Dr. Hayley Wickenheiser

Hockey Legend, Olympic Gold Medalist, Assistant GM for the Toronto Maple Leafs
Toronto, Ontario

What Hayley is Passionate About

Being a Female In a Male Dominated World 

Wickenheiser explains what it was like to grow up playing with the boys and later playing men’s professional hockey overseas.

Teamwork and Success 

What does a successful team need and how did Team Canada succeed on the World Stage?

Change as a Path to Greatness 

Wickenheiser shares with her audience the importance of always look for improvements or opportunities for change within your life

How to Stay Motivated Despite Being at the Top of What You Do 

Complacency kills! Wickenheiser offers advice on how to keep the desire alive.

Dealing With Criticism and Pressure - How to Perform When it Matters Most 

Inspiration for the next generation of athletes and sports in Canada to perform even better.

Why You Need Hayley

Recently appointed Assistant General Manager for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Medical doctor. Hockey legend. Global female hockey evangelist. Conquer COVID Founder. “Over The Boards” author.  And now, Hayley’s story is coming to life in the upcoming documentary appropriately entitled “WICK” premiering this winter. The documentary chronicles the inspiring life story of her rise to prominence as the definition of Canadian greatness.

Hayley has been sharing her passion and knowledge for the game of hockey for 15 years. She delivers inspiring keynote speeches relaying stories from her five Olympic games for charity, school, and corporate events. Hayley has worked with clients such as Canadian Tire, Farm Credit Corporation, Merck, Enbridge, Encana, Clean Air Champions, Red Flag, and Hockey Hall of Fame.

Aside from holding four Olympic gold medals, being one of the most recognized women in sport, and a dedicated advocate of women’s hockey; Hayley is also an engaging storyteller who enjoys connecting with Canadians. Hayley uses her experiences on the rink to motivate young players, shares how she overcame obstacles with her team to inspire audiences, and uplifts people of all walks of life with her passion and love of the game.

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Why You Will Love Hayley

Thanks again for helping us out last night. You rocked it. Feedback has been amazing as people in attendance were completely impressed by your stories and also commented about being inspired and motivated from hearing you speak. I even caught glimpses of a few tears in the room at certain points of your talk. We also received high praise for your approachability and people liked the picture op with you and the medals. Once again, thank you!

Kevin Morihira


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