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Mindfulness - The Power of Attention
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Mindfulness & Meditation

What Beth Wallace is Passionate About

Mindfulness : A Pathway To Resilience 

Mindfulness is an excellent antidote to the stresses of modern times. It invites us to stop, breathe, observe, and connect with one’s inner experience. There are many ways to bring mindfulness into one’s life, such as meditation, yoga, art, or time in nature. Mindfulness can be trained systematically, and can be implemented in daily life, by people of any age, profession or background. Mindfulness at work can aid in decision making, help open channels of communication, and lower workplace stress.

Mindfulness practice supports resiliency — the ability to return to peak performance again and again, and is now scientifically validated as a means of working with our thoughts and emotions  – a form of ‘brain fitness.’

Building on evidence-based scientific research, participants gain insight into the benefits of Mindfulness. Content includes: stress reduction, increased productivity, and a means for coming back to a presence of natural strength and authenticity, while managing the realities of a work setting.  Participants learn  practical tools and approaches they can begin to apply in their day to day life both in the workplace and at home that will lower stress, and enhance clarity and decision making.



Why You Need Beth Wallace

Beth Wallace has 25+ years of operations and senior management experience.  Beth’s corporate background includes specialties in:  building and leading teams, operations, sales & marketing leadership, and growth consulting.

Beth has a strong interest in examining the link between mindfulness and authentic leadership, and is passionate about working with organizations and individuals to integrate mindfulness practices into their day to day personal and work life. Through The Mindful Project, Beth assists leaders to uncover their natural ability for greater clarity, resiliency, and presence in meeting the challenges of leadership.

Beth is a graduate of the 12 month Certificate in Mindful Facilitation through the Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC) at UCLA Semel Neuroscience Institute. Prior to that, Beth was Associate Publisher of Mindful, Shambhala Sun & Buddhadharma magazines. While with Mindful magazine, she was instrumental in its launch, collaborating with leading researchers and mindfulness teachers across North America. Currently, in addition to her work with the Mindful Project,  Beth is also a proud member of the management team at Lions’ Roar Foundation, based in Halifax Nova Scotia.

Combining her corporate management background with her interest in the benefit and practice of mindfulness, Beth views mindfulness as a gateway to greater presence, intention, action, compassion for self and other, and ultimately stronger leadership ability. Beth offers mindfulness based programs that emphasize resiliency and growth. The format ranges from presentations and keynotes to seminars, workshop training, and virtual experiences. She is a 2020 Humber College Certified Virtual Presenter

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Why You Will Love Beth Wallace

“Over the past year, Beth has spent time with many members of our school community, providing a wonderful introduction to mindfulness practices. She has worked with students and faculty, creating accessible and engaging workshops that meet participants where they are and offer individuals practical ways to incorporate mindfulness into their everyday lives. Beth has generously shared her knowledge and experience with us and is an incredible contributor to the Armbrae community.”

Ally Read
 English Teacher & Director of University Guidance , Armbrae Academy

“Beth was asked to deliver a keynote address and workshop for our graduating class of Office Administrators and faculty on the topic of Mindfulness. Her talk was the perfect blend of content and awareness raising, combined with relevant real world insight into the challenges and rewards of integrating mindfulness into the classroom, daily life and workplace. Her knowledge of the latest research, understanding of the application of mindfulness, and excellent in public speaking made this talk one of the most popular at the conference. She is a relaxed and engaging speaker”

Anne Schroeder
Assistant to Dean,  Nova Scotia Community College

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