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Billy Strean

Exhilaration and Performance Expert
Edmonton, Alberta

What Billy is Passionate About

Aliveness: 5 Factors for Full Engagement at Work 

What does it take to be fully engaged at work? In this interactive session, participants will explore how to Activate their energy; create Loving relationships; find Inspiration and purpose; Venture into nature; and Enjoy themselves so that they have the foundations to flourish and thrive and be ALIVE at work.

This session includes everything from the importance of rest and recovery to practicing mindfulness to having more play and fun.

No More Peeing in the Pool 

Are you tired of constant complaining around the office? What’s it like to swim in polluted water all day? This workshop – a favorite at conferences and at workplaces – is all about ending the garbage of your communication at work (and the skills apply to the rest of life).

Through active learning experiences, you will get just how powerful conversations are and see how to shift your conversations so you are creating positive energy instead of indulging the usual “trauma sharing” and destructive conversations. Once the filtration system is put in place, you’ll experience how to alter “the network of conversations” of your life. Whether your office needs a little fine tuning or a major overhaul, you’ll find the tools to get the job done here.

Who benefits best?
Whether your organization needs a communication tune-up or a complete spring cleaning, this session provides the tools. Rave reviews from diverse audiences suggest this is a powerful program for any group.

Did you say “tell me more?”
Complaining and gossiping seriously undermine many workplaces. Talking about talking doesn’t work as well as the variety of activities, video clips, and introspection included here.

Although our lives are really a series of conversations, just how powerful they are is usually invisible to us.

Outcomes and takeaways:
– A new, clean conversational environment
– Tools to keep your workplace free from gossip and complaints
– A set of tools to clarify communication so you get more of what you want and less of what you don’t want
– Enhanced communication and connection among participants

From Exasperation to Exhilaration 

You’ve got a full program of great content and speakers… it would be a shame to have an audience so stressed and distracted that they don’t get the benefit of the program. This topic makes an excellent opening keynote to your conference or event.

This session uses laughter, music, and movement to shake off the cobwebs and open the hearts and minds of the audience. Based on the latest science and 25 years of experience, your audience will be energized, exhilarated and ready to take it all in.

Who benefits best?
This program is ideal to open a conference or training. Often people arrive at an event stressed out, tired, and perhaps a bit cynical about what’s to come. This session is like a chimney sweep for the nervous system and prepares people to get the most of the precious time and resources they are investing.

Did you say “tell me more?”
We know that the conscious mind is only responsible for a small segment of attitudes and behaviors. Trying to use positive thinking to convince yourself is like asking a small child riding an elephant to turn the beast in another direction. Instead of talking you into being motivated, this experiential program gives enough information to satisfy your brain so you can let your heart and the wisdom of your body take over.

Outcomes and takeaways:
– Stress is greatly reduced
– The whole mind-body system is de-cluttered
– A lot of laughter and feeling rejuvenated
– Exercises and activities that can be used at work

Exhilarated Recess: Red Bull for the Soul 

You’ve been doing a lot of sitting and taking in a lot of information. Here’s a chance to get up and get physical! Stimulate your creativity with laughter, music, and play. This mid-session energizer is like a 7th inning stretch for your conference or training. Energize, Scotty!

Who benefits best?
Anybody who has been sitting too long.

Let’s face it; the evidence is overwhelming that maximum attention spans are about 15-20 minutes. So if you’ve been listening to session after session with little or no activity, this is the recharger you need.

Did you say “tell me more?”
Remember when you were in school and your favorite part of the day was recess? The favorite part of your conference or training may be this program! You get to blow off steam, get moving, have fun, and laugh with the people who have been sitting right along with you.

Insert this session into your program and you won’t have people complaining about “conference butt” or lethargy.

You can have one “exhilarated recess” or several throughout the conference or training. Available as a stand-alone or part of a package:

– Opening – Energizer(s) – Closing

– Opening & Energizer(s)

– Energizer(s) & Closing

Outcomes and takeaways:
– Awake and alive people
– Vastly improved attention, engagement, and retention in subsequent sessions
– Far more satisfied customers
– Some fun energizers to use back at the office

Action, Action, We Want Action! : The path to passionate practice 

Wow… what a great program! Your attendees have their heads full of ideas. But here’s the key question: how can they take the gems home and make a difference in their life? This session turns ideas into actions. It’s based on the simple yet powerful observation that people are more likely to do what they like to do.

Especially powerful as a closing session, participants will create practices and structures to effect real change in their lives. Ideas on peak performance and how to experience “flow” and spend more time “in the zone” will send your participants home satisfied and fuelled for action.

Who benefits best?
One of the most common criticisms of conferences and trainings is “I learned lots of great stuff, but I didn’t do anything with it.” If you want to step above just going through the motions of training or professional meetings, this session helps to deliver the intended results.

Did you say “tell me more?”
Without explicit attention to implementation and accountability, the overall conference or training will only deliver a small fraction of what is possible.

If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, this session will rip up that pavement.

Because just knowing that something is a good idea isn’t enough to change behaviour, this session shows you how to cash in on the fact that you are more likely to do those things you enjoy.

To follow through on the good ideas and information of the conference or training you need two things: practices and structures. Practices are things you do on a frequent or daily basis. Structures are all the things you use so you don’t have to rely on your fallible memory or on the ups and downs of your motivation.

Passionate practice can be developed by understanding what top athletes and performers know about “flow” and “the zone.” Through fun-filled activities, you will learn how to find flow and spend more time in the zone.

Outcomes and takeaways:
– Knowing the magic of “chill or thrill”
– Techniques to relax
– Techniques to energize
– A powerful model for making changes and keeping them going
– Personal practices
– Personal structures

Why You Need Billy

Billy Strean is Professor and Education Director of the Integrative Health Institute at the University of Alberta. In 2011, Dr. Strean was one of 10 Canadians to earn the prestigious 3M National Teaching Fellowship. With a doctorate in sport psychology and extensive training in embodied leadership and coaching, Billy energizes audiences and brings people ALIVE. He has served hundreds of groups across North America to help them to feel great, work great, and be great.

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Why You Will Love Billy

“Enjoyable and energizing … He is obviously an expert in his field, which shows in his ability to explain, cite examples, provide anecdotes and answer questions”

Lynn Cook
Executive Director, Human Resources

“Billy was able to connect easily with our team, take into consideration their specific concerns, and tailor his presentation to our group’s specific needs.”

City of Edmonton
Community Services

“Your remarkable workshop is still in the forefront of my happy post-conference memories. I am SO grateful to you for sharing your talents with us!”

Barb Bloemhof, Ph.D.
McMaster University

“It was a great success! Billy had us laughing and learning all afternoon. When we returned to the office the next day, people were still talking about it, quoting from the event and asking for more from Dr. Billy!”

Heather Innes
Alberta Justice

“Billy brings humor to very deep learning. When people are laughing, their minds are open. He takes advantage of the moment with deep teaching.”

Willie Burer


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