – Defyeneurs® – Gerry Visca has harnessed his 25 year career in Architecture – Award-winning Branding and Publishing to inspire a World of WHY. These three compelling programs are the ideal high-octane fuel that will fire up a new level of leadership.

Gerry Visca is regarded as a top inspirational speaker in Canada having impacted over 100,000 people across 10 countries and a goal of inspiring 1 million people to action. Gerry Visca ignites audiences with his high-energy, high-octane approach and a strong intention to inspire delegates to take action, live and breathe their why and create a compelling Brand Experience. Gerry Visca has inspired Fortune 500 companies across the globe including: Istanbul, Madrid, New York and across Canada. Gerry Visca is branded as the why Master and inspires corporations, entrepreneurs and definers with the big questions helping them define their deeper why- which he defines as The world helped by you. Gerry Visca has an inspired approach to Transformational Branding, WHY Power, Presentation, Innovation and Personal Development continues to spark rave reviews from audiences.

He has also recently been published in Jack Canfield’s newest book The Success Principles. 

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Why You Will Love Gerry

“Gerry Visca has created of a world in which ordinary people are inspired to do extraordinary things. 

Gerry Visca is an inspired entrepreneur, architecting a new world. He knows and lives his WHY—the purpose behind everything he does. He wakes up every day ready to jump into the game of life and contribute his gifts to the world.”

Jack Canfield, Author of The Success Principles®

“Gerry Visca has created of a world in which ordinary people are inspired to do extraordinary things.
Gerry Visca is an inspired entrepreneur, architecting a new world. He knows and lives his WHY—the purpose behind everything he does. He wakes up every day ready to jump into the game of life and contribute his gifts to the world.”

Jack Canfield
Author of The Success Principles®

“With your creative inspiration, we were extremely effective to advance our projects. I very much appreciate your EXCEPTIONAL and MOTIVATING support — You’re the best global speaker and I am so happy I found you!!”

Pamela Hyman
Former VP with BIOTRONIK. Germany

“Gerry was able to get a lot out of our group and the level of interactivity was outstanding! Gerry is one the best presenters that knows how to tap into the audience’s energy.”

Amy Terrill
Former VP, Ontario Chamber of Commerce

“Gerry Visca’s opening Key Note at the CSCM conference in Ottawa received tremendous praise from our delegates: impressive, high energy, awesome, positive, great & entertaining.”

Brooke Phemister
Conference Manager, CSCM

“After attending Gerry’s talk in Vancouver, it has really made me think about my life in a whole new way. I am at a bit of a crossroads in my career path, and igniting my “why” has really helped me focus on where I should be going.   I am also thoroughly enjoying Gerry’s books and am even reading them to my kids!  Thanks for a great keynote!”

Beth Lennox
Lennox Optometry

“I heard Gerry Visca inspire at the Eye recommend conference in Vancouver BC. During his discussion with the crowd, it felt as though he was speaking directly to me.

In the past few years, I have really been thinking about why I do what I do. My passion of my “why” drives me and inspires me to achieve goals.  Gerry was speaking my language and it was refreshing to hear his explanation of “why”.  It was truly inspiring to have some of my team members there and also have them start to think about why they do what they do!  With a focused team, we will be able to accomplish our goals together.

Gerry has a special and unique way of talking about any profession and inspiring people.

Thank you Gerry for your insight and support.”

Dr. Sandy Johal, BC
Founder and Owner, Panorama Optometry

“Gerry has combined an abundance of passion and purpose and he has focused it towards helping others find their passion and purpose. 9 key insights to finding where you need to release, simplify or focus to make the best of your ’40 more summers’ here on this planet. A must read! ”

Juli Fyfe


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